So, my previous story of Gluttony has been done, I moved on to the one for Lust/Luxuria. And yes, be reminded that I have not read the manga about this, so the story is not based on the manga, keep that in mind.

This is the infamous story of Luxuria/Lust, probably one of the most fan-fictionalized songs in the Vocaloid Galaxy.

Well, the story isn't really good as that, since the subject is quite sensitive, and I am only allowed a T rated fic.

As I recall correctly, this happens before the Conchita events.

Oh, last note: in case you haven't go watch Madness of Duke Venomania [Venomania-kou no kyouki].

Asmodeus and The Madness of Duke Venomania

Prelude of Lust

On an unknown day of the year 136, there was a certain blonde demon swapping between towers of books inside an immortal library.

'Remind me why you are here again, Asmodeus?'

Asmodeus looked up

'Well, to look for information I need.'

'What in the f-king hell are you looking for? You do not have to look under every stone! You should know which stone to look at!' actually, we don't.

'Belphegor, I thought you are opposite to wrath… and now I see you are even more wrathful than Satan.'

'Shut up GODDAMNIT!'

'Uh, aren't we against God here…'

'Just shut up already! What do you need?'

'Oh, haven't you heard Belphegor? Don't pretend you do not know.'

Belphegor smirked

'Hell yeah but I hoped I was wrong. I would not prefer it that the Seven Demons, except for Lucifer and me, only visit my library to get some information of their sin's climax!'

'Then where is his book?' Asmodeus shrugged.

Sighing, Belphegor reached the highest shelf and pulled out a book

'Wow, I've never noticed that.' He stated, as a matter of fact.

'As if you would, Asmodeus. The information is probably on page 125. Now…'


'Do you think it is wise to, you know… awaken the sins…'

'Wise? Belphegor, I am not known for thinking wisely.'

Belphegor nodded

'Yes, but that doesn't mean you cannot think wisely. Your intelligence is above human's, despite your reputation as the Demon of Lust.'

'You flatter me. Humans are more intelligent than we ever think.'

'That's not what I mean, dumbass. I am talking of serious matters here. God allowed us to spread the sins with no questions, interventions, whatsoever. You think it is normal for the Know-It-All to act rather indifferent like that?'

Asmodeus glared

'Hey, you are influenced by Lucifer, aren't you?'

'Lucifer stated a fact! It is true, you know?'

He grinned

'Well, I surely do. But dealing with it is my own business. I have my doubts, but so far this still benefits me, so I am up to it.'

'You sure do. Ah, Asmodeus.'

'Hmm, dear?'

'Stop calling me dear, seriously you have a girlfriend! And… you ought to return that book in 21 days, provided that there are no [censored] marks left on the books.'

'Ew, I thought you are innocent.'

'That sentence should be MINE! STOP BEING THAT INNOCENT YOU…!'

Before Belphegor could hurl something deadly at him, the guy had already fled.

'Ho, quite a fast runner. Calm down, Belphegor, temperance is a virtue.'

The Demon of Sloth grinned upon that sentence

'Oh Lucifer, you still miss your time as an Angel?'

'Tell me a reason why I should not. It was my time of glory, right? No old folks can avoid missing their glory days.'

'You speak as if you are an old folk.'

Lucifer sat down at a table, straightened her dark red hair.

'We are all old, aren't we?'

'Well, put those stupid things behind, do you think Asmodeus chose the right person?'

'Oh yeah, someone with a terrible past and childhood, one who sought revenge and all… isn't that a perfect recipe for some disasters?'

Belphegor settled two coffee cups down the table, said

'Understandable. I never knew how bad it would taste being dumped by a person you love.'

'Try to love then.' Lucifer said as she sipped the coffee.


Lucifer simply laughed. When she finished, she added

'Ah, you know what Belphegor, about the accident at Levianta…'


'Azrael said Irina Clockworker didn't die.'

'Since Elluka Clockworker managed, we cannot say that Irina must be dead, true…? Wait. You think that there is someone behind her back? Someone that can overpower even Azrael?'

'I believe it is too obvious.'

'There is only one person who can do that.'

'True. But now it has come to that, I think we need not waste our time lecturing that person about her violence of the law. I think Asmodeus covers us at that.'

Belphegor sipped some coffee

'But why did she help Irina? I mean, it is so not like her to associate with the likes of Irina Clockworker.'

'You never really know, Belphegor. We never do.'


'Alright, I would like to know who you are and why you need to see me.' said Sateriajis Venomania, to a cloaked person standing opposite to him.

'Simple, I am here just to offer you something.'

'Who are you first?'

The woman gazed at the cat sitting on her shoulder.

'Irina, I leave the talking to you.'

The cloaked woman closed her eyes. A moment later she opened them again, but Sateriajis felt that something was different

'My name is Irina Clockworker.'

'Ah, now that's better. Irina, we can talk now.' he said uneasily.

'I have learned of your very unfortunate past. You are very lonely with no one staying beside you, even your childhood friend.'

The young Duke's face darkened

'I would like to know how you got that.'

'The Venomania is a very rich family. It is famous all over Asmodean. It is not difficult to ask about the status of its heir, even the history.'

'So I was still careless in erasing information, yes?'

'Past is not what can be altered, or even hidden. It is difficult to hide something so well-known completely.'

Stopping for a second, she continued

'Future is what you can decide. You will consider me a good person to offer you this.'

'Why would you want to help? What do you want in return?'

'I said I was being a good person, and I will ask for nothing in return. It is just this information that might help. Have you heard of the Demonic contract?'

'The Contract with Demons in which you exchange your souls to have something you wish for that they can do for you? Like what the old Faust did with Mephistopheles?'

'Yes, the Faust story is an identical example…'

'Demons do exist?'

'Demons do exist, I guarantee you that. They can bestow upon you one of the greatest powers, those that God refuses to give. Like yours, the want to be noticed, loved, acknowledged.'

'And? Demons do not dwell in those things.'

'They can make you irresistible to ladies. You will consume every lady's heart, as you desire. Everyone.'

'How can I get it?' he asked eagerly.

'By contracting with a person right now. I will instruct you.'

Irina closed her eyes again. Somehow another person took place in her body, with more ferocity and malice.

'I will now draw the spell. It is a forbidden deal with the Devils, so it should be a little complex.'

'Devil or God, I must get what I want. I want it so badly, and none will stop me. Proceed.'


Sateriajis Venomania is a Duke of the Country of Asmodean, and is currently the only heir to the Venomania family. Born with certain differences to other people, he used to be ignored and despised. He is living in the Mansion of the Lavender Rose alone, the premise he obtained from his family.

Venomania is a reserved man and rarely speaks in public except when he needs to. He organizes certain festivals and help the country build up, but his identity is unclear. He is described to be absurd, bitter and hateful by his maids and servants.

'Oh surely this helps a lot Belphegor.' Asmodeus said as he flipped through the pages 'No doubt this is the right target. But… I wonder how to reach this guy.'

Knock knock.

'Come in.' he said.

The door open, revealing a beautiful woman with lavender hair tied into two long tails. She wore a purple dress and smiled as she met the man.

'Asmodeus, what are you doing?'

'Nothing dear, I am just flipping through the profile.'

'Found a new customer, I presume?'

'You are still as sharp as ever, Levi. Yes, a new customer. This promises to be a very interesting customer.'

'Sateriajis Venomania?' she frowned, as if telling herself she was mistaken 'Dear, I believe you are really slow in updating.'

'What do you mean, sweetheart?' Asmodeus laughed.

'This Sateriajis person requests an audience with you.'

-to be continued


Asmodeus – Oliver

Sateriajis Venomania – Kamui Gakupo

Belphegor – IA

Lucifer - ?

Leviathan [Levi] – Yuzuki Yukari

Abaddon – Nekomura Iroha

Irina Clockworker - ?

Notes [explanations on theories]:

Lucifer and Satan are two different beings. Why, because I like it so. There are seven sins and so there are seven demons [not to mention Beelzebub and Satan are individuals, why on Earth did Satan have many names?]

I'm not sure I spelled his name right [Sateriajis]

Think of Oliver as a grown man when you imagine about the portrait of Asmodeus, because Asmodeus is not a twelve-year-old child!

The only person to overpower Azrael is Abaddon, her twin sister. Abaddon helped make Irina into a soul and granted her the ability to possess others.

There is actually a Mephistopheles character, and he acts as an eighth Demon, though he is associated with no sins.

Yes, Leviathan is Asmodeus' girlfriend.

I will not go too deep in how Venomania became such a lustful man and how his past turned out to be so bad, with Glassred refusing him and mocking him and all. I believe you all have your own theories of it… and wait a minute… there's already a story about that by MOTHY, why should we think?