Start.(Now back to the cave from a couple chapters ago)

Masika let out a small gasp. As she leaned forward, she spat out blood.

"Sika!"Jaden yelled.

Y.M glared at him a moment then looked back over to Masika. She looked stunned as if she couldn't believe what was happening. Bakura slid the knife out with a sickening metallic sound as he smiled in satisfaction. Blood leaked out of the wound and darkened the front of her shirt. She coughed up more blood.

"Sika!"Jaden panicked, struggling to break free "No!".

"Yami wake up!"Yumi howled.

The man remained unconscious.

"Who's next?"Bakura grinned statistically.

"First lets wake the pharaoh so he can see-"Y.M paused.

"What is it?"Bakura said looking around.

The rock wall behind them began to glow. Softly at first, but then brighter and brighter. Jaden narrowed his eyes against the light. Bakura and Y.M shielded their eyes. As the glow dimmed slightly, five figures emerged from the rock.

"Let them go Bakura!"A familiar voice spoke.

"Uncle Ryou!"Jaden called panicked.

"Hang on kids!"He called back.

The glow died down, and there stood Ryou, Amane,Dark Magician Girl, White mage and Change of heart. Bakura looked amused at his former light.

"I see you've brought some backup. To bad they can't do anything on the earth plane. Neither can you in spirit form."He said "Any way, your to late.".

Ryou's eyes fell upon Masika. Far from tearing up, his eyes lit with determination. Dark magician girl hurried over to Masika and examined her.

"She's still alive, but barley."She said.

"Then we better finish this quickly."Change of heart said in a menacing tone.

"For once I agree."White mage said.

Amane did a double take then nodded in agreement. Ryou faced Bakura.

"This is where it ends."He said.

Bakura gave a laugh.

"Look at you. You've been destroyed. You have nothing left except your dying child. You have no reason, nothing to fight for. You can't beat me."Bakura said..

Ryou shook his head.

"As long as I can fight I will.".He said.

"I killed everyone you care for. Your wife, your daughter, your parents and your sister. There's no reason to fight."Bakura laughed.

"You haven't killed my daughter, not yet!"Ryou bristled.

Amane was shaking with rage as Y.M and Bakura both laughed. Ryou put his hands together and tried in vain to call upon the power he had tapped into only minutes before. He could not, for some reason, summon the power though.

"Enough."Bakura said "I'm going to end this once and for all. Shadows come forth!".

The cave was becoming darker and darker with each passing second. White mage yelped as he ran into Change of heart.

"Is someone afraid of the dark?"She said.

"No I'm not!"He protested.

"Not the time to argue guys!"Amane said.

"Ryou do something!"Dark magician girl yelled.

"I'm trying!"He called back "But it's not working.".

"Uncle Ryou!"Jaden panicked.

"Yap!"Yumi barked.

Y.M laughed manically as he held a knife to Jaden's neck.

"Make one move and the boy dies!"He cackled.

"Hang on Jaden!"Ryou called.

"Shadows attack!"Bakura said.

Ryou heard wind whistling besides him and only had time to turn before he felt pain explode in his right shoulder. A shadow had pierced his arm and he gasped in shock. He heard blood splattering against the rock behind him. Slowly drops of it dripped on the floor creating an unsettling rhythmic sound. He tried summoning light again but a second shadow pierced his leg and made him crumple to the cold blood splattered floor. He pulled himself to his knees and listened for the attacking shadows. Suddenly a loud growl issued from Yumi and Y.M let out a angry shout.

"Get off me!"He snapped.

"Yumi no!"Jaden said.

"Quiet!"Y.M snapped at him.

A thud and a yip sounded followed by a crunching sound. Y.M had kicked Yumi into the cave wall.

Ryou concentrated as hard as he could as he heard a scuffling coming from a few feet away.

"Get away!"Jaden shouted.

His yelp of pain came a moment latter, when he was stabbed in the leg. Ryou suspected so when he heard Jaden stumble. This infuriated him even more and he focused harder to summon light. Jaden had fallen silent and so had everyone else. He didn't even know if the duel spirits and Amane were ok. Shadows zoomed by piercing him and cutting him as they went, but he ignored them.

"You will not harm anyone else!"He snapped at the darkness.

He heard Bakura laugh and that was it. He had had enough. With a grunt of effort, he unleashed the power that would not come before. It started as a small light, but it grew brighter and brighter by the second. Bakura stopped laughing and looked at him as did Y.M as the light began to overtake the shadows. Bakura grunted as he attempted to force the shadows back at Ryou. It was a futile attempt, however, because the light only grew brighter. Jaden, White mage, Dark magician girl, Change of heart and Amane shielded their eyes and looked on in wonder as Bakura and Ryou fought a battle, light against darkness. Slowly the shadows started to recede. Ryou knew he couldn't keep it up much longer and hoped he could finish it before Bakura could make another move. The shadows burned completely and the light touched Bakura. He yelled as it burned him. Then everyone stared in shock as he began to glow and fade away, his yells echoing around the cave. With a final shout, he faded completely and the light faded away. The millennium ring clattered to the floor of the cave. Ryou glowed slightly as he became human again.

"Ryou!"Amane rushed over to him.

Y.M had escaped when he had seen Bakura losing so all danger was gone. Unfortunately, the damage remained. Ryou sat up looking around wearily. His shoulder was bleeding profusely as well as his leg and a few spots on his stomach. He was also covered in scrapes. Amane helped him sit against the wall so she could examine his injuries. She smiled worriedly at him.

"You did it!"She said.

He looked around at the people that remained in the cave.

"Is everyone ok?"He asked, coughing up blood.

Yami was still bound to Jaden and unconscious, the wound in his shoulder still bleeding heavily while Jaden was still conscious but had a stab wound on his leg and some minor scrapes. Yumi lay near the far wall out cold with some minor scrapes, but Masika was the worst of all. The front of her shirt was covered in blood and she was out cold.

"Don't worry!"Amane said.

Ryou tried to stand. She pushed him back down.

"White mage? Change of heart?"She said "Go get Yugi and the others.".

"Yes mam."They rushed off.

"Hang on."Amane said "Helps on the way.".

"The ring..."Ryou said.

She picked it up of the bloodstained floor and handed it to him. A moment of silence passed.

"He's trapped inside."Ryou spoke.

"He's not dead?"She asked.

"Only trapped."He said.

Yami stirred slightly and let out a moan of pain.

"Ow!"He said as he slowly sat up "What happened here...".

His eyes widened as he looked around.

"Ryou..."He said "What happened? How long was I out?".

"I'll exclaim everything when help arrives."Ryou said panicked.

How much longer could Masika last?

"Where's-"Yami said.

"Y.M escaped. Bakura's trapped in here."He held up the ring.

He leaned over and coughed up more blood.

"Over here!"A shout came from outside. Amane and Yami looked up as Yugi ran in followed by Tea, Odion and Marik.

White mage and Change of heart entered after them. They paused to look around.

"No time to exclaim!"Amane said "They need help right now!".

Yugi nodded as he helped his son upright while Tea helped Yami. Marik supported Ryou and Odion scooped up Masika.

"What about Yumi?"Tea asked.

"I'll carry him."A voice said.

"Shadi..."Yugi said as the Egyptian entered.

He picked him up and everyone proceeded to the house. Amane, Dark magician girl, White mage and Change of heart followed. Ryou held the ring up for Yugi to see.

"He's...He's trapped in here."He said.

"Permanently?"Yugi asked.

"I don't know. He can't get out though."Ryou said as spat blood into the grass.

"Don't strain yourself!"Tea chided.

As they approached the house, Amane and the duel spirits stopped.

"We'd like to stay with you until you get better, but we have to go back now."She said.

"Will we ever see you again?"Ryou wondered.

"Maybe. I'll miss you guys."She smiled.

"We'll miss you too."Ryou smiled back "And thank you fro the help.".

"Goodbye brother."Amane hugged him the best she could.

"Goodbye Amane."He said.

"What are we? Chop liver?"White mage snapped.

"He already said he was going to miss us."Change of heart said.

"I'll miss you guys too."Ryou said.

Dark magician girl smiled.

With that, they faded away.

"I've called an ambulance."Marik came back out.

"That girl..."Yugi asked Ryou.

"That was my sister."He said.

He looked panicked again as he glanced at Masika. Jaden was out cold now too.

"We have to hurry."He said.

Tea and Odion nodded in agreement along with Yugi and Marik. The ambulance soon pulled up and took them to the hospital.


It had been a month sense the incident in the cave. Everyone was feeling better now and the kids were back at school and living in the city. The only person who was slightly unhappy was Yami. He had hoped that Yumi would stop talking the second he helped him accomplish his task, but it was not to be. The sky blue dog was still speaking English when Yami emerged from the hospital, much to the mans dismay. They had searched the woods and hadn't found any signs of Y.M so they let him go, telling Marik and Odion to be careful. When Masika had awoken in the hospital, she was scolded by Shadi for not heading his warning and embraced by her father for being brave. She had also received the ring back. Shadi had thought it would be ok for her to guard it. Everything was going well. Masika walked down the road with Jaden in the dying light.

"Do you think he'll stay trapped forever?"He asked.

She shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe he will."She said.

"What if he doesn't?"Jaden asked.

"I don't know."She replied.

Silence reined between them for a few moments.

"Well I guess were back were we started."Jaden said.

She looked at him quizzically.

"We were walking home on an evening just like this before this whole fiasco and here we are again, about to go are separate ways."He smiled.

"Your right. It's almost like it never happened."Masika said.

"But it did."Jaden said.

"Goodnight."She turned to leave.

"Bye."Jaden started walking away.

Masika had an uneasy feeling as she walked away. She just knew Jaden was wrong. She didn't know how, but she knew. Bakura couldn't be destroyed this easily and if he came back, what next? This was her last thought as she walked toward home in the darkening Domino city.


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