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Songs of the Souls

There was once a man

So clever, so kind

Decided to save a crumbling earth

To make certain the future bind.

In turn, he set his soul

Into stitchpunks nine

But then he passed away

Leaving them behind.

He writes his song

The first was standoffish

Arrogant and bold

The leader of them all

Cape of red, crown of gold.

To protect us, he was

Supposed to be kind

At the end, his sacrifice

Is what you'll find.

He ensures the song

The second, kind and sweet

He was a brave old man

But ideas and questions

From the group he was banned.

To inspire us, he did

Keep spirits high

But the stakes, however, remained soaring

And he must say goodbye.

He sings the song

A set of twins, never separated,

The third and fourth

Their voices far away

Always curious of course.

To define and teach us, they will

He will study, he will read,

Shy spirits never wavered

Intellect leads.

They read the song

The fifth of them,

Diligent and shy

A hard worker and a faithful friend

Describes this guy.

To guide us

Forever he will remain

In the hearts of those alive

Loss is on the rise

Hard to say goodbye.

He protects the song

The sixth, banded and soft-voiced

The one of the world of art

Sees things, his understanding,

Sets him apart.

To lead us,

He saw, he knew, they were just too blind

The kin that believed him

He left him behind.

He draws the song

The seventh, a beautiful warrior

Tough spirit, leave no one ever

To be heartless

She will never.

To defend us

She will cry

"Let this war end."

She will protect her kind.

She defends the song

The eighth, and supposedly the last

Was none too bright

With weapons like iron-cast

He will force you, stay right.

To guard us, he will

For leaders he will die

And although he was cruel

Nonetheless, he said goodbye.

He shields the song.

The last of them

Good-hearted, soul of pure, sincere,

He was brave and set things right

He was believed here.

To save us, he did

The three he will forever love

And through the loss

It was enough.

He protects the song.

It shall sing forever on.