A/N: This chapter contains fairly graphic violence, swearing as well as the mention of rape. You have been warned!

A scream punctuates the silence of the chilly New Jersey night as Allison Cameron is grabbed roughly from behind and dragged into a nearby clump of trees. She keeps screaming as she kicks her legs out in an attempt to get away from him but he is simply too strong. Her attacker places his rough, calloused hand over her mouth and snarls in her ear "stop screaming bitch or I'll rip your goddam voice box out."
Terrified, Cameron does what he says and he throws her to the floor. She whimpers slightly as her delicate body lands on the hard earth. Her attacker grabs her wrists and ties them together, the rope so tight against her skin it is undoubtedly going to leave a mark. He does the same to her ankles and, not wishing to take any chances, he gags her as well.

Cameron has never been so scared in her entire life. She has no idea who this man is or what he is planning on doing to her, and so, in order to prevent herself from completely freaking out, she tries to mentally list all the auto – immune diseases. However, her thoughts quickly drift to her crippled and misanthropic boss.
Her attacker frowns as he watches the expressions on her face change, going from a look of terror, to one of concentration before eventually becoming one of relative calm. He growls angrily and yanks on her hair before punching her hard in the face. In a dangerously low tone of voice he tells her "it won't do you any good, thinking of him."

Cameron looks up at him in alarm and her attacker laughs coldly "oh yes, I know it is the 'good' Dr House you are thinking about. It is written all over your face. What I want to know is what is it about him that you find so attractive Dr Cameron? Is it his eyes? His stubble? The fact he's a cripple?!"
He moves away from her, returning a few moments later with a cane in his hand, one that is almost identical to the one House uses. Cameron's eyes widen in horror when she sees it, her mind thinking about the various ways her attacker could use it to harm her and it suddenly becomes clear to her that this is not just a random attack. This was planned.
Her attacker simply carries on talking: "yes, let's see if it's the 'good' Dr House's cane that gets you so worked up about him." He gives her a cruel smile before he raises the cane up and brings it down hard on Cameron's ribs. There is a sickening crack and he continues to smile as Cameron gasps against her gag, tears streaming down her face. He does it again and again, a sizeable bulge appearing in his jeans.

To Cameron, it seems like an eternity before he puts the cane down, but in reality it was only a few minutes but when he does he gets close to her tear – streaked face and growls viciously "did that feel good bitch?"
Cameron whimpers as her attacker yanks her trousers down, his rough hands grabbing at her thighs before he yanks her panties down. Cameron knows what is about to happen and she looks away, tears running down her face. When she feels him enter her she gasps through her gag and is rewarded with another punch to the face. Like the beatings with the cane, to Cameron it seemed never-ending but in reality he finished very quickly, spilling his seed inside her.

He pulled out and smirked down at Cameron's trembling form. He tucked himself back in his jeans before grabbing her hair and hissing in her ear "mm, you were so nice and tight. If I were you, I'd watch my back."
He cuts the rope on her wrists and ankles and goes to remove the gag but stops, asking "will you scream?"
She wearily shakes her head no and he cuts the gag off, picks up the pieces of rope, the gag and the cane and casually walks away, not caring about the broken shell of a female he left behind.

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