This fanfiction is crossover of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Power of Prodigy

Adam Jensen, Security chief of most acclaimed company on the world, Serif Industries. He never wanted to become augmented, he never knew his parents, and he never expected to choose what world will know. He knew that people should not be lied to or controlled so he chose the only option available. Bury the truth with him inside it. Nodding to Eliza he turned off the safety future of the facility, waiting to be crushed by ocean above himself.

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In Godric's Hallow a young couple had their new baby and named him Harry James Potter.

Sirius laughed holding Harry as he tried to grab his Hair.

"No Harry you can't have my hair, I don't want have my hair messy unlike Prongs"

"Hey" James Potter said indignantly from an armchair "That was uncalled for"

"But it's true" James glared in return

Suddenly a fireplace flared and Remus stepped out. "We have a meeting in 10 minutes"

"Alright, Peter are you going to be alight?" James asked

Peter not paying attention jumped up when his name was mentioned. "Uh what James?"

"We're going for the meeting will you be alight staying here?"

"Off course James" said Peter white face looking

"Don't worry Pete Harry doesn't bite yet. Lily let's go"

"I'm coming James"

"Off course Lily-flower"

Few flashes later and no one was home except for Peter and Harry. Taking Harry in his arms Peter looked sad, almost crying. Thinking of what will happen, thinking of the future.

"I'm sorry Harry"

Something flashed in Harry's eyes something of recognition but was gone next instant.

Peter meanwhile thought on the actions to come. He knew he was betraying his friends. Looking at his forearm where the Dark Mark visibly, almost angrily was looking back at him. He never knew why he chose the Mark but as he reflected he thought he knew why, he wanted to save his friends from Voldemort. Voldemort agreed in exchange for Harry's life and Pete's life. Hearing the pop outside he knew his time has come.

Going to the door he welcomed Voldemort inside. Right away Voldemort's red eyes glared at baby lying on the floor.

"My lord may I have the mark removed so my friends will not think badly of me?"

"Why Peter, are you not proud of being my follower?" Voldemort asked innocently, too innocently but there was danger in his Eyes.

"No lord, I'm not"

"Don't lie to me; you know how much I hate liars"

"Sorry my lord, but you promised"

"And do you think I'll comply? You're still dying Peter tonight. And they'll still know of your betrayal"


"No Peter you'll die, with that mark on."

Something snapped in Peter that moment. Always being showed aside, always being spit upon, even by his friends. He whipped out his wand and shot a Reducto and Voldemort. Not expecting the move he was blasted backwards. Taking Harry upstairs he made a barricade inside the nursery making sure it'll take a few moments for Dark Lord to get through. Turning to Harry he hugged him and asked

"Please forgive me Harry for being so stupid"

Again something flashed something in his eyes and he nodded his head before it disappeared again.

Suddenly a barricade has been blasted apart and very irate Dark Lord came in.

"So this is it Peter, you decided to go against me, you know after I'll deal with the Pratt I'll torture you into insanity before killing you. Now step aside!" Voldemort commanded

Visibly shaking Peter replied with a firm "No"

Eyes glaring Voldemort whispered loudly "Last chance before I kill you"

Looking up at his master Peter replied with a slow "No"

"You fool I could have let you live but now I'll kill you. Avada Kedavra" A green light flashed and Peter's lifeless body fell down to Voldemort's feet. Looking at the toddler in the crib he smiled. "Finally I'll kill you brat, they thought you can defeat me, a mere toddler but not anymore" Aiming his wand at toddler standing in his crib Voldemort said the two deadly words "Avada Kedavra" But instead of usual green light Voldemort experienced a pain similar to Cruciatus curse. His dark and twisted soul was getting ripped before it was forced out of his body.

His body detonated upon Death blowing apart the nursery and forcing the toddler fly like a ragdoll into the wall before the wall gave in to the explosion causing the barely conscious toddler out the house who hit the ground below. Wishing to go away before the wall above will fall on him, he had his first accidental magic he apparated away to unknown field of wheat.

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Lily Potter feeling distressed during the whole meeting rushed towards the fireplace to go back to her baby but when she yelled the destination nothing happened, the fire stayed the same colour.

"James! Our floo is not working! Something is wrong!"

Dumbledore hearing Lily's distress walked in while James tried to stay rational.

"Maybe you said it wrong"

"No we need to apparate there right now!"

"But people might trace us" James said lamely, he knew he was losing the argument as he was distressed as well

"I'll come along if you don't mind James" Dumbledore said in gravelly voice.

Apparating away they came upon a house in flames crumbling apart.

"NO! Harry! No… No...No… He is gotta be here he has to be" Lily ran towards the ruins looking for any sign of her baby.

James just looked in shock at the ruins repeating "How could you Pete… How could you…"

Dumbledore meanwhile strolled towards the house looking saddened all his 140 years old.

Finally he came back with a robe and 2 wands.

"Looks like Voldemort is dead."

Looking up from his distressed friend Sirius said "What?"

"Voldemort was killed and your friend Peter"

"He was a traitor!" Snarled Remus who kept calm through the whole ordeal.

"He might have been but he died fighting in the end"

"What do you mean? He probably gave Harry to Voldemort expecting some kind of reward"

Dumbledore simply pointed his wand and murmured "Prior Incantato"

A ghostly figure Voldemort being smashed across the room with Reducto before the image spread due to breeze. Remaining friends lowered their heads thinking it was one of rare stupid things Peter done, maybe he wanted to lure Voldemort in thinking he can catch or finish him unaware.

"What about Harry? Is he alive?"

"I don't think so."

"But there is no body" Lily tried to reason

"But there is no body of Peter nor Voldemort's"


"Lily this might be what the prophecy meant no one lives while the other survives. Maybe it meant for both to die. Hopefully the prophecy is finished"

Lily started crying hysterically crying for her boy to return. Soon her husband joined but crying more quietly. Soon his friends joined. Dumbledore stood there watching the broken family crying as well.

Over 1500 miles away a farmer found a baby in his field. He took the baby in as his own. Thanking the heavens for a child as his wife couldn't have any.