Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Vegeta, Gohan, Videl, Goku and Chichi stood outside Capsule Corporation in a circle around the seven dragonballs. Capsule Corp was the only place they could summon the dragon without the people of West City freaking out, most believed the dragon was just another wacky experiment conducted by Dr. Briefs.

"What are you waiting for, Goten?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah buddy, aren't you ready to change into my little brother again?" Gohan chuckled." Having a little sister has been kind of fun, but I would like to have my little bro back. Playing dress up and make overs just isn't my thing."

"Just think of it as experience for when you have a little girl of your own," Chichi winked, dropping another hint that she wanted her son to get married and have the daughter she herself never birthed.

Aw, Mom! Why do you have to put these ideas into Videl's head? Gohan laughed loudly," Are you kidding? I'm never having a daughter!"

"What do you mean by that?" Videl challenged, leaning close to Chichi so both of them could glare at Gohan together.

Gohan scratched the back of his head, I hate when they team up like this.

"Would you like for me to summon Shenron?" Bulma asked.

Goten shook his head as he fidgeted with the sash on his gi.

"There's still one more thing I want to do before I change into boy." Goten whispered, glancing at Trunks.

Trunks wiped his eyes with the blue sleeves of his white shirt. Goten smiled, finding his friend's every movement cute and adorable. Everything about Trunks was cute, especially the patch of hair that always stuck up near the back of his head. Trunks was too lazy to brush his hair, something Goten thought looked cool when he was a boy, but as a girl he found it hot.

Bulma raised her eyebrow." Oh? What would that be?"

Goten released his sash and, grabbing Trunks by his shirt collar, pulled his best friend in for a kiss.

Trunks' eyes widened, his fingers straightened along with his arms like a stick figure, and his hair spiked the way a startled cat's would. He was too afraid to look at his Dad and didn't understand why he couldn't push Goten aways, so Trunks kept his eyes focused on Goten's tightly sealed eyes. I guess this is alright. It certainly feels right.

Videl noticed Gohan had let his guard down as he gawked at his brother kissing Trunks. Seizing her opportunity, Videl stood on her toes, cupped his face in her hands, and started kissing him. Gohan didn't understand what was happening until his arms wrapped around Videl's petite body and a moan escaped him. He leaned forward, forcing Videl to wrap her hands around his neck and raise her left thigh for him to hold so she wouldn't fall to the ground.

"Awww." Chichi whined." Goku, look! We might become grandparents after all."

"I don't know Chich," Goku said, not noticing Gohan locking lips with Videl." I thought that couldn't happen with two boys. You said yourself babies can only be created with a man and a woman of the same species."

Chichi snapped her head in Goku's direction." Shut up and kiss me you goof."

Gee, she could at least add a 'please' or say it nicer. Goku shrugged," Whatever you say, Chichi."

"I love it when you talk dirty," Chichi purred in Goku's ear. His confusion was turning her on, and she could not suppress her rated R moans as she kissed her husband like a dog.

"Where do you think you're going?" Bulma asked, noticing Vegeta was trying to sneak away from the group. Vegeta raised one of his eyebrows, does she really have to ask? He was about to make up an excuse until a blur of blue tackled into him.

Okay, this story is rated T so I will not go into detail in what the two of them were doing. They made it to second base and a half, would be the funniest way to put it. After eveyone's- -except Bulma and Vegeta- - make out session ended, Goten summoned the eternal dragon, Shenron.

"I wish I was a boy again!" Goten shouted.

Shenron's eyes glowed a bright red ." Your wish has been granted."

Goten peeked down his pants.

"Did it work? Are you a boy again?" Trunks, Gohan, and Goku asked.

Goten smiled, untied his sash and stepped out his pants.

"It worked!"

Goten twirled his pants in the air as he ran around the yard half-naked, unknowingly distracting female drivers on the highway and causing accidents. Deciding it looked fun, Goku stripped down so he was completely naked and ran around the yard with Goten.

"DAD!" Gohan shrieked, covering Videl's eyes with his hands.

Trunks took off his shirt and was about to unbutton his pants when his mother shouted," Trunks! Put your clothes on!"

"But Mom- -"

"No buts," Bulma panted in between kisses with Vegeta." I did not raise you to act like a wild boy! Keep your clothes on or else!"

"Aw," Trunks whined, putting his shirt on backwards." I wish Goku was my Mom"

Bulma, Vegeta, Chichi, Gohan, Videl and Trunks gasped.

"You're wish has been granted."

" I'm so sorry! It just slipped out! I didn't mean it!"

Bulma screamed. Everyone turned their heads to stare at Goku and Goten, whom were still running around naked, only Goku didn't look like Goku anymore. Goku still laughed like Goku, but he had Bulma's body.

"Oh my goodness," Chichi pointed at Goku's naked Bulma-butt." You have a 'Vegeta' tattoo?"

"Put some clothes on Goku!" Bulma shouted, running after the oblivious Saiyan.

Goten's eyes widened.

"I didn't mean it!" Trunks apologised.

Goten's eyes narrowed."I wish Vegeta was my imaginary friend!"

"Your wish has been granted." Shenron roared." Until next time." The dragonballs glowed, rose into the sky,and whistled as they shot across the Earth in multiple directions. The dark, beautiful sky turned blue again.

Everyone stared in the spot in the grass where Vegeta had been sitting. Where did he go?

"What are you looking at?" Vegeta asked.

Goten smiled smugly." Only I can see him. Now we're even Trunks."

Trunks jabbed Goten in the ribs and whispered." I think we're in trouble. Let's get out of here."

Videl and Gohan raised their right hands." Not it!"

"Not it!" Chichi screamed.

"Not it!" Bulma screamed, still chasing after Goku.

Everyone heard Vegeta curse, but they couldn't see him. Maybe being invisible for a year wont be so bad, Vegeta thought, already cringing at his inevitable dragonball hunt he'll have to endure with Goku.

- End-