Sailor Moon and Inuyasha Crossover

Summary: Okay, this should be easy. All she has to do is train those girls and make sure the don't die under any circumstances. How hard can it be? Well, maybe if they listened to her and got rid of those sailor uniforms...

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"Moon Princess Halation!"

Brown eyes watched in facination as the monster was incinerated in the light. Pushing back some of her raven hair, she gave a light whistle at the damage. Though the blond pigtailed girl wasn't the greatest fighter (Oh who was she kidding? The girl was lousy, with a capital 'L'), at least she had her heart in the right place… sort of.

"Is that outfit proper for fighting even?" She asked, her head tilting to the side as she casually held the phone in her hand. Those sailor uniforms looked quited flimsy and those heels looked like a pain to fight in.

A scoff was heard, "Miko, do you not remember what you wore back then?"

Frowning, she shook her head in denial, "What? The difference then was that I had no choice! I mean, wouldn't it be better to transform something with pants?"

This time, a chuckle emitted from her phone, "You had many times to change when you went back to your home."

Sometimes, she really did hate that dog demon. Ignoring his statement, she continued her observation of the blond haired girl. A wince or two later, her fingers found themselves in her ear, trying to get herself to hear properly again. For protecters, those girls sure did know how to let out a high pitch scream. Her mind began to wander, was she really like this when she was younger? No way. She fought demons and actually did something, instead of screaming and dodging and… why did this sound so familiar?

"Miko." Snapping out of her daydream, she began to pay attention to her older brother's orders, "The request was that you watch over the girl and train her to survive. Make sure she doesn't injure herself too severely or get herself killed."

"Yes, yes." She leaned against the water tower, staring down at the girl, who was now being hugged by her friends. "Why not get Souta? Isn't he closer to their age range? Or even Rin!" A frown marred her face, why her? Why did she have to babysit? Not that she hated them, oh no. It was mostly because, wouldn't this situation go a lot faster if she destroyed the main source? Why go through all the trouble of training them?

She could almost hear the irritated growl through her phone, "You were requested to train and protect them, Miko. I rather not have to deal with this. Do your job and train them. The quicker you complete this task, the quicker you can leave."

Easy for him to say, she's been watching them for two weeks now. It's safe to say that it would take at least a year to train them all!

"What about that Tux guy?" At least she had some eye candy to look at while she was on surveillance. The guy looked good in that cape and tuxedo. But his grand entrance phrases were… a bit on the corny side.

"His name is Tuxedo Mask, I expect you to remember it. And you don't need to worry about him."

She snorted. A corny name and a corny entrance? Next thing you know, he and that blond pigtailed are reincarnated lovers, both also royalty.

"Fine. But Sesshomaru, I have another question."

A small, annoyed sigh, "Yes, Miko?"

"Is that weapon honestly called 'Cutie Moon Rod'?"

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