Chapter 2: Welcome to wizarding world

Adam waited patiently in his abandoned building. His mind formed into one identity. He was Adam Jensen underneath new skin. Even if he was abandoned by parents Adam understood it didn't matter to him, he saw too many deaths in his past life, and lost a loved one. True he grew close to his foster parents but they died 2 years ago. His mother went to sleep and never woken up again, while his Dad died of combination of Heart attack and alcohol overdose.

After 5 days of waiting in Promyshlenyy, Komi republic Adam heard a hard CRACK sound in the streets. Sounded like firecracker went off. Walking outside in his second-hand trench coat, and sunglasses he noticed a strange men wearing fur coat and Papakhi fur hat. The man looking around noticed him and started to withdraw something from his pockets. Fearing for the worst Adam's instincts kicked in and he dove for cover. Hearing a man swear in English, It clicked in that he might be Igor Karkaroff.

The man rounded the corner when Adam asked "Igor Karkaroff?"

The person stopped midway and asked "I assume you're Harry Potter?"

"Depends, I might have been at birth but now I bear a new name, Harry Adam Jensen"

The person smiled showing his yellow teeth and withstanded his hand. "Hello Mr. Jensen, My name as you have guessed is Igor Karkaroff. I hear American accent in there but how can you learn it in Russia is beyond me"

Adam shook his hand "Nice to meet your acquaintance"

The men let go of the hand and looked around properly for the first time. Realising how many abandoned buildings there were around he asked. "How come this place is abandoned and where are your guardians?"

"Economic collapse around the country, government is leaving the place abandoned, and my guardians are dead for 2 years"

"Well that is unfortunate; tell me Harry, may I call you by the first name? Tell me if you knew your real parents were alive would you go back to them?"

"Quick answer No, Long answer I'll have to think about it, pros and cons"

Igor's blue eyes lit up with proclamation. "Well then it's settled you will be attending Durmstrang Institute. But you'll need to find a place to live other than this, and guardians will be a nice touch"

"How about I'll live on my own?" Adam argued "Plus how I'm going to pay for tuition?"

"Doesn't matter, I'll pay for you. Are you sure you can live on your own, you're after all only 11?"

"I'm 11 on November 1st" and will be 36 on March 9th Adam added silently.

"Harry Potter's birthday is July 31st, just for you know" Added Karkaroff.

"Who cares when one's birthday? Let's just say I was reborn on November 1st" Damn it's confusing to have 3 dates for birthdays.

"Indeed, well Harry, for certain you are not going to live here, Do you want to move to Norway? Or stay here in this filthy country?"

"I'll stay here, At least I know Russian, If you know where to find local wizards I'll be on my way."

"Suit yourself," there was visible disappointment in his eyes "But local wizards are located in the old capital, Leningrad or St. Petersburg, whatever the name right now. It's a long way from here."

"Then how do you travel? I don't see a car"

"We don't need muggle contraptions, when we could Apparate" Karkaroff sniffed

"Then show me how to do it"

"You're still a child, it's highly advanced magic, and not all wizards in fact can Apparate"

"Trust me I can" Adam gave Karkaroff a cold glare. His green eyes momentarily turning blue-gray then green-yellow.

Karkaroff relented, looking slightly pleased.

"What you have to do is imagine yourself at the wanted place, be determined and slowly will yourself to the spot. I was taught three D's Destination, Determination and Deliberation. One must be completely determined to reach one's destination, and move without haste, but with deliberation. Got it? Now imagine yourself on opposite side of a street"

Not too hard Adam thought 'Just Believe, well if I was able to cloak myself then I can easily do this.' Closing his eyes he imagined the other side of the street, after having a microchip in his head that required him to notice details he developed a trait to notice such things on his own, slowly reconstructing the imagery he held it together in his mind. Now all was left was slowly will yourself through the image, taking a slow step he felt a tug on the navel. Not paying attention to the sudden feeling of being squished he completed the step and heard a loud pop. Opening his eyes he found himself looking at wide eyed Karkaroff on the other side of the street.

"Truly marvellous, not everybody can say they managed to Apparate on their first try"

"So, what now Mr. Karkaroff? Are you able to show me the magical community?"

"Of course Harry, take my hand, I'll Apparate us both"

Not liking that he had to hold someone's hand like a child Adam grasped Karkaroff's hand and had a feeling of being squeezed again.

All colours swirled around Adam, when everything stopped and he saw an entrance to the pub.

"You gotta be kidding me, Wizards live in the pub?"

"It's just an entrance, follow me" answered Karkaroff

Opening the door Adam was met with oddly dressed people talking quietly between each other. Few people were looking at the newcomers but didn't say anything.

Karkaroff went through the crowd and went to the side hallway. Stopping in front of suit of armor.

"Now Harry this is the entrance, to the Royal Alley, all you got to do is walk through the suit"

Looking at Karkaroff like he was mad Adam slowly walked up to the armor and tried to touch the armor. His arm just went through, shrugging he stepped through and found himself in sunlight. Looking around he noticed an exit sign to his left. Looking back where he emerged from there was a sign 'Entrance Only'. Karkaroff emerged from plain wall and started walking toward the crowd. The crowd was the same as inside the pub, all dressed in pointy hats and robes to their feet.

Following Karkaroff to majestic building he met a doorman who was half his height and wearing a pointed hat.

"Welcome to Royal Bank" the doorman greeted. He was bald and had grey eyes with long nails.

Entering the Bank Adam whispered urgently

"He is not exactly human is he?"

"Of course not, He is pitiless Goblin"


"Yes they are ambitious creatures, actually they bought this Bank when economy collapsed in early 20s, they didn't rename it but Gringotts owns this bank"


"A goblin bank ran by goblins in Britain, here they don't have enough Goblins so they employ Human force as well"

"Why are we here exactly?"

"To open your bank account of course and withdraw money, how else are you going to buy your supplies Mr. Potter?"

Adam had to agree, He had no money to buy everything he needed.

Karkaroff went over to the empty teller where goblin sat with ferocious grin.

"Good morning gentlemen" greeted the goblin

"Hello" Karkaroff struggled speaking "We need to open an account for Mr. Potter here"

The goblin peered at Karkaroff then at Adam.

"Will the customer would like normal vault? Or High Protection Vault? Maybe Investing Vault? Or even Savings Vault?"

"Mr. Potter will choose…"

"Normal Vault" Adam interrupted. He knew he looked like a child but he was a grown man. In fact why was he a child in the first place? He never asked for this.

"Here is the contract all it requires is your signature" Goblin said pushing the contract forward. Looking at the Blank spot for signature and his name Adam asked.

"Is there a legal way for me to change my name?"

Karkaroff was about to argue but one glare from Adam silenced him.

"If your guardians are okay with this, we can do it here with their signatures"

"And if their Dead?" Adam asked evenly

"We will need their deceased documents to verify that" answered the goblin

"Thanks, which name do I put down? My magical name or muggle one?"

"Magical of course since it's your legal name in wizarding world" goblin sneered.

Writing down his name on the contract and signing it he gave it back to the goblin. Goblin looked over it and withdrew a bronze looking key and gave it to Adam.

"I would like to withdraw 1000 galleons from Durmstrang student funding Vault and deposit it to Mr. Potter's Vault. Taking few galleons from the vault."

"Of course, your signature headmaster."

Karkaroff signed the document and the goblin called for an assistant. A young man came over and listened to the goblin who told him to take over. Also threatening him that if anything happens he'll pay for it.

Following after the goblin they came over to the side door and stopped in front of cart.

"Climb in" growled goblin

Adam and Karkaroff sat inside and the cart sped off. It felt like an amusement park ride. Looking to his right he saw Karkaroff got a white face. It wasn't his thing Adam concluded. After only few minutes they stopped in long hallway. Getting out he found himself in front of Vault #007. Amused Adam waited until the goblin opened the door and Harry found a small pile of Gold coins on the Vault's floor.

"Harry you have 1000 galleons in here, it's enough for 7 years of school, and remember, 1 galleon is 17 sickles and 1 sickle is 29 knuts"

Harry collected 100 galleons and put them in the pouch provided by the goblin.

Walking outside the Bank, Karkaroff turned to him and motioned to follow him. Entering a small food restaurant, Karkaroff ordered Shashlyk and started speaking quietly.

"Mr. Potter, even if wizards on the outside look honest and good, they are still people. Do not trust anyone; always think for yourself Mr. Potter. As you might find out soon, you are considered a martyr. Everyone believes you to be dead. When you will show up, it will cause a lot of confusion questions and people trying to ally themselves with you. I can see in your eyes that you are no fool. How young age such of yourself can speak maturely is beyond me. Also want to breach the topic of guardianship, are you alright with this?"

"Of course Mr. Karkaroff but as you mentioned I'm not a fool, I'm not sure I can trust you yet but you after all know more about Magic then me. I can take you down before you draw your wand and I want your promise you would not reveal something I'll tell you."

"You got me interested Mr. Potter, but you know I can break the promise and you would not be able to stop me."

"Are you trying to tell me you can't be trusted?"

"Of course I can be trusted, so tell me what do you want to tell me"

Looking around he noticed a person in black robes trying to listen in on their talking

"A man is trying to listen in Karkaroff"

The man heard and turned his head away quickly. Karkaroff swore and waved his wand saying "Muffliato"

"First thing I'm not who I look like"


"Since I was a child I remember a whole different life, I was Adam Jensen in that life and it was the future"

Karkaroff stared at him judging the truth.

"I believe you Mr. Potter, but if you were a wizard you should have been fine in apparating or at least knowing something about wizards, so it leaves with one conclusion, you were a muggle"


"Non-wizarding person"

"Then yes, but there are inconsistence with what I remember and what is happening"

"Like what?"

"USSR never attacked Afghanistan, is one big difference"

"You got me intrigued, you said you were from the future. What was it like?"

"Corporations in muggle world were more powerful the governments. And I'm quite sure there were no wizards."

"Why is that?"

"They would have been quickly found by sensors and cameras. One pop like that would have FBI all over you."


"I'm from America, It's government's police you can say"

"If that is true what do you remember last, before becoming Mr. Potter?"

"I was crushed by water on ocean's floor"

Karkaroff stared at Adam for a long time. Finally he answered

"Mr. Potter do you know that if someone found out it will cause big problems for you?"

"That's why I want to be of legal age and be able to act on my own"

"That's not possible, but I guarantee if I will become your Guardian I will let you act however you want"

"Why can't I become my own man?" Adam asked angrily

"Because there is no known way to age to the age of 17, there is of course…"

"What is it?"

"Time travel but no one will let you unfortunately, the government will be afraid what you will cause, since you'll have to tell them you're from the future. Or similar universe. They will be afraid you travelled back to change the future."

"So there is no other way?"

"I don't believe so, no"

"I agree"


"I agree for you to become my legal guardian, but remember if someone will find out I'll have your head" Adam whispered with glint in his eyes.

"Here are the papers, when I received your letter I drew the document and made it binding if you sign for you to become my legal responsibility."

Adam quickly read through the document and signed it. A golden flare emitted from the document and Karkaroff smiled.

"Now as I was saying in the beginning, you're a martyr. You're biological parents are alive and probably will seek your custodianship when they realize you're alive. So we have to keep it quiet, you'll have to change your name. You already call yourself Adam, so we will change your name to Adam Karkaroff."

"I disagree if I have your last name people will start looking deeper to find out where I came from"

Karkaroff smiled "You're sharp Mr. Potter what do you suggest? Nothing muggle, we don't admit muggleborns"

"I guess it's people who became magical when both parents are muggles? I was suggesting Adam Harry Jensen, don't interrupt me, we could say my mother was magical, and my father was a muggle"

"We'll have to fabricate your mother's name and how she is not alive. I see you are not new to this, may I ask why?"

"Police officer had to deal with people like this"

"Alright we can say your mother's name was Alena Polkov, she was once a student at Durmstrang, I know she is dead and nobody really knew her"

"How do you know about it?"

"She was a Death Eater, that's why you're a martyr Potter, you defeated a Dark Lord, He ruled the Britain and had influence in Europe. You're biological parent's names are James and Lily Potter. Did I mention they had a child 9 months later after your supposed Death? Her Birthday falls on same day as yours in fact. Her name is Rose Lily Potter."

Adam saw that Karkaroff was judging his reaction.

"You might forget Mr. Karkaroff I'm a grown man of 35 years. This information is beneficial but I lived all my 20 years on my own."

Karkaroff smiled "This answer just proves you are who you are claiming to be, any child hearing about their parents would have been angered"

Adam smiled in reply.

"Well since you are my son of sorts why not we'll buy all your equipment and head over to my house"

Removing the charm Karkaroff motioned for a waiter and paid 5 sickles for lunch. Walking to bookstore with the name "The Bookstore" followed by English translation at the bottom. Adam snorted and walked in. Finding all the books in shopping list, Adam also bought a Wizard History to find out about what happened while he was at orphanage and living with his surrogate parents. Kurkoroff shrunk the books and they went off to the Apothecary, followed by Potions and Cauldrons. Telling Kurkaroff he didn't need a pet they went to Apparating spot.

"We are going to get a wand from a man I trust"

"Where is that?"


With loud POP Harry found himself at different alley. The sun was almost at noon.

"Welcome Reines Blut Alley"

Walking along the street they veered off to the side alley and found themselves in front of small apartment building. Walking up toward third floor Karkaroff knocked on the door. Hearing a shuffle, soon the top notch of the door opened and blue eyes peered back at them. Closing the notch Adam heard of many locks being unlocked and the door finally opened.

"Igor hello, what can I do? And who is this?"

"Can we discuss inside?"

"Of course"

Walking inside Adam found himself in large living room, mostly resembling a workstation, with various instrument lying around. The man walked in behind them, he had pure, white hair and a thick bushy beard.

"Sorry to disturb you but I would like to request a wand for a student here"

"How many times I have to tell you Igor, I retired, there a lot of wandmakers out there that would love to sell you a wand."

"But have many of them have your skill?"

"Ollivander maybe one, he is younger than me after all"

"Yes but I believe you would love to be the one to make my student here a wand"

"Why is that?"

"I would like you introduce to Harry Potter, Mr. Potter this is my dear friend Greg Gregorovitch"

Gregorovitch's eyes lit up with unnatural glee.

"The Mr. Potter? Where did you find him, everyone believed him dead. Never mind don't tell me. Come with me Mr. Potter"

Adam followed Gregorovitch, a little amused at eccentric wizard.

"Mr. Potter are you left or right handed?"

"Right" Adam replied easily

Gregorovitch hurried of to the shelves and returned with few boxes.

"These are the wand I never sold, here try this wand, it's holly and unicorn hair 10 and half inches, solid Transfiguration material"

Adam took the wand and waved it feeling stupid.

"No here try this, Birch with Phoenix feather 12 inches, flexible"

Adam as previous time had no results. They went over hundreds of wands. Gregorovitch was getting more and more enthusiastic. Finally Gregorovitch came with a wand he was holding like a baby.

"This was my project, Even today I'm unsure if it's working, It's Ebony with Thestral tail hair, 13 inches"

Taking a hold of it Adam felt sudden exhaustion and then he felt powerful like he was augmented. The wand itself showered him with silver sparks.

"Truly amazing, It will be 20 galleons"

"20?" challenged Karkaroff

"If it was not you Karkaroff I would not even gave this wand away, and if I did I would have charged 100 galleons minimum"

Giving Gregorovitch his money Adam turned towards Karkaroff and asked "So what's next?"

"Next we apparate to my house, that if Greg will let us."

"As if I'm going to stop you, go ahead and apparate. Mr. Potter I expect great things from you"

Nodding his head Adam grasped Karkaroff's arm and felt himself squeezed and found himself in front of magnificent mansion.

"Welcome to my humble home"

"Humble indeed" Adam murmured

Walking along the walkway they reached the front door. Unlocking it Karkaroff and Adam stepped in. The entrance hallway was filled with portraits. They were talking to each other and stopped when they noticed the new arrival.

"Who's the boy Igor?" One of the portraits asked. Adam was amazed by portraits but didn't show it.

"My new surrogate son, Grandfather"

"You never adopted anyone, why sudden change of heart? And who's the boy?"

"His name is Harry James Potter and I command you to never speak of him to anybody"

The paintings started whispering furiously.

"Was it necessary to announce my name?"

"They would have still learned it. Since I announced it, the name will stay hidden Harry"

"You need to start saying Adam otherwise you'll slip up during school year."

"You're right Ha.. Adam. Your room is next floor choose any except for far left and far right."

Suddenly a door slammed above and Adam heard quick steps above. Karkaroff slapped his face. A young women emerged from top of staircase. She had deep blue eyes, brown hair and 5 ft 6 in tall. Dressed in blue corset she stopped when she saw Karkaroff. Adam didn't expect the next words.

"Dad, where the hell have you been?! I was looking for you. You agreed to help me with my summer school work! I could have been at my friend's house few hours ago!" she yelled at him.

"Adam meet my lovely daughter, Elizabeth" Igor spoke tiredly. That introduction stopped her yelling and she looked at Adam, judging him. Finally she spoke

"Who the bloody hell is he? Dad?" she glared at Adam. Lovely thought Adam, he'll have to deal with hormonal teenager.

"Meet your new brother"

"Brother? You finally had a fling with a women and she dumped this bastard to you?! You know I don't want to know" She left quickly and slammed her door.



"On the other thought pick rooms only on the left" Karkaroff spoke

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