This ancient blast from the past was written early in my WALL-E trip back in 2009. I loved it, and so did everyone else. Please read and enjoy, and expect more WALL-E from me soon!


Just Remember Me

Throughout my body, pain is screaming

It shows no sign of ever ceasing

Every circuit of mine is protesting

I want nothing more than to be resting.

But no, I'm here, saving Earth for you

Even though our love was so totally new

He can crush me even more

I'll just be…a little sore.

I wish I could see Earth alive

You and me, we could strive

I wish I could tell you it'd be alright

That I'll be here tomorrow night.

I can't look; I hear your mournful scream

As my life teeters on a single beam,

The shutdown is coming, I know it's true

I hope you'll remember me; I'll miss you.

I had hoped to live on Earth, to find out what love's about

But no, right now, time's running out.

I wonder exactly what you're thinking

As again I hear a mournful scream.

I hold this thing up, even though I may leave

I'll leave you behind, my sweet, sweet EVE

As my tread slips

Just one little inch.

I want you to recall

The time we had, although it seems small.

Oh, what the love would bring

We would dance; we would sing.

But I'm staying here

If it gets you home, my dear

It's only the cost of just one life

Surely, perhaps, it's not that much strife?

I love you, my EVE

Even though I'm gonna leave

I fall; the crash is loud and clear

Your love's in my heart; your love's very near…

Blackness…a void…

Remember me.