I am so sorry everyone! I was so busy with MKA and Eternal that I totally forgot about this little peice! Remember, this is part one in an eight-part series called The Imagined Reality Series (kudos to Aiden for the title). Read, review, and enjoy!

~Raindrops to all, Cel

Frown – Whenever there was even a shadow of a frown on Susan's face, you could always count on the boys to turn it into a smile.

Warmth – It was a wonderful day when Susan introduced the boys to hot chocolate

Bird – Insectosaurus couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed whenever the seemingly-blind townspeople called him a big bird.

Cube – The night Link got an ice cube stuck on his tongue only reaffirmed his hatred of cold things.

Tragedy – When Insectosaurus had seemingly died at the hand of Gallaxhar, Link had felt as if he had lost his baby brother.

Market – Going to store was always a real hassle, so Monger did so as little as possible.

Cottage – Dr. Cockroach vowed to take Susan to his lovely home back in Oxford one day.

Mite – When Derek Dietl had dared to call him Dr. Bug, he responded, "Actually, it's Cockroach," before punching him in the nose.

Angel – Dr. Cockroach wasn't really a religious man, but he knew that angels existed because he'd loved one before.

Ham – Though he loved eating probably more than anything, B.O.B. was getting rather tired of ham every single morning.

Escape – Link really had no idea what he was doing when he escaped from his icy tomb, but he tried to act like he did.

Clock – Dr. Cockroach couldn't keep clocks because he enjoyed taking them apart too much.

Wolf – Link always liked to reminisce the day he had defeated a Dire wolf when it dared attack his troupe.

Junk – One man's junk is another insect man's dinner.

Perch – One of Dr. Cockroach's favorite places to be in the world was sitting on Susan's shoulder.

Proposal – Link couldn't help but notice Doc would always get a tad bit snappish if some random guy started flirting with Susan.

Scorpion – Though he had the bite of a scorpion, Warren Monger turned into a big fluffy teddy bear whenever Mrs. Monger was around.

Poster – Once they gained their freedom, Susan had started redecoration in her new room immediately by taking down that stupid poster.

Wine – When Susan got tipsy, she giggled like mad, and when Dr. Cockroach got tipsy, he joined her.

Oath – When a scared and saddened Susan came to the facility, the monsters all took their own kind of oath to be there for her whenever she needed a friend.

Fight – The snowball fights between the monsters were epic wars that could last for hours.

Name – Ever since his name was taken away by the government, Dr. Cockroach repeated it at least once every day so he would never forget.

Aspic – B.O.B.'s beautiful girlfriend lived in the local refrigerator and he loved to show her off.

Rumor – It was rumored throughout California that the monster Dr. Cockroach had a crush on Ginormica, though everyone knew that was ridiculous.

Language – When Link learned the English language, he realized that the name of his mate, Nerrik, was more beautiful than ever.

Citizen – After the defeat of Escargantua, Monger took Dr. Cockroach, Link, B.O.B., and Insectosaurus to get them registered as true citizens of the United States.

Children – Susan thought it was very sweet that whenever the monsters came upon children, they never objected to hugs (and even kisses).

Apple Pie – Though she was fifty feet tall, Susan could still bake a mean apple pie.

Books – Poor Dr. Cockroach was always looking for new books because he could read a huge novel in under an hour.

Forest – Susan liked to go to the forests in the Sierras because it was easier for her to participate in the games of hide-and-seek B.O.B. loved to play.

Napkin – Going out to eat with the monsters was always funny because they'd developed some weird ritual of eating their napkins after the meal.

Rebel – The only people Monger found harder to control than the monsters were his four teenage daughters.

Leg – Susan's long legs were always a source of playtime for the young kids in her old neighborhood.

Crowd – Whenever the monsters went out to town, there'd be a crowd of fans so large, Susan would have to carry her friends.

Muscle – B.O.B. insisted that Link had boobies, whereas Link insisted they were muscles.

Cactus – B.O.B. was quick to learn that cactus may be edible, but it was unwise to eat one.

Words – Insectosaurus was a bug of few words, but a monster of many thoughts.

Straw – B.O.B. adored the curly straws he got in his milkshakes – especially the green ones because they tasted the best.

Cut – When Susan cut her finger, you would have thought she had hacked her hand off with the way Dr. Cockroach was carrying on.

Shirt – The one time Dr. Cockroach wore that flowered Hawaiian shirt he had, Link managed to get a picture of him.

Coat – Dr. Cockroach rarely took off his lab coat, for you never know when the next experiment is going to be.

Needle – Link had horrible memories of needles, so when he was due for a flu shot he just bought up a whole stock of cold medicine.

Debit – Since Susan couldn't use her tiny credit card anymore, she gave it to Dr. Cockroach so he could complete the transactions…

Debt – What Susan didn't realize that he often used his own credit card instead of hers.

Toes – Susan always liked to muse how her little toes were so enormous now.

Jury – It was a very surprising day when Dr. Cockroach received a summons for jury duty.

Tiger – A tigress that had escaped from the zoo suddenly developed a strange infatuation with Link.

Lamp – One of the things Susan missed about her old life were the two gorgeous Tiffany lamps she had in her room.

Referendum – In the 2012 election, the monsters made a point of what they thought of the candidates by eating their ballots.

Bar – Whenever the boys bought Susan a chocolate bar, she always made sure to share.

Dream – The monster's nightly dreams were always a lively topic of discussion at breakfast.

Table – Whenever Monger had attempted to host Thanksgiving with the monsters, it had always ended with B.O.B. munching on the table.

Song – Though Susan couldn't understand the lyrics to the song, she couldn't stop listening to Dr. Cockroach's amazing voice as he sang.

Cliff – When Susan had slipped off the rocky shore, she had held onto the cliff for dear life until she realized her toes were touching the water.

Mistletoe – Dr. Cockroach was going to punch Link if the amphibious ape kept pushing him towards Susan – who just happened to be standing under the sprig of mistletoe.

Necklace – Though a daunting task, Dr. Cockroach was determined to finish this necklace he was making for Susan.

Sock – Susan had to keep her socks hidden when B.O.B. had tried to eat one and, surprisingly, nearly choked himself.

Scone – Link couldn't understand why the dry little breads were so great when Dr. Cockroach insisted that they were delicious treats…

Tart – However, Link did agree with the mad scientist that the tarts Wendy made were to die for.

Net – Insectosaurus liked to muse that, though he may be a butterfly, no net would ever be able to catch him.

Berry – B.O.B. knew he had to be related to blueberries somehow, probably on his father's side.

Bandage – When Susan had stubbed her toe and wrapped a huge bandage around it, the boys took turns all drawing on it with Sharpies to make her feel better.

Shower – Link was really educated on how loud a mad scientist could scream when he accidentally walked in on Dr. Cockroach while he was in the shower.

Hereditary – Dr. Cockroach always thought of his mother when he looked in the mirror because his golden-hazel eyes were the same color as hers.

Thermostat – Whenever Link got tired of his heat rock, he liked to bury himself in Insecto's fur.

Soup – Whenever it was a particularly cold day, Susan would make a warm and filling broth for the team, which was lovingly dubbed, "Hobo Soup."

Candle – Susan was constantly having to buy new candles after B.O.B. thought vanilla-scented candles were actually vanilla.

Sermon – Link loved to infuriate the Christian employees of the facility but flaunting around his "evolutionism."

Paranoia – Sometimes, Dr. Cockroach would have nightmares of turning back into a human and being taken away from his family.

Rain – It rained constantly in Oxford, and Dr. Cockroach had loved every drop of it.

Lido – Link hated pools because humans loved to saturate the water with stinging, horrible chlorine.

Silence – The one thing Susan wished for when she woke alone on Gallaxhar's ship was to hear the voices of her boys one last time.

Parent – Though Dr. Cockroach grew up with only one parent, that one parent was the best father anybody could ever ask for.

Lost – Link had no idea how long his troupe had searched for him before the blizzard overtook them too.

Commander – Though they were still often at odds with one another, the monsters couldn't help but consider Monger their friend.

Fireplace – While they had an exceptional furnace, Susan insisted that a fireplace would make everything cozier.

Definition – By definition, the team should have been all ugly and evil creatures that feasted on humans.

Ears – You could always tell Link's mood just by looking at the position of his finned ears.

Beverage – There were many battles between Link and Dr. Cockroach concerning whether coffee or tea was the better drink.

Library – When he was in college, Dr. Cockroach had a habit of building himself a fortress of books and hiding out for several hours.

Tape – It was almost a heartbreaking moment when the monsters learned that they didn't make VHS tapes anymore.

Iceberg – Ever since seeing Titanic, B.O.B. no longer wanted to go on a cruise ship for vacation.

Beast – Link never liked being called a monster – after all, he once had a family and was put on this Earth just liked the humans.

Hooligan – Link had to admit, when he was in his teenage years, he was somewhat of a rebel among the troupe.

Vampire – Link knew he was in a strange world when vampires became sparkly godlike lovers instead of bloodthirsty demons.

Figure – Susan was one of the few women who didn't constantly worry about her weight…anymore.

Embrace – Though the only way Susan could hug was to touch her friends to her cheek, they all thought it was the best hugs they've ever received.

Body – One of the things that annoyed Dr. Cockroach was how absolutely skinny he was.

Galaxy – Dr. Cockroach could swear he could count galaxies within Susan's deep blue eyes.

Color – Susan didn't mind that her hair had turned white – she enjoyed her uniqueness after she realized how special she really was.

Gnome – Everyone thought garden gnomes were freaky looking, even the mad scientist whose home country was obsessed with gnomes.

China – B.O.B. thought Wendy was mad – after all, how could Indian china be from India and not China?

Reading – Because Susan couldn't read the little print in books anymore, Dr. Cockroach would read aloud for her almost every night before bed.

Dusk – Dusk in Nevada was always a beautiful thing and sometimes Susan wished she could run across the desert to find where the sun touched the earth.

Oyster – Susan had dared the boys to each eat an oyster, and she would never forget the looks on their faces once they did.

Sea – The sea was a beautiful place for the monsters to catch a respite and for Link to catch some dinner.

Moustache – Dr. Cockroach never shaved his moustache because his father had one exactly like it.

Microscope – Dr. Cockroach had been so ecstatic that Susan had bought him a microscope he had given her a kiss on the nose.

Hand – Susan loved to hold Dr. Cockroach's hand because it was always so warm.

Monster – Each monster at the facility took a vow – they may be monsters, but no matter what they did, they would not act upon the world as such.