Random poem about Ryou's thoughts on being possessed as he sit in his soul room. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.
Shadows of a soul
Shadows fall across the walls,
of these hollowed halls.
The dreary sound of silence all around,
Brings my sad soul down.
I am no longer who i used to be,
That me has been lost to memory.
It's a cold and empty place to be,
That describes me.
Sadly i'm locked away,
Not to see another day.
The real me is gone,
Has he even been there all along?
I wait to be free,
Knowing it'll never be.
I cry about nothing anymore,
I'm no longer fighting in this war.
My dark side has won,
Now i am done,
I'll never again see the sun.
In eternal darkness is where i'll be,
Stuck here for eternity.
My soul is trapped by the shadows now,
I can't quiet understand how.
Pain and hurt fill me,
I will never again feel free.
Time will erode my fractured soul,
Until it's gone. Nothing but a black hole.
I am done.
There's no escape for me,
I will never again go free.
Time will erase me from memory,
Until then i'm trapped for eternity.
Cold and dark this place i'm in,
Never to be truly alive again.
My dark side has destroyed me finally,
For that seems to have been my destiny.
I sit here quietly for eternity,
I am lost from memory.
It's kind of sad. No offense to Ryou. He's the best character on the show. Please read and review.