Hey guys! This idea was given to me by my best friend. It will be the first in a series of eight, but I started with Monsters Vs. Aliens. Each will be split into two parts. I hope you all enjoy, and don't forget to review, then pop over to Savior Returns!


Press – The stupidest question that the press asked the monsters most was, "Are you currently dating anyone?"

Fog – When he lived in England, Dr. Cockroach always had loved fog and the mysteries it beheld.

Throne – When Queen Elizabeth asked to see the monsters personally, a certain mad scientist had fallen over in a dead faint.

Scarecrow – Susan, always thought that scarecrow Farmer Jeb kept was a tad bit freaky.

Stardom – After the defeat of Gallaxhar, the monsters inevitably found themselves internationally famous.

Stamina – Link couldn't run as far as he would like to on land, but in any sort of water, he was unbeatable.

Game – The intensity the boys showed in their card games was often a source of amusement for Susan, but also annoyance whenever she had a question to ask.

Saw – The day Dr. Cockroach received a rusty saw in his meal, he began to wonder about his sanity or if someone was trying to say something.

Pen –It wasn't uncommon for Dr. Cockroach to write so furiously in that tattered notebook of his that the pen snapped in half.

Trailer – When B.O.B. first saw the trailer for Avatar, he insisted on seeing it, convinced that the Na'vi were his long-lost blue cousins.

Leader – Link's father was heartbroken when his son and future leader of the troupe had suddenly disappeared.

Chips – Whenever the boys played a round of poker, the chips were just really bits and pieces of old trinkets.

Toothbrush – Susan's toothbrush was comically large so it, thankfully, made it impossible to mistake it for one of the boy's.

Frost – One of the things Dr. Cockroach missed about winter in England was the way the frost crystallized the trees and made them sparkle like diamonds.

Brother – Though they were not related, the boys all felt like they were brothers, though they had arguments over who was the oldest.

Antique – The monsters all wondered if Monger was really ninety years old or if he was just kidding around.

Hostage – When Susan had been handed over to the monsters by the Gallaxhar clone, they could barely repress their relief.

Tray – When Susan's birthday rolled around and all of her friends woke her up carrying a huge tray of tea and cookies between them, Susan knew that she was loved.

Skeleton – It was funny when Dr. Cockroach found out he had an exoskeleton and a skeleton.

Train – Link and Dr. Cockroach nearly fainted when B.O.B. got himself run over by a train, then immediately popped up and cried, "Let's do that again!"

Mermaid – Link genuinely felt hurt when the kids had called him a "fat mermaid," because at least he was real.

Navel – It was fascinating for Susan to discover Link was a mammal when she found out he had a bellybutton.

Flesh – Though most of his skin was tough and hard, Dr. Cockroach found that his hands were always soft and warm.

Immigrant – There were days when Dr. Cockroach missed England so badly, he loathed Monger for keeping him in the United States for so long.

Sanity – If he was a mad scientist, did he therefore have no sanity?

Parrot – Dr. Cockroach and Link quickly learned that they could not swear around B.O.B., for the blue blob just loved to repeat those divine words to anyone he saw.

Scales – Everyone always got rather annoyed when Link started shedding his scales.

Sad – You could always tell when Dr. Cockroach was sad because his antennae drooped like weights were tied to them.

Moon – B.O.B. often wondered if he could take his friends and they could all go sit on the moon one day.

Obituary – It was funny that Dr. Cockroach had a newspaper clipping of his own obituary.

Cloud – Whenever flying on Insectosaurus' back, Susan couldn't help but marvel at the worlds the clouds could be hiding.

Pudding – B.O.B. knew that his girlfriend was going to dump him now for sure, for he had just swallowed her sister, Pudding.

Fair – Susan would forever remember the look on Link's face when he tasted cotton candy for the first time at the Modesto county fair.

Butler – B.O.B. had an infatuation with Iron Man and wanted Dr. Cockroach to be JARVIS.

Star – Dr. Cockroach was always distracted in his stargazing's because of the way they shined in Susan's eyes.

Apocalypse – Link was one of the many who couldn't wait for the zombie apocalypse so he could kick some zombie butt.

Snow – Whenever it was snowing outside, the team would huddle together on the couch and watch a movie.

Neon – B.O.B. wanted some rather strange things, one of the most peculiar being that he wanted to glow in the dark.

Feud – Feuds were few and far between now that Susan was at the facility, for who really wanted to fight with a fifty foot woman?

Area – Link always wondered how Dr. Cockroach got his sweater over his big, fat head.

College – College was easy for Dr. Cockroach – meeting the love of his life, however, was not.

Gray – Dr. Cockroach loved gray, he had grown up with gray, and he missed the gray and the dreariness that went along with it when he left England.

Swimming – When Link was in the water, when he was swimming as fast as he could to who-knows-where, is when he truly felt free.

Tears – Susan always tried not to cry in front of the guys, but whenever she did, they were always there with hugs and words of comfort.

Mess – Though roaches were stereotyped as being creatures of filth, Dr. Cockroach kept everything in his room meticulously clean.

Skyscraper – Insectosaurus really didn't want to eat that skyscraper – it had felt good on his itching gums.

Shave – Sometimes Dr. Cockroach wondered what the others would think if he didn't shave and grew a beard.

Sneeze – Susan's sneezes were incredibly quiet and delicate for a woman so large.

Turtleneck – Whenever anybody asked why he always wore a turtleneck, he simply answered, "Because we mad scientists need to be comfortable during long analyses."

Rudder – Link's tail fan made a good rudder, but it also made for a good slapping tool whenever B.O.B. irritated him.

Bubble – Bubble baths were a wonderful luxury Susan enjoyed, but so were locked doors when B.O.B. decided he wanted to take a bubble bath too.

Owl – B.O.B. was elated when one of their missions had them help a talking Snowy owl –Hedwig was alive after all.

Fairy – The Halloween Susan went out as a lovely fairy, Insectosaurus accused her of copycatting.

Beer – Beer was always a lively topic of discussion between Link and Insectosaurus, along with chicks and sports and deep things.

Gender – Insectosaurus absolutely hated it when people called him a female.

Jacket – Link had a custom-made jacket for him whenever it was cold outside, complete with a warm sail cover.

Dance – Dr. Cockroach loved to dance, he had flat-out refused to do the ridiculous "Gangnam Style".

Bomb – As it turns out, the button President Hathaway pushed that was supposed to launch all of the county's nukes just made him another coffee.

Guillotine – Cockroaches could live up to six days when beheaded, but Dr. Cockroach would rather not test that theory.

Stamp – The day B.O.B. had eaten all of Wendy's stamps and tried to mail himself, she thought it best to keep him out of the office.

Mint – Though he ate garbage on a daily basis, Dr. Cockroach made sure to pop in a mint afterwards.

Chair – It took B.O.B. nearly a week to discover that his chair had been crushed by someone's foot.

Tea – Whenever he was upset or anxious, Dr. Cockroach found that a cup of tea was always good for the nerves.

Heart – Susan soon learned upon meeting the monsters that it is what's on the inside that counts.

Flamingo – It was a rather strange day when a flock of plastic flamingos appeared outside B.O.B.'s room, and apparently they all had names.

Hope – The monsters had hoped for fifty years that they would get out of the facility, but once the gained their freedom they hoped they could turn their prison into a home.

Sunburn – Dr. Cockroach thought it was strange that, as a human, he was incredibly pale, but as a monster, it looked like he had permanent sunburn.

Stream – When he was very little, Dr. Cockroach remembered almost drowning in the stream beside their cottage – consequently, it was the same stream in which he learned how to swim.

Champagne – Link could never understand why the bitter bubbly drink appealed to Dr. Cockroach so much.

Cereal – All of the monsters shared a good laugh when they found a brand of cereal that was named after them.

Microbe – It had been so long since he was this violently ill, but after he was done being sick he would have to thank Link tremendously for holding his antennae out of the way.

Emerald – Although the pictures he had of the woman named Alice were only black and white, Dr. Cockroach would never forget the piecing color of her eyes.

Male – Sometimes Susan wondered how she could keep living with nothing but dumb boys, but she would always love them and their dumbness.

Strategy – President Hathaway had two strategies: do something violent or to head to the bunker.

Extraterrestrial – Because they were monsters, it was needless to say they weren't all too fond of "adorable" E.T.

Bra – When B.O.B. had discovered one of Susan's bras, he insisted upon dragging it into the common room for all to see his new discovery.

Meteor – When Susan woke up that day, she had no idea that a meteorite would crash on top of her and change her life forever.

Pants – Sometimes Susan wondered what Dr. Cockroach would look like in jeans instead of those flannel pants.

Anger – Link wasn't a big reader, but when he cracked and read the Harry Potter series, he threw the book against the wall upon learning that they killed Fred Weasley.

Spirit – Dr. Cockroach admired the beautiful spirit inside her that made Susan glow.

Father – Dr. Reginald Collins was an amazing and understanding father, and Dr. Cockroach often wondered what he would think if he would ever find out his son had mutated himself.

Feast – Hosting feasts in the facility was always an interesting experience for Monger.

Lift – Susan found it amusing that she was always sweeping the boys off their feet.

Drug – Susan felt that it was quite rude that the Area employees had shot a mysterious drug into her leg without telling her what it was.

Medal – Monger was very secretive on how he got all of his medals.

University – Whenever she and her friends spoke about their careers after they got out of college, Susan never expected her career was to be a monster.

Collapse – When the guys had found out that some evil men had flown airplanes into buildings in New York, they knew that they weren't the only monsters out there.

Chapel – Susan felt so bad about the church she had destroyed that she pitched in and helped build a new one.

Park – The children always wanted to play with the monsters when visited the park, and they had no objection to it.

War – Sometimes Dr. Cockroach wondered why Monger was so focused on capturing them when there were real monsters in the world.

Album – One of Susan's most prized possessions was her photo album filled with pictures of her boys.

Nose – Susan's cute nose was a thing to wiggle, to tickle, and to kiss.

Cocktail – B.O.B. always wondered why cocktails were drinks and not rooster feathers.

Theater – When the team discovered an old drive-in theater, they perched themselves on Susan's shoulder and watched a showing of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Picture – It had been folded and unfolded countless times over the years, but Dr. Cockroach still looked at the black and white picture of a girl named Alice every day.

Genius – Link was no genius, but it didn't take one to know how the genius felt about Susan.

Trellis – To help gain trust from Susan's parents, the monsters diligently fixed the fence they had destroyed.

Tennis – Susan was surprised to find that Insecotsaurus was more than a match in a game of tennis.

Cuisine – Dr. Cockroach always declined on a trip to China because one of their specialties was roasted cockroach on a stick.

Curl – Susan always thought it sweet when Dr. Cockroach's antennae curled when he was happy about something.