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Chapter 8: Meet the parents

Wade was now exchanging information with Gideon about both John and his children and how they stopped Swan and the Dark Purveyors.

"With KillBilly dead and severin his tie to this world we stopped im but now ten years later it's all startin up again and I'm thinking John's at the centre of it all." Gideon said throwing his theory out there.

"I know he is." Wade said bluntly.

"Why's that?" Gideon asked.

"It's not a coincidence that Swan did this ten years ago, it was destiny or more like a family curse." Wade said.

"Family curse?" Gideon asked as Wade went into detail.


On their way down John and Juliet were driving as John saw people seeing him drive past they all gave some dirty looks and he hid his face away from their gaze.

"Johnny, you can't let people rule your life like this, you'll be running forever." Juliet said.

"I know but the looks they give me I can't blame them for being this way towards me, they guy who's the brother of the most evil guy in San Romero's history and since he's gone they can only take their anger out on me and sticking to the shadows is the best option for me and all of you associated with me could go down with me." John explained.

"I don't care I want to help you and I want to be with you, we're totally right for each other and most of my relationships don't work because I either run off to slay or they turn out to be some Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Flying Spaghetti Monster-"

"Wait did you just say Flying Spaghetti Monster?!" John interrupted her list hearing that statement.

She giggled as he took it seriously. "I was kidding! Just checking to see if you were listening to me and are a good one by the sounds of it." she said pointing it out.

He chuckled at that as he was glad to hear it and still sees the funny side of things after everything. "Sorry about that just things are a bit weird to find funny these days and any idea why we're going to your folks house?" he asked.

"Not really but Rosalind said it was important and when daddy says it's important we need to be there." Juliet said as she took a right and they had arrived and parked outside the house.

"Hold on how's your sister getting here?" John asked.

From out of nowhere the sound of screeching tyres was heard and coming out of the blue was a large pickup truck with a lot of dents and parts missing and at the wheel was the devil herself.

"Johnny you might wanna get back a little." Juliet suggested as they both got out of the way and she came speeding in and within seconds she demolished seven cars, mailboxes and a fire hydrant.

"God it's so retarded to just leave your stuff lying around don't they know I'll just wreck it! I think I hit someone? Oh well! Hi guys!" Rosalind said as both just waved casually.

"Are you sure she's not crazy?" John asked.

"Johnny!" Juliet tapped him in the shoulder for saying that about her baby sister. "She's not crazy…just a bit happy that's all." she said trying to defend her behaviour.

"Ok just saying if she wants to avoid jail time she needs to tone it down and does she even have a licence?" John asked.

"Hey Rosalind do you still have your licence?" Juliet asked her sister as she came over to them.

"Yes." Rosalind said.

"Rosalind may I see it?" John asked.

She pulled it out and gave it to him as he looked at it. "This is a library card and it's five years out of date." John showed her.

"Rosalind where is it?" Juliet asked.

She tried to put on an innocent face but her sister knew what it meant. "You got it revoked again?! Your already on your last warning with the police you'll go to jail over this." Juliet worried for her sister's welfare.

"Aw! I don't wanna go! They're all like "I'm bad and I did stuff." Oh please! I cut off zombie's heads with my nail file!" Rosalind said in one of her rants.

A police car arrived and pulled up to them as an officer stepped out.

"Hiya Angel Cake!" the officer directed to Rosalind.

"Pookey Bear!" Rosalind shouted as she ran up to him and she jumped up to him and he caught her as they were having a moment.

"Are they…?" John asked Juliet.

"Yeah three years now." she answered.

"No wonder she hasn't gone to prison yet." John said.

They both came over to them. "Ronnie, this is Johnny he's Juliet's boyfriend." Rosalind introduced him as they shook hands.

"Hey your that dude that the captain told us to back off from." Ronnie said.

"Yeah they said they would and guess they still think I'm gonna start another apocalypse right?" John asked.

He nodded. "Pretty much yeah." he said.

"Alright guess we'll head on in and you two can clear this mess up." Juliet said as they both went inside to her parent's house.


They entered the house. "Mom! Dad we're here!" Juliet called out as they both went into the living area.

"Hey darlin we're in here and this is-"

"Wade…you got here in one piece." John interrupted him as both men gave a quick hand shake into a hug as they all could see the history between them both.

"Take it they weren't able to get you in time?" John asked.

"Nope saw them coming a mile away figured just leaving and heading here would be the better option than just sitting around waiting to die." Wade said.

"You said you had something to tell us?" John asked.

"It's about these guys and you." Wade said.

John saw that look on his face before and it never was good. "What haven't you told me this time?!" John asked now annoyed.

"Their following the prophecy and it's the same one every hundred years, the cycle of rot is coming and since Swan was the last catalyst they need a…replacement." Wade said as John could see the look again.

"Who is the catalyst?" John said.

Wade was reluctant to tell him again.

"And it gets worse, so why me?" John asked.

"They need the blood of the forsaken one." Wade said as he showed John a document of a family tree.

"This is…my family tree….are my family involved in this?" John asked as he had more questions.

"Yeah you see your family are descended from the forsaken one and you all share his curse of being a catalyst it's possible they choose Swan for a reason." Wade said.

"So you agree with me that he might've been pushed to what he did?" John said.

"It's possible these guys were behind it all." Wade said as now new evidence came to light about ten years ago.

"They chose Swan because of the blood in him and now me, there's a difference between him and me…I won't go down without a fight!" John stated.

"Good to hear that son, we plan on doin the same." Gideon said as in came the elder Starling child Cordelia.

"Hey Dad what's the emergen-" she stopped in mid sentence seeing everyone including John and another guy at her family home.

"Wade?" she said.

"Cordelia?" Wade said.

Everyone was now looking at them both.

"You know each other?" John asked.

"In a way." Wade said.

"Been a while hasn't it?" Cordelia asked Wade.

He walked up to her. "It has been." he said.

That is until Gideon saw the looks they gave one another and he stepped inbetween them.

"Boy you better not be eyein up my daughter." he said being protective yet again.

"Dad! I'm not a kid anymore! And anyway Wade and me met five years ago." Cordelia said as that disarmed her father.

"Yeah relax sir, we met while I was on a hunt for some demons rampaging in Peru." Wade explained.

"And we were on the same case and we teamed up and split our pay fifty fifty." Cordelia said.

John however went up to his partner and looked him in the eye. "What really happened?" he asked.

Wade and Cordelia could not hide it with the looks they gave one another.

"Fine we hooked up once." Wade bluntly answered.

John gave a look.

"Alright more than once." Cordelia said.

John gave the look again.

"We have an on/off relationship." Wade said.

John then thought they were telling the truth but he could see them looking a bit anxious and there was only one thing he could conclude.

"Are you kidding me right now?!" John said.

"We didn't plan it!" Cordelia said.

"How can you not plan it?!" John said.

"Because we didn't…it was the only way." Wade said.

"How is that the "only" way?" John asked as everyone was now confused to the scene unfolding in front of them.

Gideon turned to John. "Son what are you talking about?" he said wanting to know.

John turned Gideon to face Wade and gave a smile. "Old man meet your son in law." he stated dropping a bombshell.

"WHAT!" Gideon shouted as that just rang throughout the entire of San Romero.

Gideon had a hold of Wade's shirt giving him a very evil eye. "You…married mah daughter…without mah permission!" he shouted.

Wade turned to John." Why?" he asked him.

"You never told me and also you never invited me!" John complained and feeling a bit betrayed.

"Yeah Cordy why weren't we invited?!" Juliet also complained and feeling betrayed also.

"Honey why did you not invite your family?" Elizabeth said not understanding why.

"Mom, Dad, Juliet and John let me explain, we are married but not by choice." Cordelia said.

"We had to, after the job we did in Peru the city was on lockdown after we cleaned it up they began arresting people and we needed a cover story to throw them off us." Wade explained.

"So we had to convince the authorities we were on our way to get married." Cordelia said.

"But our story was too good to be true, they decided to take us to a local church and made it official and pretty much we went the entire way with it." Wade said.

"Even to the honeymoon stage." Cordelia said infuriating her father further.

"You violated mah little girl and married her wit'out askin me…now you gotta pay tha price!" Gideon said going crazy hearing that as he rolled up his sleeves ready to fight.

"Gideon dear no!" Elizabeth said trying to stop him.

"Daddy!" Juliet said also trying to stop him.

"He already got his ass kicked once this week and he ain't going down a second time." John said as he did not prevent his friend from getting his ass handed to him.

The first punch was thrown and within the amount of thirty seconds this was over…

"And you thought I was an easy one right? Well guess what I might've stopped going out in the field to broker in information but it don't mean I can kick your ass!" Wade said as he had Gideon pinned to the ground and restrained by his left arm.

"Twice in a week now." John said.

"Who do you think trained John? I served seven years in Afghanistan…five in special forces and three of those was in black ops, you think that I ran away from those guys because I couldn't fight?…I came here because I needed backup and I did come to find John but also to see my wife again and ask her for help against an oncoming threat not just to the town but to the world." Wade said in detail.

"Wade…you could've picked up the phone and asked." Cordelia said.

"Then I wouldn't have had a reason to come down here and see you again." Wade said as both exchanged looks with one another clearly showing something was there between them.

"Son can ya let me up here my arm's goin numb?" Gidoen as ked as Wade let go and helped him up.

"Sorry about that." Wade apologised.

But then in burst Rosalind. "Hey! Got off another charge! Go me! Go Ronnie!" she said all hyper again.

"Hey ain't it great Johnny and Juliet are going study?!" she said and hearing that her father looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

"Oh Juliet that's wonderful." Elizabeth said as she was happy for her daughter.

John and Wade looked to one another and then to the old man.

"Wonder who he hates more right now?" John asked.

"Well me for marrying Cordelia and you for dating Juliet I'd say were on an even terms here." Wade said.

"How is that "even terms"? " John asked.

Gideon was sitting down as the news his eldest daughter was married for five years and his middle child was dating the brother of the man who took his nut in an explosion and almost destroyed the world and now there are people wanting to do it again coming for them and John as it couldn't get any worse…

"Dad guess what…I'm pregnant!" Rosalind dropping possibly the biggest bombshell of all sending her father falling off the couch and down to the floor in shock.

"Now that there is way worse than what we did." John stated.

What?! Looks like Gideon is about to be grandpa. What will happen next?

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