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Asmodeus and the Madness of Duke Venomania

The First Movement

'Excuse me?' Asmodeus said, after a minute speechless 'Are you mistaken?'

Leviathan cleared her throat, a bit insulted

'Of course I am not wrong, I have been your freaking gatekeeper since forever that I have forgotten the last time I gave out the wrong audience request alarm!'

'First, you can throw the F- word in, and second, I'm sorry dear, it's just I'm too shocked.'

Leviathan cooled down

'Alright, I know people sometimes estimate wrong, and to say the truth, you are not even known for estimating. If it was Lucifer then she would have killed me already.'

'Aw, you are aware we are not allowed to kill colleagues.'

'Lucifer doesn't care, and F-! Why am I talking about that prideful Fallen Angel?'

'You threw the F- word.'

'I'm sorry dear, it's hard to be a lady when mysterious Lucifer is around… but anyway… are you going to accept the audience?'

'Of course I will accept, but this kind of pisses me off. I mean, you don't use your brain, and when you are gonna serious up and do so, someone screws you up.'

'So you think Venomania had someone do the summoning for him?'

'Hell yeah, what else could have happened?'

'You are sure he knows nothing of Anti-holy here and there?'

'Absolutely, he's the one who is not fond of reading and is the heir of the Venomania family. And their family is believers.'

Leviathan sighed. He did use his brain, I suppose.

'Look, I'm sorry your assumptions went wrong, but you are not Lucifer. I'll take that back when Lucifer makes a mistake [after her fall]. But, the customer is eagerly waiting, and you ought not to keep him waiting, dear, you know.'

'Yes, I believe I should go and see him now. Better talk to him when he's in the mood. I think I can also find the reason why he knew about the deal.'

Leaning closer, Asmodeus kissed Leviathan on her cheeks

'Thank you Levi, for informing me. I'll be back soon.'


'Are you sure it's going to work!?' Venomania angrily asked. After fifteen minutes and nothing happened. Nothing went off. No man appeared. He was going to have enough of it…


'Patience my hell!'

Abaddon couldn't stop rolling her eyes.

'Yeah, right, Lord Asmodeus must have kept an eye on this guy and found out that he knew nothing of the Demonic Contract. He must be really pissed off and shocked when he received that Venomania called him. Damn, I'm gonna be in BIG trouble.'

The purple circle of magic brightened, the ancient runes mixed in. Venomania and the woman shielded their eyes. When the light faded, a grown, handsome man appeared. He had blonde, short hair, a bright face with a golden eye and a bandaged eye.

'I am Asmodeus, the Demon of Lust, the one who twists your Desires, yeah right, blah, blah, blah, and all the spellings and those things mortals give me, some of them are not really nice. You have summoned me, mortal, and you shall speak of your deal.'

Asmodeus stopped in his intro and eyed on the woman. Sateriajis probably found that woman in fear and distress

'And who do we have here? A person which does not belong in this world?'

The young Duke could find 'Irina' mumbling some curses just part her lips. He raised an eyebrow. It seemed as if this Asmodeus person was 'Irina's' boss or something, and maybe what she did was a fatal mistake against this Asmodeus' will.

'Now, that's not very nice, dear. Even though you are a Dark Angel, which doesn't mean demons, you are still my inferior, Abaddon. You really messed the stuffs up, I guess, and you haven't talked to your twin sister, I presume. She is so pissed off.' Asmodeus voice got sterner and he became colder.

'Irina', or as stated by Asmodeus, Abaddon, bowed down to the blonde man

'Lord Asmodeus, I beg forgiveness for my mistakes.'

'You ought to return to Hell immediately, Abaddon. You are not allowed in human's business. It has always been this way.'

'Yes, milord.' Abaddon replied softly.

After the interrogation of Abaddon, Asmodeus smiled brightly again and turned toward the young Duke.

'Ah, here you go. Sorry for my employee's attitudes. Did she bring you too much displease?'

'No, I have my purpose calling you here… and… you work in the same company or something?'

'Haha, you can call it so as you wish.'

Venomania looked round, feeling hesitated

'So… there's a company of Demons? Since I think I've read about you, Asmodeus, correct? Wait, Demons do exist?!'

'Yes, of course. Are you aware that you were calling upon a Demon?'

Venomania looked at Abaddon. It cleared things out for Asmodeus, and he said

'Alright, you are not aware. But it's a fact. I'm a Demon, and if you called upon me, you would have to deal. If not, I will give you time to think.'

'Right… all I need is to make every lady's eyes fall on me, me and me alone.'

Asmodeus considered that

'Oh, a charmer's ability. I of course can afford that, but… reason?'

'You don't have to know. It's not compulsory, right?'

'No, I'm just being friendly; it is like a simple step, though I'll grant it to you without question.'

'Let's just say it is for revenge.'

Asmodeus looked around. Normally he need not consider too much on this… but it seemed to puzzle his mind. He visited the window and looked down the vacant garden.

'Don't you grow flowers on your garden?' he asked, completely switching to another subject.

'What? No, but why?'

'Be patient, I'm thinking. It puzzles me, and I'm finding an explanation. Why don't you grow flowers, lavender roses, they are the most charming.'

'That species was extinct long ago.' Venomania stated boldly

'Oh my, really? It is my favorite flower! What a pity?'

'Look, why are you complaining about my garden? You have to decide whether to agree or not, right?'

'This place brings memories. Long time ago I used to live on this land and haunt it.'


'I used to grow lavender roses inside this garden.' Asmodeus gestured at the empty, uncared garden 'oh, and I messed along with the ladies…'

'Ehem!' Abaddon cleared her throat 'My apologies, but this is not time for reminiscence. You are getting timid.'

'I think you are right Abaddon, I am getting timid. So let's see, you want the ability to seduce any woman and attract them to this mansion, correct?'

'Yes, I think I made this point clear.'

'Oh, it's quite like what I did then…'

'Lord Asmodeus!'

'Alright, alright! Why are people being so impatient? Don't you treasure my past?!'

'Err, literally, only you treasure yours.'

'Ah, such harsh behaviors. Well, let's say I have no reason to say no. But…'

Asmodeus grinned widely and evilly

'However, there are always conditions?'

Venomania, who knew too well that nothing comes for free, nodded

'Let's hear them out.'

'First,' Asmodeus pointed a finger 'when contracting with a Demon, your soul shall be mine. When you die, you will be mine. Second,' another finger was unleashed 'your ability to charm women bases on your life. Whenever, remember, you are near the hands of Death, this ability shall be gone. It means, no one will be faithfully in love with you. Finally, last but not least, you need a little sacrifice to make it done.'

'You talked too much. I don't really care of those things. I just need to know, if I comply, will I get what I want?'

Asmodeus snickered

'Sure, sure, why not? But are you sure? I am not stupid to see that you have a certain person in your mind, and you got dumped…'

'How did you know?!' Venomania growled

'I am not as stupid as you may think, Venomania. I have intelligence, mind you? So, have you reconsidered?'

'No, Glassred has made fun out of me, and so there's no reason to chase her again. I accept all those conditions. Still I don't understand about the sacrifice thing.'

'It's simple, I'll tell you. But let's do this first.'

Asmodeus casually pulled out a lavender rose from one of his pockets and smirked. The flower bloomed and exerted purple, dim light as something was about to come out of that bloom.

'So that's why he talked about those lavender roses he planted…' Venomania thought.

As the petals died out and turned into dust, a purple sword was formed. It was a long, straight, elegant sword with complex decorating.

'I think I'll name it the Venom Sword.' Asmodeus murmured 'It fits the ability of this thing. The blade of this sword holds an extremely powerful poison that would attract ladies to its masters. The thing is, yeah, the sacrifice thing. Here…' he handed it to Venomania

The Duke received it with surprise

'So… all those talking and all you give me is a sword? I don't feel anything different.'

Abaddon and Asmodeus snickered

'You need to enter the venom into your body to make it work, dumb.' Abaddon stated 'That's the sacrifice thing he talked about.'

'Then that means…'

'Stabbing the sword in your chest, yes it means that.' Asmodeus continued

'Doesn't that kill me?'

'No it doesn't.' said Asmodeus playfully.

Venomani raised an eyebrow. Abbadon urged him

'Do it, it won't kill you.'

'Why can you be so sure?'

'Because Lord Asmodeus said so.'

Thank you, very funny.

Breathing deeply, he said to himself: I have no more choices anyway. Hope that this Asmodeus guy said the truth. Here goes nothing.

The Duke unsheathed the sword. The blade was very shiny and the edge looked sharp, with a slight shade of purple. That would surely hurt. It looked even more charming and beautiful than the fancy sheath. It was a work of art, had it not been made to kill.

Well, it wasn't.

Sateriajis Venomania pointed the sword at himself. Then he thrust the sword forward.

Asmodeus let out a smile

From the place where the sword had impacted the flesh, a pure stream of red blood flooded out. But as it reached the blade, it turned into the color of bright purple for half a second, as if it was poisoned. Then, as quickly as it had flooded out, the blood returned to red color, retreated back into his body and the sword was forcefully pushed out of Venomania's chest.

Duke Venomania looked down in great surprise. The wound was gone…

'There, I told you.' Asmodeus' voice reached him again as the Demon caught the sword from flying any longer 'Does it hurt?'

'No, there was nothing… actually…'

'Good, then you are not allergic to the Venom. You are really the man worth looking for.'

Without saying anything else, Asmodeus sheathed the Venom Sword and tossed it back to Venomania

'There, now contract is finished, mortal. Don't forget, when you are about to reach your inevitable death, this dark art will break down… Then now I shall observe your glory and destruction… Farewell…'

Asmodeus started to fade. But when he was about to go completely, he turned around

'I don't think I will be so forceful upon you, Abaddon, but you should know your place. Return when you finish your duty with that cat.'

With the last dirty gaze to the Abyssinian cat on Abaddon's shoulder, he disappeared.

Abaddon sighed

'I am indeed in trouble.'

'Uh, Abaddon… why did you lie and said…'

'I didn't lie.' Abaddon said 'You were not talking to me then. You were talking to Irina. Don't ask any questions.' She stopped the Duke from questioning further 'It's beyond the likes of you.'

Venomania twitched, but before he could say something, the door bell rang.

'Oh… looks like someone pays you a visit. Alright then, I shall wish you the best luck.'

The more Venomania reached the door, the more Abbadon and the cat faded.

The Duke opened the great door of his mansion. Behind the door was a young woman. She was probably twenty or so, with a cute, innocent face and teal blue hair.

'Hello, sir, I am Mikulia Greonio….'

His lips slowly, unconsciously formed into a smile. The spell had worked!

'My name is Sateriajis Venomania. You shall be my new bride.'

-to be continued


Asmodeus – Oliver

Sateriajis Venomania – Kamui Gakupo

Leviathan – Yuzuki Yukari

Abaddon – Nekomura Iroha

Irina Clockworker – ?

Mikulia Greonio – Hatsune Miku

Notes [references and rants]:

This chapter is nothing too hard or unclear. It just retells what has been told.

The lavender flower is Luxuria's first form.

The concept of the Venom Sword is the one on the Evils Kingdom album cover, not the samurai sword later on, because the former looks more western.

Customer is the term Demons call their contractors. When they meet their Climax sinner, they will bestow upon that sinner the Vessel with a new form. It's not like the Demons give out their Vessels like that all the time – they only do so to their favorite customer.

If you read the story of Beelzebub, you are probably very bored of the continuous involvement of Lucifer and Belphegor in the story. Well this is refreshing for you. Lucifer and Belphegor probably won't appear anymore other than last chapter, I hope… In case you didn't read about Beelzebub, the two will be introduced to you if you go on.

If you don't want to see Lucifer and Belphegor again, of course there will be more new characters to develop the story, right? Be ready to meet new demons next chapter, and you will learn of all the seven demons of the sins!

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