Asmodeus and the Madness of Duke Venomania

Movement to Climax

Bye Ferdinand!

Year 136, the Mansion of Lavender Rose,

'No!' Venomania shouted to himself as he broke the tenth dish of the day. That was actually pretty easy tantrum when you know the government was going to get you. Very easy tantrum, I suppose.

Yet his wives all stepped back in horror. They always kept in mind of the perfect, calm lord they fell in love with, and so they were scared. Asmodeus' power works in certain ways. It doesn't affect directly to the action, but just the inner mind. The women would still find themselves sane, and still has perfect logic to love him.

Gumina Glassred frowned deeply at her old friend. It had been long since the last time he had been so angry. It must be something that directly harms himself. She slowly took a step forward and comforted him.

The result was clear enough. The Duke calmed down, resisted the urge to throw an eleventh dish

'Gumina,…' he stated.

Gumina simply touched his shoulder and said

'My lord should not be so wrathful. Wherever there's a will, there's a way. What is it?'

Venomania touched her hand, looking at his childhood friend with great passion.

Why did you have to leave me?

'The government has been very… worried about your staying here. Specifically your families are. They are going to stop and sentence me for doing this.'

Immediately there were angry protests from the women crowd.

'But my lord, I want to stay with you!'

'Yes, there's nothing wrong with it! Why would they prosecute you?'

The man put on a bitter smile

'Well, their investigator, Earl Ferdinand has already prepared the evidence to ask for a prosecution. The prosecution should be done and sent to the Emperor of Belzenia soon. He should take two days.'

'Then it's vital that we take him out before the prosecution was sent, isn't it, my lord?' he recognized his first woman, Mikulia.

'Well, yes, but to do away with someone with such power…'

'Then we just have to be careful and not leave our track.' Lukana Octo said 'I believe we can build up a plan.'

All the women agreed to the idea. Even Venomania started to realize that his life and joy were worth better than a life of an Earl. He nodded to his women.

'Of course I would like to stay with you. That's why we are doing away with that guy. Should my women love to devise with me a plan?'

Sure enough, they would LOVE to.


Kachees left the Earl's house in satisfaction. After a two-hour discussion over what to write in the prosecution form, he finally could let his old friend do the work. To Kachees, it was vital that the description of the culprit being not human be included in the form, but Ferdinand brushed it off. He said the government was realistic people based on facts. As if the facts were always just what they were…

He sighed. It was gonna be okay. The investigation was done. Venomania couldn't just stock all the women – alive or not – to somewhere without being found. Case closed!

'Are you so certain?'

It was a soft, clear yet odd feminine voice. Kachees looked up to find a hooded figure of a girl, around her fifteens. She was adorned in a dark green dress and the same color cloak. As she looked up Kachees found out that she was masked, and her eyes, though not visible, seemed to be burning in green flames.

'What do you mean?'

'Are you so certain that the case is closed?'

He literally jumped back

'How do you know? You read my mind!'

There was not an answer to that question.

'Who are you?' Kachees asked again.

The girl stayed silent in a moment, wondering what to say. She finally spoke

'I can be called Master of the Hellish Yard.'

Yeah, and I'm God. What's this child play!?

For some reason he couldn't speak up. He feared to anger this girl. The man knew that something horrible would happen if she got tempered.

Master of the Hellish Yard ignored his puzzled expression. She continued to speak

'You think it is difficult to kill a devil, don't you?'

'I do.'

'I… want to offer a help. Just in case the power of God doesn't come to help out…'

'Your help?'

'I can give you something that can kill a devil.'

That was tempting, Kachees knew it. If he could lay a hand to stop the havoc from coming, it would be a great convenience to his friend. Yet…

'Thanks for your help.' He smiled in a friendly way 'But the case's not mine. My friend Ferdinand got it now, there's no reason I should take his glory from him. We are friends.'

'But you will need it. If you do not use it you may give it to your friend. It could be another way to help him.'

Kachees thought maybe it wasn't a bad idea. The Belzenia Empire, or the Asmodean region, would want something to finish off a devil quickly. He smiled

'Alright, if you insist.' He said

In his disappointment the girl drew out a key. It was made from gold, with a very elegant shape and design, exerting yet another mysterious aura. But it was still a key.

How could a key kill a devil?

'This is the magical key that can transform into any weapon you want.' The girl explained 'it contains the power of greatness, and it can kill a devil.'

Kachees looked at the key curiously. As if it understood, the key sprung into a knife.


'That's the drill.' The girl smiled softly again 'it has the power to cancel the devil's spell.'

Now a normal person would never believe in those stupid words, but Kachees couldn't stop believing. The key proved itself to be magic. It released a powerful aura as it touched his hand and shapeshifted under his command.

'Thank you… Master of the Hellish Yard.'

The other nodded curtly

'You are almost welcome, mister.'

The young girl then walked past him, heading directly to the gate of Asmodean. Kachees sighed in relief. It was a good sign; fate was on his side now. He smiled as he entered his and his fiancée's rented house.

'Yufina? Are you home?'

The house felt surprisingly quiet and vain. It was odd, considering the fact that Yufina always waited for his return. I guess today she went to sleep early.

Yet when he checked the bedroom, the bed was empty. All other rooms had no sign of her. He stared in horror, not wanting to accept it, but the truth was right to his face.

His hand clenched on the newly-received key, his blood boiled with anger.

The devil dared to take Yufina away from him.


'Tell me once more the damned reason you did this wicked thing!' Asmodeus growled. He was really pissed off. The key! Satan gave a mortal her key to the Forest – the Key entrance to Hell! Literally it was to open or close the Hellish Yard, but it meant Hell anyways. And she dared to forfeit such important treasure to a mortal!

Satan smiled quietly in satisfaction

'I said I could join in the game. This is the course of my actions.'

'Damn! You never said you would let your Vessel loose over the living world!'

'Must I tell you all what I do?' she retorted. She could feel the wrath of Asmodeus very clearly, and she had to admit she and Asmodeus shared the same habit of not wanting things to go out of what each desired. However, her win was what mattered.

'You!' Asmodeus marched forward and grabbed her collar. He yelled in anger and frustration 'Who taught you to poke your f-king ass into the matter!?'

Asmodeus knew very well that his customer would be killed by the Vessel of Wrath – the Golden Key to the Forest. And he didn't plan it to be so. He wanted the show to last somewhat longer, despite the fact that Venomania got himself quite a harem for a few months. But the thought that someone got in his way damaged his pride, and a single Hell ruler was responsible.

Ruler or not, she'd get her ass kicked.

'You're challenging me, Asmodeus?' Satan questioned mockingly 'You think you have enough power to defeat me when all you do is ruining women's chastity?'

Asmodeus, in a flash, swung his hand and slapped the Master of the Hellish Yard. Even Satan didn't expect such reactions. She never got along with Asmodeus, but certainly the guy showed to be a capable man in some sort.

'Asmodeus!' a familiar masculine voice warned him. Immediately he was jerked back behind by another man's arm in order to stop him coming further for Satan 'Calm down!' the voice ordered.

'Mammon let me go!' he struggled, making Mammon almost lose his grip.

'No! That's enough, Asmodeus! You know we are not to fight each other!'

'Like heck I care!' Asmodeus spat 'that b- killed all my work! And she even dared to risk her own Vessel even though it is yet her time!'

'Who are you calling…' Satan demanded angrily. Her temper got raised now.

'Stop right there!' a fourth person came into the quarrel 'What is it?! A fight?! Seriously what are you guys? Why must you all try to destroy each other as much as possible?'

It was Leviathan, in a rather unpleasant mood. She stood beside Asmodeus and kept her boyfriend down. Asmodeus relaxed a bit upon seeing his girl, but he still glared at Satan. The Demon of Wrath smirked.

'You are still with your girl.' She mocked again

'Satan! Know your place!' Leviathan shouted before Asmodeus could spit out any dirty words in reply 'It's enough now, Asmodeus.' She told him again 'Let's go.'

Asmodeus flinched, but he then shoved Mammon to a side and stormed out of the place.

'What a great fight!' there came a soft voice with applause 'How could I even miss it?'


'Satan, at any rate, you did really spoil some ancient rules and did our enemies a great favor. You and Asmodeus are so stubborn, aren't that true?'

Satan didn't say a word.

Just at the moment a space portal swiped open revealing an orange-reddish haired angel with a confused look.

'Uh, my lords? Did I miss something?'

Leviathan rolled her eyes

Yes, as a matter of fact, you waged a little civil war between Desire and Wrath. Happy taking responsibility for it, Abaddon.


Ferdinand put his files away and rested. Tomorrow he would send the prosecution to the King, and then nothing would go wrong anymore. Nothing… he sighed.

'I should go to bed, shouldn't I?'

When he left the chair, there was a clicking noise outside. The investigator was a little surprised, so he took a few steps outside to check. Having worked out investigations for a long time, he didn't really care about the darkness and danger outside.

'Who's out there?' he called into the shadows.

At first there were no responses, but he quickly felt the air rusting. The man jumped back as a slim sword struck his way.

'Who are you!?' he demanded as he jumped back to dodge the deadly blade.

He made steps backward, assuring himself the attacker was following. It did. As the light covered the attacker, it turned out that it was a girl with twin curly red pigtails heading his way. She was wearing some type of maid outfit and was carrying a rapier.

'Why are you attacking me?' Ferdinand asked again as he grabbed a knife near the counter he was next to and started to parry.

She's good, but I have never seen her. What did I do that she must kill me?

The battle went on and on, spreading all over the house as Ferdinand attempted for a defense. But soon, as he rarely practiced dueling due to being an investigator instead of a fighter, his fatigue was getting over him.

Yet the woman before him lacked some wit. As he patiently waited for the right time, he found her weakness. In a single movement, her sword got derived of her hands.

'I've got you!' he took back his breath as he picked the sword up 'Now tell me why you went after me!'

The woman only stared back at him coldly, but her eyes slowly lit up with satisfaction, as if her purpose was done. He felt her gaze wasn't placed on himself however. So he turned around, only to find a purple haired man with great malice striking a knife at him.


The next morning, citizens of the Asmodean region surrounded the house of Earl Ferdinand in great fear and anxiety. Kachees must push the crowd away continuously before reaching the house. He didn't want to be rude to the people, but his friend was more important. He reached the house steps and shouted to an inspector.

'What's wrong? Where's Ferdinand?' he demanded

That person looked back, with a trace of visible grief on his face.

'You didn't hear?'

'Hear what? Where's Ferdinand?'

The man led him into the house. He found several trace of a duel coming as he further came inside. But Ferdinand was a great duelist, he knew, even with lack of practice he would be able to take out some considerate opponents. There was no way he was assassinated.

His stream of thought came to a hard stop when he reached the office.

There was his friend, lying on the carpet, inside a puddle of blood. He didn't move. Kachees wanted to scream, to crush anything that came to his face right away, but he held it. The anger should not be on his friend's house, it should be on the person that killed him.

Who else could it be?

'It's you, isn't it, devil?' he said, his voice hoarse with anger 'I will kill you for taking my wife away and killing my friend. You will pay.'

He had the power, he had the reason, and God must be with him. He was going to kill the Demon. Right or wrong, the Devil could be the judge.


'Asmodeus, it's over, you know.' Leviathan said to Asmodeus as she entered his room 'Nothing else can be changed anymore. You have done your part.'

'But don't you find it so annoying that she just had to… I don't know…'

'She evidently supported the Holy side with such acts.' Leviathan pointed out 'Look on the brighter side. Your job is done.'

'It's not about the job.' Asmodeus said 'It's about the decision I was about to make. I needed more time, and that freaking ruler of Hell has screwed all it up.'

Leviathan raised an eyebrow. She sat down next to the man

'What decision is it?'

Asmodeus sighed

'I am not going to release Luxuria upon this time's Climax. But as I said, it's a tough decision, and I need time.'

-to be continued