Delaney's POV

I stepped on the platform. I was a witch and I was going to the famous wizarding school Hogwarts. I read about it in Hogwarts: A History. Anyone lost, if so I'll introduce myself before I continue.

I'm Delaney, I'm eleven, with bright hazel/green eyes, wavy brownish blonde hair, glasses. I can be shy when you first meet me but once you get to know me I'm pretty outgoing and chatty, I'm a pretty good listener whenever someone has a problem they can come to me, I'm sensitive, sweet, I can be sarcastic sometimes. I'm clumsy too.

Now that you guys are caught up, I'll continue the story now.

"We better hurry, mum!" I said pulling my mum by the hand excitedly.

"She obviously got your over eagerness." My dad laughed.

We reached the train.

"I'll miss you," my mum said hugging me.

"I'll miss you too,"

My dad gave me a hug and kissed my forehead. I boarded the train and searched for a compartment to sit in. I found one a few minutes later.

"Mind if I sit?" I asked the only other occupant.

"Sure." A familiar voice said.

I looked over to see my childhood friend Harry. I hadn't seen him since his aunt and uncle found out I was magic and that was about four years ago. He looked up at me his bright emerald green eyes meeting mine for the first time.

"Delaney?" he asked.

"Hi Harry." I smiled.

"It's really nice to see you."

"You too." I said sitting down next to him.

It was silent for a couple minutes until a head of red hair popped in.

"Everywhere else is full, you mind?" he asked.

"Not at all." Harry said.

He sat down and said "I'm Ron Weasley."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Harry and this is my friend Delaney."

"You're Harry Potter."

I knew Harry was famous but I didn't really care. My mum knew his parents she was actually really close with his mum Lily. They said they would raise their children together that didn't start happening until they died and it only lasted until we were about seven.

"Have you guys seen a toad, a boy named Neville has lost one?" A girl with bushy brown hair asked.

We shook our heads.

"Oh, you're about to do magic, go ahead then."

Ron did the spell but it didn't work.

"Are you sure that's a real spell?" she asked.

The boys didn't reply.

"Holy Cricket, you're Harry Potter!, I'm Hermione Granger and you are?" she asked Ron

"Ron Weasley." Ron said stuffing his face.

"How about you?" she asked me.

"I'm Delaney Kinkle."

"Kinkle, that name sounds familiar are you related to a Harvey?"

"He's my dad, how did you know that?"

"My dad is your dad's dentist."

"Oh, I think I remember my dad telling me that his dentist had a daughter my age. I don't know why never met."

We continued talking. Hermione was a bit of a know it all but I could be a know it all sometimes. We reached the train station.

"Is this your owl, Harry?" I asked admiring a snowy white owl.

"Yes, her name is Hedwig."

"She's beautiful."

"Thanks, you can borrow her anytime you want."


"First years!" a booming voice called.

We followed the man on to the boats to the castle.

"There it is." Hermione said pointing at the castle.

I looked up in amazement. There was a majestic castle. The boats docked at the pier. We all filed off the boats and walked into the castle.