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I don't own yu-gi-oh. RyouXishizu. Sorry to any one reading saving nny. Chapters four and five will be up really really soon. Just trying to get some new stories and ideas posted before this next week. Is Ryou X ishizu called Graceshipping? Well enjoy the story...
Chapter one-the birth of night

"Push!"A doctor encouraged.

The Egyptian women laying on the hospital bed grunted in pain. She had been in pain for a few hours now and it all had started right when her husband had left for a late night meeting at the museum. Speaking of which, where was he? She peeked open her eyes and scanned the hospital room. No sign of him. Another spasm racked her body and she let out a shriek.
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"Identification."A nurse asked. The white haired man dug frantically around in his pocket looking for his ID. Just then, he heard a familiar scream pierce the air.

"Ishizu..."He fought back panic.

Finally finding the ID, he thrust it at the nurse. She looked it over silently before asking

"Name and reason for visit?".

He clenched his fist together as another scream rippled through the still hospital air. Was this really necessary?

"Ryou bakura. Hear to see Ishizu bakura."Ryou tried to remain calm.

The nurse paused to check a clipboard. After a moment she nodded at him.

"It's about time you showed up Mr. Bakura. Your wife's been asking about you for an hour."She said.

Ryou nodded and hurried off. As he entered Ishizu's room, a look of relief came on his face to see his wife was alright. Although she was screaming in pain. Quickly, he hurried across to her and grabbed her hand. She looked up at him relief coming on her face. Her iris eyes met his brown ones. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and gave a last push. The baby came out and she clasped half asleep on her bed. Ryou looked at the doctor helplessly.

"She'll be ok."He said.

He came around and handed Ryou a pink bundle in which a baby girl lay. The baby was asleep and she yawned. A smile grew on Ryou's face to see his daughter. He had never felt so proud of anything in his life as he was about her. She made him happy just being there. She was his beautiful treasure.

"Ryou..."Ishizu looked up at him tiredly "What shall we call her?".

Ryou handed the child to her mother and beamed at his wife.

"Ishizu j.r?"He tried.

She shook her head and smiled. Ryou was so sweat. Sometimes to sweat for his own good. That's why she loved him. Gazing down at her daughter, she noticed she was opening her eyes. They were iris colored and sparkled like stars in the dark blue sky of night outside the window.

"Masika."She said.

Ryou gave her a confused look.

"Masika. It means born at night in Egyptian."She exclaimed.

Ryou smiled again and nodded at her.

"Masika. It's a beautiful name Ishizu."He said.

The new parents smiled at there daughter. She smiled back up at them an laughed.

"She has your eyes."Ryou said leaning over to kiss Ishizu on the forehead.

Ishizu nodded at him and leaned up to kiss him. Just as they kissed, the door burst open and a tanned Egyptian man with sandy hair and iris eyes burst in. Ryou and Ishizu broke apart as the man strolled over to them still panting. He had obviously ran there. The man was followed into the room by a older man who was extremely tanned and had a tattoo on his face.

"Are we late?"The sandy haired man asked.

"No. Meric, Odion come see the baby."Ishizu said to her brothers.

The two crowded around the couple and the baby to see her.

"She's got her mothers eyes."Odion said to Ryou.

"I know. Isn't she amazing?"Ryou said overcome with emotion.

"What did you name her Ishizu?"Meric asked.

"Her name is Masika."She replied.

"That name suits her sister."Meric smiled.

Ishizu handed Masika to Meric and he cradled her before handing her off to Odion to hold. After a few minutes of this the doctor came in and told Meric and Odion that visiting hours were over. The two tore themselves away from there new nephew and went back to there homes with a goodbye to the couple. Soon it was late out and Ishizu and Ryou were settling down for the night.

"Just think Ryou! We get to take Masika home tomorrow."Ishizu said.

"Yes. But now you need to rest."He Leaned over and kissed her again.

As they settled down to sleep, a shooting star flew overhead as if in celebration of Masika's birth. Ryou watched it pass by as he fell asleep on an arm chair besides Ishizu's bed.

"Good night Masika."He said.

Then he cast a last glance at his daughter and fell asleep.
End of chapter one.
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