A/N: Yes, I am again procrastinating by writing this. I enacted this during lunch with my friend. It was positively brilliant.

Ciel was hungry. He could even feel his stomach grumbling. Oh no! What was he doing, being hungry?

"Sebastian, I'm hungry! Get me something to eat. Maybe some of Agni's curry."

Sebastian popped in, holding—what was that? A bright red bag with Doritos written on it? Ciel watched as Sebastian pulled out a red powdery thing and put it in his mouth.

"Sebastian, what are you doing?"


Not accustomed to getting such an answer from his butler, Ciel took a moment to survey Sebastian's outfit. He was wearing what looked like ripped dark blue pants and a shirt with a picture of a man on it.

"Would you like a chip, Ciel?"

So that's what the things were. Chips. Ciel reasoned that if Sebastian was allowed to have them, then he was too. He held out his hand and let Sebastian place one on it. Then, he popped it into his mouth, and promptly spit it out.

"What is this bloody trash?" He screamed.

Sebastian stood there looking confused. Then Finnian burst in.

"What is it master Ciel?" He asked.

"It's-it's-it's this trash Sebastian gave me to eat!"

Finnian looked questionably at Sebastian who held out the bag of chips and motioned for him to take one. Shrugging, he took one and ate it.

"Wow! This is the best bloody trash I've ever eaten!"

A/N: Ha! Gotta love Finnian and punk Sebastian!