Hey love,

Everything is in full swing here. Aislinn was sorted in Gryffindor. Gracie was sorted into Hufflepuff. Lily surprise surprise was sorted into Ravenclaw as were the Scamander twins. Alex was sorted into Gryffindor. Katie was a hat stall between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor like Teddy and she chose Hufflepuff. Scorpius was sorted into Gryffindor. Fiona was also sorted into Gryffindor.

Love you,


I opened the next letter this one was from Ty.

Hi mum,

I miss you. I'm so proud of my little sisters for being in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Cousin Lily was sorted into Ravenclaw with the Scamander twins. Cousin Alex was sorted into Gryffindor. That's no surprise. Cousin Katie was sorted into Hufflepuff. Scorpius was sorted in Gryffindor.

Love you,

The last letter was from the girls

Hi mum,

We're so glad we were sorted into Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Cousin Lily was a Ravenclaw as are the Scamander twins. Cousin Alex is a Gryffindor. Cousin Katie was sorted into Hufflepuff. Scorpius was sorted in Gryffindor.

Love you,

Aislinn and Grace

I wrote them back. The day continued. I was visiting Malcolm aka Michaela's brother who was a fellow Auror and had gotten injured a few days ago.
"Well, I should go." I told her.
I left the room. As I walking out of the ward, I ran into Hermione.
"Hey Mione."
"Oh, hi Delaney."
"What are you doing here?"
"I was visiting one of my clients."

Hermione was a prominent lawyer in the Wizarding community.

"So, what are you doing here?"
"Visiting a friend of mine who got hurt."
"Mrs. Longbottom?" A redheaded healer asked.
"I have something to tell you about your in-laws."
My breath hitched in my throat.
"They've been cured."
I blinked in surprise.
"You're telling her that her husband's parents that have been here since her husband was a year old were cured." Hermione said.
"Yes, they are."
"Okay, where are they now?" I asked still in shock.
"I'll take you two their room."
"I should go, this is a family thing."
"No, you can come too I want someone to share this happy moment with me."
She led Hermione and I to a different room and there were my in-laws.
"You have visitors Alice and Frank."
They looked up.
"Hello, I'm Delaney."
Alice smiled and asked "You're my son Neville's wife, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am" I smiled.
"I knew Neville would find a girl like you."
I smiled.
"Where's Neville?"
"He teaches at Herbology at Hogwarts."
"Oh, that's great."
I smiled and said "This is one of my best friends, Hermione Potter."
"Any relation to James Potter?"
"I'm married to his son, Harry, so I would be his daughter in law."
"So, do you have any children?" Frank asked me.
"Yes, we have three a son named Tyler Frank who is a third year Gryffindor."
"You named your son after me?" Frank asked.
"Yeah, we did." I smiled at my father-in-law.
"What about our two other grandchildren?"
"Twin girls named Aislinn Sage and Grace Diana who were just sorted into Gryffindor and Hufflepuff."
"We couldn't be more proud."
"Me either."
"What house were you in?"
"I don't find that surprising that our son ended up with a Hufflepuff." Frank said.
"Why, Mr. Longbottom?"
"Call me Frank or dad." he told me before he continued "I guess the Longbottom men have a thing for Hufflepuff girls." Frank smiled at Alice and she blushed.
"Yeah, we actually got compared to you two in our fifth year."
"You did?"
"Yeah, we were in McGonagall's office and she compared us to you two."
"Why were you in McGonagall's office?" Hermione asked she had never heard this story over the years. I'm surprised.
"It was just after the start of the second term of fifth year which was a month after , I saw Malfoy bullying Neville and I stepped in."
"Did you think about what would happen before you stepped in?"
"I considered the consequences but I stepped in anyway."
"You're more like Harry than I thought." Hermione laughed.
"So, I threatened to punch or hex Malfoy but I didn't end up doing anything since McGonagall and Sprout took us to her office and we were compared to you two."
"How about you Hermione, how many kids do you and Harry have?"
"James Stephan, who is a third year Gryffindor, Twins Alexander Sirius who is a Gryffindor and Lily Sabrina who is a Ravenclaw."
"That's my mum's name who is also Harry's godmother."
"Sabrina Spellman?" Alice asked.
"Yes but it's Kinkle."
Alice nodded and said "Was she in Hufflepuff too?"
"I think I remember her she was about two years below me."
"How long have you and Neville been together?" Frank asked
"Since our fifth year," I smiled.
"That's a long time,"
"Yeah, I still love him as much as I did when we first got together." I smiled.
"That's good,"
"How about you and Harry?" Alice asked Hermione.
"Seventh year."
"What do you guys do?"
"I'm an auror." I said
"I'm a lawyer." Hermione said.
We continued talking. I invited them to go visit Neville, Ty, Aislinn and Grace at Hogwarts in a few days. They were excited. Hermione and I left.
"Wow, I can't believe that was real."
"I know."
"Neville's going to be so happy."
"Yeah, he is, I was supposed to meet Harry for dinner you want to come along?"
"I don't want to intrude on your date, Hermione."
"It's not a date and I'm sure Harry would love to see you."
Hermione and I apparated to a restaurant.
"Hey love." Harry greeted greeting Hermione with a kiss
"Hey Harry."
"Oh, hi Delaney."
"Hey Harry." I said greeting my god brother
He greeted me with a quick hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek.
"I hope it's okay that I'm here"
"Of course."
We sat down.
"So, where did you run into each other."
"St. Mungos, I was visiting Malcolm and Hermione was visiting one of her clients."
"I have some great news though."
"I know that Neville should know first but that went out the door since Hermione knows too."
"You're having another baby?" Harry guessed.
"I would know if you got a promotion, that's not it."
"Can you stop guessing, Harry." I laughed.
"Neville's parents are cured."
"You're kidding?"
"I was surprised too."
"Neville is going to be so happy."
"I know."
The day continued. It was now the day I was picking up Alice and Frank. I picked my in-laws up.
"So, I guess Neville gave you that necklace?"
"Yeah, he gave me it in for my 15th birthday." I smiled fiddling with the necklace.
"That's sweet."
We apparated to Hogsmeade.
"It looks the same." Frank said.
We walked to Hogwarts and walked to the Great Hall. I saw Neville sitting on the far side of the room. I sauntered over to him.
"Hey handsome." I smiled kissing his cheek.
"Hey love, what are you doing here?" he joked.
"You don't remember that I was coming?" I laughed crossing my arms in mock anger.
"I would never forget that my beautiful wife is coming to visit."
"I thought so." I laughed.
He got up and greeted me with a quick kiss.
"You have a beautiful family son." Frank said stepping forward.
"Mum, dad?" Neville asked confused.
"Yes, its us Neville." Alice said.
I could tell he was holding back tears but the minute he hugged his mum he became a blubbering mess like he did when he first told me about his parents back in fifth year. I decided to leave them alone and find Tyler, Aislinn and Grace.
"Mum?" Tyler asked.
"Hey Ty." I smiled.
"Is everything okay?" she asked.
"Yes, do you know what class your sisters are in?"
"I'm pretty sure Aislinn is in Charms and Gracie is in Transfiguration."
I nodded and before I could leave James walked up to Tyler and me.
"Hi Aunt Delaney." James said
"Hi James." I smiled.
"You sure everything is okay, mum?"
"Yes, will you please wait for me while I go fetch Grace and Asilinn."
I walked away from James and Tyler. I walked to the Charm's class and knocked.
"Come in" Professor Flitwick squeaked.
I walked in.
"Oh, hello Mrs. Longbottom."
"Hi professor."
"Mum!" Aislinn exclaimed.
"Would you like to teach the rest of the lesson, we're learning Wingardium Levoisa?"
I started to teach the lesson. I scanned the classroom. Alex was paired with Grace. Scorpius was paired with Fiona. Lily was paired with Lorcan and Lysander was paired with Jane Thomas, Dean and Parvati's daughter. Aislinn was paired with Heather Boot, Padma and Terry's daughter. A few minutes later, Lily's feather flew up.
"Good job, Lil!" I heard Lorcan say
I saw her blush a bit. I noticed that both girls had gotten my talent in Charms. Class ended.
"You did great, Mrs. Longbottom."
I walked out of the classroom.
"Mum!" Aislinn yelled running over to me.
"Hi Aislinn."
I walked away with Aislinn towards the Transfiguration classroom. I knocked.
"Come in."
I walked in.
"Mum!" Gracie exclaimed.
"Aunt Delaney!" Katie exclaimed.
"I should've known." a familiar voice said.
I turned to see Susan.
"Am I interrupting an important lesson?"
"We're just about finished, actually."
"I'll wait."
"Class dismissed."
The class filed out.
"We should catch up."
"Yeah we should."
"Mum!" Gracie yelled running over to me.
"Aunt Delaney!"
I hugged my girls.
"Is something wrong, mum?" Gracie asked.
We walked up to meet up with Ty.
"So, can James come too?" Ty asked.
"If he wants to."
"Can I come too?" Katie said using her puppy dogs eyes on me.
I had a hard time saying no to my god daughter and my god brother's oldest so I had no problem with it.
"I'll come." James said.
"Me too." Katie said.
Ty, Asilinn, Grace and I walked back to the Great Hall. Neville was happily talking with his mum.
"Hey everyone!" I greeted.
"Alice and Frank these are your grandchildren Tyler Frank, Aislinn Sage and Grace Diana. "
"Grandmum, Granddad?" They asked in unison.
"And this is Katie Lupin and James Potter."
I sat next to Neville.
"So, you chose a wonderful girl for your wife," Alice said.
"I know, I did mum." Neville smiled taking my hand
"When did you know you liked her?"
"I think the moment she undid the jinx that Malfoy put on me way back our 1st year." Neville smiled again.
"That's sweet,"
We decided to leave the grandkids and their friends to get to know their grandparents and more about their grandparents and father and walk around the castle.
"I've never seen you so happy, it looks so good on you."
"How can I not be happy, I have my amazing and beautiful wife of sixteen years here with me, my wonderful family and my mum and are finally cured, I finally feel complete I mean it's not that I didn't feel complete before."
"I get what you mean, Nev." I smiled.
He didn't reply he just pulled me into a kiss. It got slightly more passionate than it usually did in public.
"Oi!" a familiar voice said.
We pulled apart to see Teddy.
"Man, Teddy you're as bad as your godfather." I laughed.
"What can I say, I learned from the best."
Victoire walked up to him and said "Oh, stop giving them such a hard time."
"You're no fun, Vic." Teddy whined.
"It's nice to see you again, Mrs. Longbottom." Victoire greeted me.
"You too, Victoire."
They walked away.
"Well, that was awkward."
"It sure was."
We continued walking around.
"Did I tell you I was made Head of Gryffindor?"
"No you didn't, that's great."
"I know."
"You know when I went to go get Aislinn and Grace from class I taught the rest of the lesson."
"That was nice of Professor Flitwick."
"Lily was paired with Lorcan, I sense they may have crushes on each other."
"I noticed that too in Herbology."
"Your dad said that the Longbottom men have a thing for Hufflepuff girls."
"It was true for them and us."
"What about Tyler?"
"Yes, he seems to have a thing for Matilda Finch-Fletchley, Justin and Hannah's daughter who just happens to be a 3rd year Hufflepuff."
"He's just a third year."
"Well, that's when I started developing a thing for you even though I didn't realize it until fourth year and you know that's why I had Seamus ask you to the Yule Ball for me."
"I know."
"I think James also seems to have a thing for a very smart muggle born named Mariana Jacobs."
"Another son who is just like his father."
We walked back to the Great Hall. Tyler and James were happily chatting away with Alice. Aislinn, Grace and Katie seemed to hanging on Frank's every word. Neville and I watched fondly. It couldn't get better than this. The day continued. All was definitely well.

The End