Summary: When Joyce Summers nee Halliwell (Patty Halliwell's younger sister) dies her daughter, Buffy, is sent to live with cousins that Buffy never knew existed. Together they will become the most powerful witches the world has ever seen.

Pairings: Prue/Andy, Piper/Dan, Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Richard, Paige/Henry. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Dawn (yes Buffy's final pairing is an incest pairing, if you don't like that I would advise that you don't read this story)

A/U: From the beginning as the start of this story takes place in season 1 of both series. That said Charmed's timeline is set forward about two years to line up. That said canon birth dates for everyone are the same, so all Charmed characters are about two years younger than they were in canon. Buffy characters are the same age they were in canon. Which means that Buffy is four years younger than Paige. Also Joyce is the younger sister of Patty. They too have their canon birth dates. Patty's was 1950 with Joyce's being 1958.

Disclaimer: Charmed is owned by CBS and Buffy is owned by Disney.

Special thanks to BuffyL for providing several scripts (part of season 5 and of seasons 6, 7 and 8 of Charmed) that I was missing to do this and other Charmed stories.

Author's Note - May 22, 2022: I have been rewriting some chapters. Which means unless I want to go and edit chapter numbers for over 160 chapters (at current) there will be some chapters, such as this one that are going to be extremely long. And I don't really want to upload a rewrite of this story, if it were shorter, like with Stargate: Valkyrie when I started it's rewrite, I would do that, but at over 160 chapters that would be quite an undertaking. So I will just re-upload long chapters to this story, my apologies.

Chapter 1: Something Wicca This Way Comes

February 24, 1997 - Monday

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

Joyce Summers walked through the apartment she and her daughter, Buffy, lived in carrying a tray of food and water for their cat. As she walked into her kitchen, thunder could be heard accompanying the sound of rain outside.

"Come on, Kit," she called softly as she set the tray down. Almost immediately the cat meowed and ran to the food. "Good girl," she finished. She petted the cat and slowly stood up, careful not to step on her long dark blue dress. She walked into an adjoining room holding a silver goblet in her hands. She knelt before the altar she had set up after Buffy went out to the movies with some friends. Tonight, was the perfect time for her to summon her sister, as she needed advice.

Joyce began light the candles, focusing on the task completely and lighting them with just the touch of her finger.

Outside the apartment a figure wearing a long black cloak climbed down a ladder. The heavy rain no doubt muffling the sounds of his approach.

Inside Joyce sat back just as lightening flashed in the window and thunder rolled in the distance. "Hear these words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide," she chanted.

The dark figure entered the house through the kitchen effectively scaring the cat out of the room. It approached her quietly and just as she finished the chant she spun around in panic. She sighed in relief upon recognizing the intruder, a co-worker from the gallery she worked at.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. Then her look of relief changed to horror as he pulled a knife from behind his back and rammed it through her stomach.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

"God. I'm so late! Prue is going to be pissed," Piper Halliwell thought as she ran down the block towards the old Victorian manor that she shared with her sister. She inwardly cursed at her situation; here she was having to run through a storm wearing a dress and high heels with only a light rain jacket, and a small umbrella. On top of that she had a sure-to-be very angry older sister waiting to jump down her throat the very moment she stepped foot in the door. "I didn't even get the job yet…" she thought as she ran up the steps. As she reached the front door she lowered and closed her umbrella while reaching for the door handle. She took a deep breath.

"Here we go," she whispered and opened the door. She squeezed in, quickly shutting the door behind, leaving the cold rain outside. "Prue?" Piper called as she hung up her umbrella and jacket.

"In here working on the chandelier," came the response from her older sister, Prue.

With a slight nod to herself, Piper sat her bags down next to the door and subconsciously pushed her damp shoulder-length brown hair away from her face. She noticed the grandfather clock against the wall read: 7:30. "Sorry I'm late," she apologized after finally gathering her courage enough to face Prue.

"What else is new?" Prue muttered exasperated without looking at Piper. At hearing Piper's approach, she turned around to face her. "I would have been here to meet the electrician myself, but you know I can't leave the museum 'til six. I haven't even had time to change."

It was true. Prue was still wearing the short light blue work dress that she'd worn for work. Upon hearing that Piper wouldn't be home to meet the electrician she had hastened to leave work (much to her bosses' disappointment) to meet with him. Unfortunately, by the time she arrived the electrician had gone and they were left with the still broken chandelier, not a step closer to fixing the antique sighed as she looked at Prue and noticed her sister was still in her grey dress that she wore to work today.

Piper looked Prue over a little more closely. "Must have been a bad day. She's not usually this frustrated," She thought. She instantly felt guilty at adding any more trouble on Prue's shoulders. "I… I just didn't realize how long I was in Chinatown," she continued to apologize until another thought popped into her head. "Did Jeremy call?" Piper smiled slightly at the thought of her fiancé.

Prue couldn't help but return her little sister's hopeful smile. "No, but he had some roses and a package delivered." She pointed toward the dining room and began leading the way to where she'd placed them.

"For me?" Piper asked excitedly running after her older sister to the table in the dining room.

"No, for me," Prue joked, casting an amused smile towards Piper.

Piper sent a playful glare at Prue and moved her roses farther down the table so she could open the package.

"Anyways, what were you doing in Chinatown? I thought you had an interview in North Beach…" Prue asked curiously. Her pale blue-grey eyes looked around Piper at the package she was attempting to open.

"I did, but I went to Young Lee market after my interview to get the ingredients for my audition recipe tomorrow," Piper explained glaring at the package that refused to open for her.

Prue rolled her eyes and took the package from Piper, opening it with little effort. "So that Wolfgang-puck knockoff didn't hire you then?" she asked, handing the opened box back to Piper who was giving her a disconcerted look.

"Nooo… but this may just get me the job," Piper admitted while picking up the bottle of wine that had been wrapped in the mysterious package. She grinned at Prue's confused expression.

"Jeremy sent you port?" Prue finally asked, taking the bottle from Piper to read the label.

"It's the ultimate ingredient for my recipe," Piper explained in a teasing voice.

Prue just smiled and continued to read the label. "Sounds like a keeper," she admitted.

Piper took her wine from Prue and placed it carefully on the counter in order to have an excuse not to look at her sister. Her eyes focused on something behind Prue on the end table. "Oh my God! Is that our old spirit board? The one mom gave us?" she asked, hardly daring to believe it. She'd thought they'd lost that years ago.

"Yeah, I found it in the basement when I was looking for the circuit tester," Prue answered. She smiled at her sister's enthusiasm as well as the fond memories that the spirit board helped resurface.

Piper picked up spirit board and flipped it over where she remembered the inscription to be engraved. "To my three beautiful girls. May this give you the light to find the shadows. The power of three, will set you free. Love, Mom," She read with a smile. She looked toward Prue. "You know we never did figure out what this inscription meant."

"Well, we should send it to Phoebe. That girl is so in the dark maybe a bit of light will help," Prue suggested sarcastically.

Piper frowned slightly and looked back down at the spirit board. Did she dare say anything? "You always were so hard on her," she told Prue.

"Piper, the girl has no vision, no sense of the future," Prue insisted turning around to stare at Piper as if she couldn't believe Piper still stuck up for Phoebe after everything that had happened.

"I really think Phoebe's coming around," Piper tried again but just ended up looking down at her hands unable to match Prue's gaze.

"Well, as long as she doesn't come around here then I guess it's good news," Prue smiled and disappeared into an adjoining room. The creaking of the stairs shortly afterward followed Prue's ascendance up the stairs. Most probably to finally change out of her work dress.

Piper placed the spirit board back on the table and retreated into the kitchen to begin dinner.

As both sisters left the room the pointer began to move along the spirit board, unnoticed by the recipients of the manor.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

Buffy walked through the front door of the apartment, dropping her coat and her bag on the table by the door. "Mom?" she called out. "I'm home!"

She received no response from her mother. She knew he mother was home for she had seen the car downstairs parked in its usual spot. "Mom?" she called again as she made her way down the hall and into the living room. There she saw her mother lying on the floor in front of what looked like an altar.

"Mom?" Buffy called yet again as realization began to creep into her mind. "Mom? Mommy."

Halliwell Manor – San Francisco

Prue kept walking back and forth from the chandelier and the basement, trying to get the old light to finally work. Piper was sitting on the couch watching TV in the conservatory. Outside the horn of a car cut through the rain and the silence within the Manor, causing Piper to jump to her feet. "Oh please don't be Phoebe. Not Phoebe. Not Phoebe. I haven't told Prue yet," she thought to herself as she ran to the window and anxiously looked outside only to sigh in relief. There was no cab waiting in the driveway.

Piper turned and walked through the kitchen and into the basement where Prue was fiddling with the circuit tester. It was time to break the news.

"I don't get it. I have checked everything, there is no reason why the chandelier should not be working," Prue ranted, slamming the door to the circuit box shut. She was now dressed in much more comfortable clothing: gray sweatpants and a dark gray tank top. Prue glanced over toward Piper and narrowed her eyes slightly upon recognizing that Piper had something she wanted to share. From her hesitance Prue guessed it was something she wasn't going to like.

"You know how we've been talking about what to do with the spare room? I think your right. We do need a roommate," Piper spoke quickly, trying to act casual, though she failed miserably.

"What brought on this change of heart?" Prue asked.

"I…. just think it's actually a good idea. I mean for funds since I haven't got that job yet… and you need help with fixing up the house…. And… stuff," Piper stammered with a hesitant look at her older sister.

Prue was silent for a moment wondering whether she was going to protest needing any help. In the end she let it go and just suggested "We could rent out the room at a reduced rate in exchange for help around the house." She walked around her sister and entered the kitchen to put a few utensils back into the drawer.

Piper followed close behind. She took a deep breath. Here we go. "Phoebe's good with a wrench,"

"Well, Phoebe lives in New York," Prue shot down.

"Not anymore."

In response, Prue slammed the drawer shut. "What?" she snapped turning around to face Piper in disbelief.

Reluctantly Piper replied, "Phoebe left New York… She's moving back in with us."

"You have got to be kidding," Prue said as she turned her back on Piper and walked into the conservatory fuming.

"Well, I could hardly say no. It's her house too. Grams left it to all three of us," Piper countered, suddenly defensive. She trailed after Prue looking frustrated.

Prue spun around and responded, her voice a higher pitch from anger "Yeah, months ago and we haven't seen or heard from her since."

"Well, you haven't spoken to her, but I have."

"No I haven't… Look perhaps you've forgotten why I'm still mad at her," Prue snapped. She couldn't believe Piper of all the people would do this to her.

Piper instantly felt guilty but she still felt she was in the right. "Of course, I haven't! But Phoebe's lost her job and she's in debt. She had nowhere else to go!" she insisted, almost pleading with Prue to understand.

"And this is news?" Prue screamed back before taking a deep steadying breath. "How long have you known about this anyway?"

"Just a couple of days," Piper lied casually. Prue narrowed her eyes in disbelief. "Okay maybe a week," Piper tried again. "Or two," she finally answered truthfully looking down at the ground to avoid her sister's gaze.

"Wow, Piper, thanks for sharing! When does she arrive?" Prue asked, her gaze on Piper making sure she didn't lie this time.

Before Piper was able to answer the front door behind the two sisters opened and in rushed Phoebe, her brown hair cut short and damp from the rain. "Surprise! I found the hide-a-key," her voice rang through the tense atmosphere.

Piper glanced from Prue to see her baby sister. "Phoebe! Welcome home," she called running towards her, her arms outstretched for a hug.

"Hey, Piper!" Phoebe greeted walking into her middle sister's embrace.

During the short reunion Prue stayed back watching Phoebe and Piper closely. She very reluctantly turned to face Phoebe running a hand through her raven-colored hair.

"It's so good to see you," Piper welcomed and then looked back to Prue obviously expecting a greeting for Phoebe from her. With no response forthcoming she prompted "Isn't it Prue?"

"I'm speechless," Prue replied offering a fake smile and obviously still annoyed.

Outside the cab car's horn beeped ending the tense silence. "Oops… I forgot the cab," Phoebe muttered turning around to do something about it.

Piper grabbed her arm to stop her. "I'll get it," she offered grabbing Prue's purse from off the end table and heading out the door.

"Piper! That's my purse," Prue called after her middle sister. Piper turned around and gave Prue a pleading look. With a sigh Prue just waved her arm in an annoyed fashion giving her permission to use her purse. The door shut as Piper ran outside leaving another tense silence in its wake.

"Thanks… I'll pay you back," Phoebe offered.

Prue gave an unconvinced nod and looked down at her one suitcase. "Is that all that you brought?"

Phoebe looked down at it as well. "That's all that I own. That and a bike," she answered. Again silence. "Look, I know that you don't want me here…" Phoebe began but was interrupted by Prue.

"We're not selling Grams' house." Prue stepped closer as she spoke to accentuate her point.

An annoyed looked flashed across Phoebe's face. "Is that why you think I came back?"

"Look, the only reason we gave up our apartment and moved back here was because this house has been in the family for generations," Prue explained.

"Look no history lesson needed. I grew up here too so can we just talk about what's really bothering you?" Phoebe asked her annoyance quickly turning into anger as it always did around Prue.

"No, I'm still furious with you," Prue answered her arms crossed.

"So you'd rather have a tense reunion filled with boring chitchat and unimportant small talk?" Phoebe pressed sarcastically with a roll of her chocolate brown eyes.

"No, but otherwise we won't have anything to talk about," Prue retorted carefully keeping her voice from rising as her anger grew.

Phoebe smiled and nodded slightly to herself having expected this. Fine. "I never touched Roger," she said taking the offensive.

"Whoa." Prue gasped, stiffening at the mention of her ex's name. She hadn't expected Phoebe to have the nerve to bring him up already.

Phoebe saw all the clues but pushed on anyways, she just wanted to move forward. "I know you think otherwise because that's what that Armani-wearing, Chardonnay-slugging, trust-funder told you but…." she began, but was interrupted as Piper came back into the house.

"Hey! I have a great idea! Why don't I make a fabulous reunion dinner," Piper interrupted, looking excitedly from one sister to the next.

"I'm not hungry" Prue replied turning around heading towards the conservatory.

"Me either," Phoebe agreed taking up her suitcase and heading towards the.

Piper watched her sisters disappear their separate ways. "Alright… we'll try the group hug later," she said to herself and after a deep sigh she headed into the kitchen.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

Martin Riggs was driving his police car toward the home of the latest murder. Over an hour ago, his partner, Roger Murtaugh, had called and told him a woman had been stabbed. This was the fourth woman to be killed in a short time frame and the police were no closer to figuring out who was behind it. Riggs pulled into the parking lot of the apartments that the victim had lived in. He quickly shut off his car and stepped into the heavy rain. As he traversed around the police, paramedics, and bystanders he pulled out his badge and flashed it to the officer prohibiting the curious bystanders from entering.

Murtaugh was waiting for him at the door of the apartment. "Well, it's about time," he called, checking his watch as soon as he caught sight of his partner.

"I got here as soon as I heard…" That was kind of a lie but he continued before Murtaugh could point that out. "… Another dead female, right? " He guessed and then started to push past Murtaugh into the house.

"I've been paging you for over an hour, Riggs. Where have you been?" Murtaugh demanded while pushing open the door and leading Riggs through the maze of people. He knew his partner was a good cop and wouldn't have put his arrival off without a sound reason. However, sometimes it seemed his partner was a bit too independent in his investigations.

"Checking out a lead," Riggs replied, purposely leaving out the details. He pushed his damp hair away from his eyes and avoided looking at Murtaugh.

"What lead?" Murtaugh pressed, unwilling to let Riggs avoid the question that easily.

Riggs sighed realizing he was going to have to be more specific. He turned around to face Murtaugh. "One that didn't go anywhere," he answered, glancing at his watch in frustration. While they were here talking some creep was out there killing women. For all they knew he could be picking out his next victim at this moment.

"You're avoiding my question," Murtaugh pointed out moving farther into the apartment, his partner following.

"Because you don't want to know that I went to an occult shop," Riggs finally gave in.

Murtaugh turned to look back at Riggs in surprise. He laughed in disbelief. "You hate me, don't you? You wanna see me suffer." He accused. He turned away and proceeded to the woman's body.

"I wanna solve these murders. Someone's after witches," Riggs insisted.

"Women," Darryl countered.

"That woman up there. I bet she was killed with an athame," Riggs guessed. So far all of the victims had been killed with one and it was a tool used by witches which backed his theory.

"Wrong. Double-edged steel knife," Murtaugh replied turning to face Riggs with a look of triumph.

Riggs just grinned. "Right. That's an athame," he countered. He watched in satisfaction as Darryl's face fell. "It's a ceremonial tool. Witches use them to direct energy," he explained, looking around to see if anyone was listening to them.

"That woman didn't direct jack. She was stabbed. Plain and simple," Murtaugh retorted, refusing to give in to his partner's logic.

Riggs had determined that no one was paying them any attention but lowered his voice just in case. "Was she found near an altar?"

"By her daughter, yes," Murtaugh replied.

"Were there carvings on that altar?" Riggs pressed, smiling as he realized Murtaugh was trapped.

Murtaugh rolled his eyes as he realized that what Riggs was implying almost made sense. Almost being the key word. "Look. Just do me a favor. Don't ever follow a lead without checking with me first."

"You want to go to occult shops?" Riggs joked, grinning at his partner's reaction to being cornered.

Murtaugh laughed at Riggs' joke. "Get to work, okay," he ordered, turning around and walking into the room where the victim's body was.

Riggs began to follow still smiling to himself at his small victory until a voice called out behind him. "Sir?"

Riggs turned and saw a blonde girl standing in a doorway that looked like it led to the girl's bedroom. "This must be the daughter," he thought as he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks..

"Hello, miss," Riggs said. "What's your name?"

"Buffy," Buffy answered. "Buffy Anne Summers. Are you going to catch who did this to my mom?"

"We're going to try," Riggs said. "Do you have someone you can call?"

"My dad is on his way over."

Detective Riggs looked at the young woman and nodded. Till her father arrived he was going to station a police officer outside the apartment to make sure whoever came after the girl's mother wouldn't return for her.

Halliwell Manor – San Francisco

Phoebe entered her old room and threw her suitcase in the floor in frustration. She immediately went to the old TV and turned it on for no other reason than to have something to do. Ugh… Soap Opera. Nope… Sports. No. News. It'll do. She pulled off her jacket and set it down on the dresser before walking up to her mirror and messing with her makeup. Over the noise of the television she heard a knock on her door.

"It's me," Piper's voice carried through the wooden door.

Phoebe was silent for a moment wondering whether she should just tell Piper to go away, but decided she could use the company. "Come in," she called over the TV. Piper opened the door and entered carrying a tray of food. Phoebe turned away from the mirror and smiled in greeting. Her smile widened as she saw the food. "Thank god. I'm starving," she said lying down on her bed as Piper set the food down on the dresser within reach of Phoebe.

"I figured," Piper laughed and glanced over at the TV. "Hey! That's my boyfriend, Jeremy," she exclaimed with a smile at the thought of him. Suddenly she frowned seeing the ambulances and police in the background. "What happened?" she asked Phoebe.

"Oh, some woman in Los Angeles got whacked," Phoebe answered nonchalantly grabbing at some food from the tray.

"Whacked?" Piper asked giving Phoebe a disapproving look at her new diction. "Phoebe, you've been in New York way too long," she told her sitting down on the edge of Phoebe's bed.

Phoebe suddenly frowned and looked away from Piper. "Yeah… I should have stayed," she lamented and then narrowed her eyes slightly. "Why didn't you tell her I was coming back?"

"And risk Prue changing the locks? I don't think so," Piper countered with a roll of her eyes. "Besides you should have been the one to tell her, not me." Piper grabbed the remote and switched off the TV.

"Good point. It's just so hard for me to talk to Prue. She's always been more like a mother," Phoebe confessed playing with the food on the tray.

"That's not her fault. I mean she practically had to sacrifice…"

"… her own childhood…" Phoebe joined in, obviously having heard this before.

Piper frowned giving Phoebe a disapproving look before finishing "…to help raise us," she insisted suddenly defensive of her eldest sister. Phoebe seemed to realize she might have gone too far with Piper and went silent. "Hey, you and I were lucky. All we had to do was be there," Piper continued trying to make her younger sister at least a little grateful for Prue's sacrifice. Phoebe never seemed to realize how much Prue had to sacrifice for them.

"Yeah, well I don't need a mom anymore. I need a sister," Phoebe countered rolling her eyes.

There was another knock on the open door. Both sisters looked around to see Prue holding a couple blankets. "Hey. This was always the coldest room in the house," Prue stated placing the blankets on a chair beside the door.

"Thanks," Phoebe offered. Prue gave a slight nod and headed down the hall.

It was at that moment they heard the phone ring downstairs. "I'll get it," Piper said as she rushed out of the room and downstairs. "Halliwell Residence," she greeted when she answered.

"Is this Prue Halliwell?"

"No this her sister, Piper Halliwell," Piper answered wondering who was calling for Prue. "Can I ask what this is in reference to?"

"You may not remember me. Before your Aunt Joyce and I got divorced I was your Uncle Hank."

Piper took a moment as she tried to place the name. Then she remember Hank Summers was her Aunt Joyce's husband. "I remember you," she said. "It's been awhile, we haven't seen either of you in a few years."

"It has been awhile, I will agree. The reason I am calling is because Joyce passed away earlier this evening."

"Oh no," said Piper shocked at the reveal.

"Her funeral will be tomorrow."

"Thank you for letting us know," said Piper before ending the call. "Prue! Phoebe!" Prue and Phoebe came from different parts of the Manor. "You guys remember Aunt Joyce, right?"

"Yeah, why?" Prue asked.

Piper sighed. "That was her husband Hank on the phone. Aunt Joyce passed away earlier this evening. He called to let us know the funeral is tomorrow."

"Where and when?" Phoebe wondered.

"Evergreen Memorial Park in Los Angeles, at five in the afternoon," answered Piper.

"We'll go," Prue said.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

Hank Summers had come long enough to call some of her mom's friends and let them know about the funeral before leaving to get dinner. Buffy wondered how he had managed to get the funeral so quick. What worried her more than the quick funeral was what her mother was doing. She walked into the living room and looked around. Some things were missing such as the altar, because the police thought they might be useful in their investigation. What they hadn't taken was the chest that they had used as a coffee table.

"What were you doing, mom?" Buffy wondered as she looked at the chest.

Halliwell Manor – San Francisco

Piper and Phoebe were sitting at a table in the solarium playing with the spirit board. Prue could be heard shuffling things around in the next room.

"I'm glad to hear you and Jeremy are still together. Where did you meet him anyway?" Phoebe asked Piper as she pushed the pointer across the spirit board.

"We met at the hospital cafeteria; the day Grams was admitted into the hospital. He was covering a story and I was balling over a bagel. So, he handed me a napkin," Piper explained, smiling at the memory, though a little embarrassed.

"How romantic," Phoebe teased. She let out a soft laugh at her sister's expense.

"Don't laugh at me! Prue has already done that quite enough," Piper protested but couldn't help but smile. "Anyways, it really was. The napkin had his phone number on it," she continued. Phoebe laughed and they continued playing with the spirit board. "Stop pushing the pointer," Piper ordered Phoebe which effectively broke the comfortable silence.

"I'm not touching it," Phoebe protested.

"You always used to push the pointer," Piper countered, getting to her feet. "More popcorn?" She suggested. Phoebe nodded and Piper walked toward the kitchen.

"Hey, I forgot your question," Phoebe called after her once she had stared blankly at the spirit board for a couple seconds.

"I asked if Prue would have sex with anyone other than herself this year," Piper's voice carried in from the adjoining kitchen.

"Piper! I heard that!" Prue yelled.

Phoebe sat up and strained to see how mad Prue looked as she passed through the hall and into the kitchen where Piper was. "That's disgusting," she replied to herself. She leaned forward slightly, eagerly awaiting the confrontation. However, only the sound of the microwave and the popping popcorn could be heard. "I don't hear anything being thrown," Phoebe muttered in disappointment.

Phoebe looked back down at the spirit board and placing her fingers lightly on the pointer. "Please say yes," she breathed. Suddenly the pointer began to move stopping on the letter A. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Piper…" she whispered speechless. Almost immediately it swerved and stopped on the letter T. "Piper! Get in here!"

"What?" Piper wondered as she rushed in, followed by Prue.

"What did you do now?" Prue accused looking from Phoebe.

"The pointer on the spirit board. It moved on its own," Phoebe explained while looking down at it.

Prue and Piper stared at her in disbelief. Prue looked annoyed while Piper looked as if she thought Phoebe was joking.

Phoebe glanced up at them and recognized their looks. "I'm serious. It spelled 'A' 'T'," she insisted.

"Well, did you push it?" Piper asked with a faint smile on her face.

"No," Phoebe snapped sending a glare at her older sisters.

"You used to always push the pointer," Prue pointed out, rolling her eyes.

"My fingers were barely touching it," Phoebe exclaimed. She replaced her fingers gingerly on the spirit board. "Look." She tried to will the pointer to move. Nothing happened.

Prue turned to leave the room followed by Piper. Just as they turned, the pointer moved from 'T' to the middle of the board and back to 'T'

"Ah! It did it again! It moved," Phoebe announced.

Prue and Piper had turned around, Prue walking past Piper to get a better look at the spirit board. She smiled knowingly. "It's still on the letter 'T'," she pointed out.

"I swear it moved," Phoebe tried to explain

Without waiting for an explanation, Prue left the room again. Piper turned to watch Prue leave and looked back toward Phoebe just as the pointer moved to the letter 'I.'

"There," Phoebe called, jumping away from the table and the pointer. "You saw that right?" she asked looking at a wide-eyed Piper.

"I think so, yeah," Piper replied, her eyes not leaving the spirit board.

"I told you I wasn't touching it," Phoebe responded as the pointer once again moved from the letter 'I' to stop on the letter 'C.'

Piper, clearly seeing it this, time spun around. "Prue? Could you come here for a sec," she called, looking away behind her. Phoebe was grabbing a pen and began writing on a letter left on the table.

"Now what?" Prue asked, clearly exasperated giving all three of her sisters disapproving looks.

"I think it's trying to tell us something," Phoebe explained and held up the envelope where she had written 'ATTIC' down. All of a sudden a clap of thunder was heard loud enough to shake the house and the lights in the house flickered and went out.

A few moments later Piper started heading towards the door. Prue immediately understanding what Piper was doing followed her. Piper mumbling something about Jeremy was good hint too. "Don't you think you're overreacting? We're perfectly safe here," Prue insisted after Piper in an attempt to try to talk some sense into her. The dark house lit up from the lightning outside casting shadows along the walls of the old house.

"Don't say that! In horror movies the person that says that is always the next to die," Piper snapped over her shoulder. She didn't slow down in the slightest.

"Piper its pouring rain and Jeremy's in Los Angeles, it will hours before he gets home!" Prue said grabbing Piper's arm and spinning her around to face her.

Piper glared at her two sisters and stubbornly grabbed her rain jacket and put it on. "Well, I'll—I'll—I'll wait in the cab until he gets home from L.A.," Piper argued.

"That'll be cheap," Prue retorted, rolling her eyes.

"Prue! I saw that pointer move!" Piper snapped. She then took a deep breath to calm herself.

"No… Piper what you saw was Phoebe's fingers pushing the pointer. There's nothing in the attic. She's playing a joke on us," Prue explained trying to calm her middle sister down enough to talk some sense into her.

"But we don't know that! I mean we've lived in this house for months and we've never been able to get that attic door open," Piper reminded her. She walked around Prue, her hand outstretched for the phone. She dialed a number and then lifted it to her ear expecting to hear it ringing. Almost immediately she slammed it back down on the receiver. "Now the phone doesn't work!" she exclaimed beginning to panic again.

"Yeah, the powers out… Look just come with me to the basement," Prue suggested, taking Piper's hands and forcing her younger sister to look up at her.

"What?" Piper asked in a voice that radiated her confusion.

"I need you to hold the flashlight while I check out the main circuit box," Prue explained giving Piper a pleading look.

Piper glanced at Phoebe as she came strolling into the hall holding a flashlight. "Phoebe could go with you to the basement. She's already got a flashlight and everything."

"Nope, I'm going to the attic," Phoebe replied, already heading up the stairs.

"No you're not. We already agreed," Prue argued. Her eyes narrowed in annoyance at Phoebe's continued disobedience.

"I'm not waiting for some handyman to check out our attic and I'm certainly not waiting until tomorrow. I'm going now," Phoebe insisted as she began to climb the stairs.

Prue threw her hands up in frustration. "Come on, Piper," she called, opening a drawer in the hall and pulling out a flashlight. She tossed the flashlight to Piper who reluctantly caught it. She then followed her big sister toward the basement.

0 – 0 - 0 – 0 – 0

Slowly heading up the stairs to the attic Phoebe couldn't help but contemplate whether or not she should have waited for someone else. As soon as she thought that she shook her head and continued up the stairs determinedly. She reached for the door handle to find it locked. She tried to turn it and even tries to force the door open before realizing that it was not going to budge. Not willing to give up so easily she turned to head back downstairs to get some few tools so that she could jimmy the door open. She heard a soft creak and turned back toward the attic door to find it had opened slightly.

Steeling her nerves she pushed forward and entered the attic. She turned to face the a section of the attic and saw what appeared to be an old chest with some kind of glow around it. She couldn't help but be drawn to the odd phenomenon. She slowly made her way over and opened the chest. Resting inside on the very top appeared to be a very old book with the symbol of a triquetra on the cover. She picked it up out of the chest.

"The Book of Shadow" she read aloud. Turning to the first page she began to read again. "Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here, The great work of magic is sought. In this night and In this hour. I'll call upon the ancient power. Bring your powers to we sister three. We want the power. Give us the power."

Unnoticed by all inhabitants of the Manor the old chandelier in the foyer lit up sending blue and white lights through the house. The picture on the mantle taken several years previous began to change. Once the picture was of the three girls with Prue and Phoebe on the very edges obviously wanting to be as far apart as possible. Piper was the only one who looked happy and was right in the middle with a genuine smile. Prue and Phoebe moved in next to Piper. It left all three sisters closer than they had been before. Then a younger girl materialized as if from out of nowhere kneeling in front of the sisters.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

Buffy stood in the doorway of the living room. front of her mother's chest as it glowed. She looked at the chest with some kind of glow around it. She couldn't help but be drawn to the odd phenomenon. She slowly made her way over and opened the chest. Resting inside on the very top appeared to be a very old book with the symbol of a moon and a triquetra on the cover. She picked it up out of the chest.

"Book of Shadows," she read aloud. Tiurning to the first page she began to read again. "Hear now the words of the witch, the secrets I hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to me, I want the power, give me the power." She shook her head. "Mom, what were you into here?"

Unnoticed by Buffy a light in the hallway that had been broken since she and her mother had moved in lit up sending blue and white lights through the apartment. A picture on the wall taken several years previous began to change. Originally only Buffy stood in the picture. But as the picture changed three women materialized as if from out of nowhere surrounding Buffy.

Halliwell Manor – San Francisco

Phoebe continued flipping through the book eagerly. Behind her, her sisters entered all of them looking stunned to find the attic door open and Phoebe reading a large book.

"What are you doing?" Prue wondered looking around at the messy attic and then focusing on the book in Phoebe's hand.

Phoebe jumped in surprise and slammed the book shut. "Uh, reading… an incantation. It was in this Book of Shadows. I found it in that trunk," Phoebe explained pointing to the chest that was still open

"Let me see that," Prue ordered, taking the large book from Phoebe and flipping through it.

"How'd you get in here?" Piper demanded looking surprised at all the stuff.

Phoebe looked at Piper and Prue. "The door opened," she answered shrugging her shoulders, not really knowing how to explain it.

Piper suddenly looked worried. "Wait an incantation? What kind of incantation?" she pressed, crossing her arms in a disapproving manner. She looked remarkably like Prue at that moment.

"It said something about there being three essentials of magic. Uh, timing, feeling, and the phases of the moon. If we were ever going to do this. Now, midnight on a full moon, is the most powerful time," Phoebe explained sounding nervous yet kind of excited.

"This? Do what?" Piper asked.

Phoebe bit her lip but replied "Receive our powers…"

"What powers? Wait! Our powers? You included me in this?" Piper asked, sounding frustrated. She glanced at Prue as if waiting for some kind of confirmation.

Prue looked up and nodded slightly. "Actually, she included all of us," Prue replied and cast a glare at Phoebe. "Bring your powers to we sisters three… It's a book of witchcraft," she realized closing the book.

A few moments later, all three sisters walked back down the stairs. Prue looked frustrated, Piper worried and Phoebe indifferent.

"Spirit boards, books of witchcraft. It figures all this freaky stuff started when you arrived," Prue accused Phoebe breaking the tense silence between them all.

"Hey, I wasn't the one who found the spirit board," Phoebe protested, her voice rising slightly.

"Well, it wasn't my fingers sliding around on the pointer," Prue countered casting another glare back at her younger sister.

Piper pushed between Prue and Phoebe. "It doesn't matter because nothing happened, right Phoebe, when you did that incantation?" She asked staring intently at the younger sister.

"Well, my head spun around and I vomited split-pea soup," Phoebe replied sarcastically then upon seeing Piper's patience running thin, yelled, "How should I know?"

"Well everything looks the same," Piper said looking around the foyer for a change but finding none.

"You're right," Phoebe sighed, sounding slightly disappointed.

"Yep, the house still needs work," Prue also agreed with Piper's observation while walking off towards the kitchen followed by Phoebe.

Piper followed reluctantly still looking around the house unconvinced. "Everything looks the same, so nothing's changed right?" Piper asked looking for reassurance. Prue glanced behind her back at Piper and smiled reassuringly.

February 25, 1997 - Tuesday

Halliwell Manor

All through the night Phoebe stayed up reading the Book of Shadows. Before she knew it bright sunshine was shining through the windows in the attic and she finally sat the book to the side and stood up, giving her legs a much-needed stretch. She walked through the house as quiet as she could, flinching whenever the old floor creaked beneath her creating an echo that traveled throughout the silent house.

She vaguely wondered where her sisters were as she poured herself a cup of coffee that had already been made. Phoebe wanted so much to spill everything she had read last night to one of them. The first one she saw. However, the minutes ticked by and the only noise that gave away the presence of any other person in the house was the sound of running water as the shower was turned on. With a sigh she walked outside the Manor and sat on the steps, lost in thought over the newest revelation.

She didn't know how long she sat there just thinking but after a while she heard the front door open behind her and she turned to greet her sister. Piper walked out of the house carrying a bag and a change of clothes for her job interview later. She paused in surprise upon seeing Phoebe up so early in the morning.

"You're up early," Piper stated, looking at Phoebe curiously.

"I never went to sleep," Phoebe admitted and turned to look back down the street while taking a sip of coffee.

Piper smiled wider and sat down next to her little sister. "Don't tell me you put on a black conical hat and spent the night flying around the neighborhood on a broomstick?" she questioned teasingly.

Phoebe rolled her eyes at Piper's question and shook her head. "The only broom I've ever owned was kept in a closet beside a mop," she retorted, laughing softly.

Piper narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "So what were you doing?" she asked, unsure if she actually wanted to know or not.

"Reading." she replied cryptically then looked back towards Piper. "Is Prue around?"

"She went to work early, so she could get some stuff done before we leave at 11:00 for the funeral in L.A. I even rescheduled my interview for earlier," Piper answered and paused for a moment. "Reading…. Aloud?" She pressed nervously. Phoebe may think this whole idea of witchcraft was humorous but Piper was against the very idea of black magic.

"No…" Phoebe assured her. She wondered if she should even voice her suspicions with Piper. In the end, she was too excited to hold it in and decided to explain. "But… According to the Book of Shadows one of our ancestors was a witch named Melinda Warren," she began watching Piper's reaction closely.

Piper immediately stiffened at the mention of the book and took up the disapproving glance usually seen on Prue. "And we have a cousin who's a drunk, an aunt who's manic, a father who is basically invisible and another aunt who passed away yesterday," she agreed sarcastically, getting to her feet and heading towards her jeep that was parked on the curb.

Phoebe groaned softly having expected this reaction and slowly followed Piper. "I'm serious. She practiced powers. Three powers. She could move objects with her mind, see the future and stop time. Before Melinda was burned at the stake she vowed that each generation of Warren Witches would become stronger and stronger until culminating in the arrival of three sisters. Now these sisters would be the most powerful witches the world had ever known. They're good witches and…. I think we're those sisters," she confessed partly excited at the thought but also worried about her sister's reactions.

During Phoebe's speech, Piper had remained silent as she placed her bag and clothes in the seat of the jeep. As Phoebe finished she turned to face her after taking a deep breath. "Alright. I know what happened last night was weird and unexplainable, but… we're not witches. We do not have special powers besides, Grams wasn't a witch and as far as we know… neither was Mom or Aunt Joyce," Piper countered, trying to reason with her little sister. With a soft smile she hugged Phoebe good bye. "So take that Nancy Drew," she added and hopped into her car. The engine roared as it started up and she prepared to back out.

Desperate for her sister to understand, Phoebe couldn't resist calling after her "We're protectors of the innocent. We're known as the Charmed Ones." She was left in the middle of the street watching her sister drive off, looking disconcerted. Sighing and shaking her head she headed back inside the house to get ready for the funeral.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment – Los Angeles

All through the night Buffy stayed up reading the Book of Shadows. She was thankful that being the Slayer allowed her to get by on minimal sleep. Before she knew it bright sunshine was shining through the windows and she finally sat the book to the side and stood up. She walked through the apartment with dawning realization of how empty it was without her mother there.

She was tempted to go to school just to get her mind off the upcoming funeral but decided instead she just couldn't deal with it. She was about to head to the kitchen to see what was available for breakfast when she heard a knock at the front door. She changed directions.

"Yes?" she said as she opened the door to see a man that she recognized as her mother's attorney standing there.

"Miss Summers?" he said. "I'm your mother's attorney, Gavin Thomas. May I come in?" Buffy sighed as she reluctantly stepped aside so he could enter. She closed the door behind him. "As you are aware you are underage. With your parents divorced and your father's employment taking him all over the world, he recommended we place you with a member of your mother's family. Did your mother happen to have any contact information for any of them?"

"Yeah just one moment," Buffy said as she walked over to where her mother's purse sat and pulled out the address book. She turned and handed it to Gavin.

"Thank you," he said. "I will make some calls while we wait for the funeral."

"I was going to get myself a bowl of cereal," Buffy said. "Would you like something?"

"Thank you, but I'm fine," he said.

Buffy nodded as she turned and headed for the kitchen.

Museum of Natural History – San Francisco

Prue walked next to Roger through the newest exhibit. She knew he had called her out here for something, but so far the conversation had been kept formal. Her sharp eyes didn't miss the glances Roger kept shooting at her and she turned away to pretend to look closer at the nearest artifacts. Behind her carefully stoic face she was highly annoyed and uncomfortable.

"So there's been a change of plans," Roger finally broke the small talk, causing Prue to stop her examination of the artifact and turn to face him.

"A change of plans?" Prue asked carefully, folding her arms across her chest in annoyance. "If you have something to say than say it. Quit with the easing in," she thought irritably. She had so many other things to do before she left to get her sisters in a couple hours to head to the funeral. When he didn't answer immediately Prue prompted, "Regarding the Beal's expedition?"

"The extra money you helped raise through private donations has sparked significant corporate interest. The Beal's artifacts will now become part of our permanent collection," he explained, looking around at the exhibit.

Prue listened to his voice and her eyes narrowed suspiciously. He sounded as if he had rehearsed exactly what he was now saying to her. There was a catch. There was always a catch with him. "Well, that's terrific," she feigned ignorance, waiting for Roger to get to the point.

Roger took a few moments setting a file on the desk closest to him before turning back to Prue. "Which is why the board wants someone a little more qualified to handle the collection from now on," he continued carefully studying her reaction. To his satisfaction Prue couldn't completely hide the flash of surprise and anger in her eyes. "You look surprised," he observed, smiling slightly.

"I don't know why, I'm furious," Prue snapped, her cold blue-grey eyes fixed unwaveringly on Roger. His smile caused her anger to rise even more but she kept her voice calm and steady. In her anger, she misinterpreted the meaning behind Roger's message. "Not only have I been on this project since its inception but I'm the curator who secured the entire exhibit," she ranted and then trailed off as she suddenly realized why he appeared so triumphant. After a deep breath she continued, her voice softer. "You're the person a little more qualified," she stated, it wasn't a question. She looked away in order to hide the stab of hurt in her eyes at the betrayal. Prue was quickly channeling it to anger.

"I could hardly say no to the board of directors could I?" Roger lied. "But I know you'll be happy for me, after all, what's good for me is definitely good for you. Right Ms. Halliwell?" he continued, putting emphasis on the fact that Prue couldn't fight back with Roger higher up.

She didn't miss his meaning when he spoke her name formally and it took all of her self-control not to take the pen he pointed at her and stab him in the eye. "Miss Halliwell?" Prue asked with a roll of her eyes. "Since when have we been off a first name basis? When we stopped sleeping together or when I returned your engagement ring? Roger," she asked, challenging him.

"I didn't realize the two were mutually exclusive. But I certainly enjoyed one more than the other." Was his reply, his eyes telling her clearly what he thought.

"Bastard," Prue snapped, giving Roger a furious glare before turning around and beginning to walk off.

"Prue wait!" he called after her. In response, Prue stopped for a moment debating whether to start walking again without waiting for an explanation or to hear him out. Slowly she turned around to face him. "I feel like I should say something… if only to avoid a lawsuit," Roger offered.

Prue's eyes flashed and she focused all her anger on him, wishing more than anything to get him back, but using every ounce of self-control she had, turned her back on him and left. Just as she turned away the pen in his pocket began to leak bright blue ink on his dress shirt. Roger looked at it in surprise and pulled it out looking closely for a leak. As he opened the top to peer in all the ink blasted him in the face, causing him to cough and sputter.

As Prue walked down the hallway her cell phone rang. When she pulled it out of pocket she checked the caller ID. She tried to place the phone number she saw but was unable to, the only thing she did recognize was that it was a Los Angeles number.

"Hello?" she said when she accepted the call.

"Prudence Halliwell?"

"Yes," answered Prue.

"My name is Gavin Thomas," he said. "I am your Aunt Joyce's attorney. I'm calling on behalf of her daughter, Buffy."

"I wasn't aware Aunt Joyce had a daughter," said Prue. "I haven't seen Aunt Joyce in years."

"Ah… Anyways the reason for my call is because Miss Summers is currently without a legal guardian. Her father can't take care of her due to his current employment. He requested she be placed with a relation in her mother's family. From the information I gathered from Miss Summers you and your sisters are her only living family on her mother's side…"


Piper was quickly running back and forth between the counter and her boiling sauce that she was preparing for her audition. She was beginning to relax a little as she began pouring her wine (that Jeremy had bought her the day before) into a measuring cup. It was the last and most important ingredient for her recipe.

"Your time… is up," Chef Moore announced while coming into the audition room and smiling expectantly at Piper. Piper jumped in surprise and nearly dropped the measuring cup. A look of fear crossed her features. "Oh no… not yet. Not yet," she thought frantically spinning around to face him. "Let's see. Roast pork with gratin of fennel and penne with a port giblet sauce," he read her audition recipe in his French accent.

"Uhhh… Chef Moore?" Piper responded softly, desperately trying to think of some way to gain a few extra seconds to add the wine.

"What?" he asked, picking up a fork ready to sample.

"The port…" she began with a point behind her to the measuring cup. Her face visibly paled.

"Yes, without the sauce it is nothing more than a salty marinara from a woman's magazine. Puh," Chef Moore interrupted without a glance at Piper.

"I didn't have time for the…." Piper started frantically trying to explain but was interrupted by a cough from Chef Moore clearly telling her to keep silent. "But… but…" she stammered as he began to raise the fork to his mouth. Piper panicked and put her hands up as if to make a frantic grab to stop him. Everything around her froze, Chef Moore with his mouth half open. "Chef Moore?" she whispered in disbelief waving her hand in front of his face, looking for a response. With no response forthcoming she suddenly realized she could finish her recipe. She spun around and grabbed a baster filling it with wine from the measuring cup and ran back to Chef Moore. She dribbled some onto the forkful of food that he was about to eat. Just as she put the baster behind her back everything unfroze and Chef Moore put the food in his mouth.

He smiled in surprise and nodded slightly. "Mm… it is very good… C'est magnifique," he praised.

Piper stilled stunned by the unexpected help just forced a weak smile as she received the job. She nearly ran out of the restaurant toward the nearest phone booth afterwards. She had to talk to Phoebe.

The Street

Phoebe was riding her bike through the neighborhood, on her way to the small convenient store at the end of the street. She was trying to remember all the necessities she was going to buy when she heard a roaring in her ears and she flinched as a different scene flashed in front of her eyes.

On the same street she was on now, a car appeared coming over the slight hill. The scene flashed to a side street where two boys were rollerblading down the road. A large truck was parked on the curb blocking the oncoming car from seeing the boys and vice versa. The boys skated into the road and were struck by the car.

Phoebe steadied her bike carefully and shook her head to clear the thoughts from her head when she saw the car coming over the hill. She quickly looked to the side street and saw, to her horror, the two boys rollerblading exactly as she had seen just moments before. Frantically she sped her bike up and coasted straight toward them and the car. "No wait!" she screamed at them as she skidded right in front of the boys preventing them from rollerblading into the street, but just barely missing the car which honked at her. Phoebe lost control of her bike and it fell on her as the two boys ran to help her and the driver of the car took out his phone to call for an ambulance.

Outside Quake

Piper was inside a phone booth putting her second quarter into the slot. No one had answered the first call. She waited nervously counting the rings growing increasingly impatient. "Phoebe, answer the phone… Phoebe," she willed her sister to pick up on the other end. The answering machine clicked on and Piper slammed the phone back on the holder and stormed out. A young man with sandy blonde hair approached Piper, causing her to jump back in surprise.

"Oh, God, Jeremy! You scared me," Piper exclaimed, holding her hand over her heart and taking deep breaths to calm it down.

"I…I see. I'm sorry. You okay?" Jeremy asked his voice full of concern for his girlfriend.

The color was now beginning to return to Piper's face and she smiled at the surprise meeting with Jeremy. "Now I am. I really am. Uh… What are you doing here?" she asked, tilting her head slightly in curiosity.

"Well, I wanted to be the first one to congratulate you on your new job," he explained. "Which meant that I had to find you before Prue beat me to it," Jeremy added as a joke.

Piper laughed with a roll of her eyes. "You needn't have worried. Prue hasn't called," she assured him, looking slightly put down. She vaguely wondered why Prue hadn't called. She always did, usually before results were even found out. She didn't dwell on it long as the thought was pushed out of her mind as another popped in. "How did you know?" she asked in surprise.

"You prepared your specialty and anyone who has ever sampled your work can truly see how talented you are," he explained, taking a step closer to her.

"I get so turned on when you talk about food," She laughed, giving him her hands.

Jeremy pulled her to him and whispered into her ear. "Hamburgers… Pizza," before he kissed her.

"I wish I could," Piper reluctantly admitted. "I have to attend a funeral this afternoon. Our Aunt Joyce passed away yesterday."

"I understand," Jeremy said as he smiled at her. "You have my condolences. And I will see you when you get back."

Museum of Natural History

Prue sat at her desk fiddling with a pen as she tried to concentrate on the paperwork in front of her. She couldn't work like this, leaving only one solution. She threw her pen on top of her desk, shut down her computer, and left her office. As she drew near to Roger's office, his voice drifted out of the open door.

"Well, it was my idea to spark corporate interest in private donations. Not only have I been with this project since its inception, but we both know who really secured the entire exhibit…" he spoke into his phone as he swung his chair around only to catch sight of Prue at the door, clearly having heard his every word. "Prue…" he froze for a split moment but before he could say anything Prue spoke.

"I quit," she stated, crossing her arms across her chest. In an effort keep calm she leaned against the wall just inside the door.

Roger, who was shocked into silence, suddenly remembered who he had on the phone, He hastily whispered in to it… "I'm going to have to call you back." …before turning to face Prue again. "Think about this, Prue," he ordered.

There was a short pause as Prue humored him before speaking again. "Lousy job, lousy pay… lousy boss. What's to think about?" she asked a slight smile crossing her features as she put Roger in an uncomfortable position.

"Your future. Because, believe me, if you walk out of here without any notice, you can kiss any references…."

"Don't threaten me, Roger," Prue warned, her blue-grey eyes turning cold again.

Roger trailed off uncertainly and tried to play it off as a joke. "You know me… had to try," he explained smiling before getting to his feet and coming to stand right in front of Prue. "Look, you're hurt, you're angry, your pride is wounded. I understand all that… That's why you can't see that I'm doing you a favor," he added half-hopefully.

Prue stared at him in disbelief. "Excuse me?" she asked with a roll of her eyes.

"I had to take the exhibit away from you. If I hadn't the board would have come and put a total stranger in my place. Think about it, Prue. I'm here for you. Not some stranger. You should be thanking me not leaving me," he continued.

Prue fixed her eyes on her hands as if pondering what he had to say which led him to gain confidence as he progressed in swaying her. She nearly laughed but managed to refrain herself and just looked up at him smiling. "Well, I'm not worried. I'm sure your intellect will make quick work of the 75 computer disks and thousands of pages of research I left in my office," she countered sarcastically, her smile growing as Roger's face fell at the realization of the consequences upon her leaving.

"You're going to regret this," he stated sharply, advancing a step.

Prue didn't back down and held his gaze confidently. "Oh, I don't think so. I thought breaking up with you was the best thing I'd ever done, but… this definitely tops that. Goodbye, Roger," she offered in a cheery tone as she turned and walked out the door for the last time.

UCSF Medical Center

Prue pushed through the crowd toward the receptionists' desk and got in the short line. Apparently, there was some trouble locating the family member of the group in the front, slowing the line down considerably. Prue crossed her arms impatiently as the worry began to return with nothing else to distract her.

The people in front of her were, thankfully, quick and then she was next. She closed the space between her and the receptionist quickly in her worry, though slow enough not to trample the young man already at the desk. Prue didn't even cast him a glance in her haste and it was unlikely that he would have offered much conversation as he was immersed in the files in front of him. Before the receptionist could ask, Prue responded, "I'm looking for my sister, Phoebe Halliwell."

The receptionist glanced at her before replying, "One second, please." and she turned to face the young man to her left. "What's the name again?" the receptionist asked him and Prue followed her gaze wishing he'd hurry up so she could learn about Phoebe.

He finally looked up from his files to the receptionist. "Inspector Andrew Trudeau. Homicide. Dr. Gordon's expecting me," he answered, showing her his badge.

Surprise flashed across Prue's eyes and she looked at him closer as if disbelieving. However, to her annoyance the receptionist left without telling her anything about Phoebe. Prue stood there silently wondering if she should say something to Andy or to keep silent. He apparently hadn't noticed her. Finally, she couldn't help her curiosity from getting the better of her and she turned toward him. "Andy?" she said, still looking as if she didn't believe it was him.

Andy turned around to look at who had called his name, the surprise evident in his eyes. "Prue?" he asked. "I don't believe it…. How are you?"

"Uh, I'm good." she replied somewhat awkwardly, beginning her old habit of picking at her cuticles. "How are you?" Prue asked, studying him. He hadn't changed much… He was still handsome, charming, and his eyes…. She had to stifle a sigh and look away to keep herself calm.

Andy could have laughed at her if he hadn't been in danger of doing the same thing. "Fine… I just can't believe I'm running into you." he admitted quickly. Andy suddenly frowned slightly as he began to wonder why exactly she was here. Prue, Piper and Phoebe were like his sisters and he sincerely hoped Piper and Phoebe were okay.

Prue read his unspoken question and jumped at the conversation to avoid the awkward silence that usually followed surprise reunions. "Yeah. I'm picking up Phoebe. She had some sort of an accident," she explained.

"Is she going to be okay?" Andy asked the worry evident in his voice.

Prue bit her lip not really knowing the answer to that having not really been told. "I think she just fell off her bike," was her response. She once again glanced back at the empty receptionists' desk. "What are you doing here?" she asked, pushing her thoughts away from Phoebe. There wasn't anything she could do until someone came back.

Andy understood immediately and let the subject of Phoebe drop. "Murder investigation," he answered pointing toward the files that were still on the counter. Prue didn't really know what to say about that and she again looked down at her hands as an awkward silence fell between the two. Luckily the receptionist returned at that moment. She spoke to Prue first.

"Your sister is still in x-rays so it'll be another 15 minutes."

Prue felt slightly relieved by the receptionist's voice… She didn't sound like Phoebe was hurt seriously, but just to make sure Prue couldn't help but ask. "Is she okay?"

The receptionist, who had turned to speak to Andy turned back to face Prue. "Nothing serious. The x-ray is just a precaution. After that is finished the doctor will speak with you," she clarified before turning back to Andy, who appeared as if he was trying not to laugh. "Dr. Gordon's office is to the left and down the hall. He's with a patient right now, but you're welcome to wait outside his office." With that she turned to leave.

"Thank you," Andy returned and Prue echoed. There was another moment of silence before Andy put his hand out formally. "Well… it's good seeing you, Prue."

"Yeah. You too Andy. Take care," she answered and they both began to turn their separate ways.

Prue was looking slightly upset at the formality and Andy apparently felt the same as he turned back to her. "You know… Phoebe's busy, Dr. Gordon's busy…. Can I buy you a black cup of coffee while we wait?" he asked hopefully. Andy smiled wider as he realized Prue couldn't quite hide her pleasure that he'd prolonged the reunion.

"How could I say no?" Prue thought. "Sure," she said out loud, eagerly following him through the hospital, though careful to keep her emotions in check so as not to embarrass herself.

Andy watched her closely thinking that she hadn't changed either. He remembered her eyes the most and was pleased to see the sparkle was just the same. By this time they had approached the coffee machine.

"You're an inspector now?" she asked, appearing impressed.

"What can I say? In any other city I'd be called a detective," Andy replied, unable to keep from gloating just a little.

Prue smiled and rolled her eyes. "Hmm… Inspector's classier," she offered as Andy put the coins into the machine.

"Liking it better already," he laughed.

"Your dad must be so proud," Prue thought aloud.

"Third generation. You bet he's happy," he agreed then decided to switch the topic toward her. "So how about you? You taking the world by storm?"

Prue blushed slightly, thinking back to the money problems, the problem with Phoebe, she just quit her job, more money problems, and the fact that she was still living in the same house she grew up in. "Uh… well… I'm still living in the Manor and as of an hour ago…. I quit my job," she explained quickly.

Andy looked surprised, but seeing her discomfort didn't push the subject. "Oh," he replied, giving her the coffee.

She smiled gratefully and switched the subject back to him again. "I thought you moved to Portland…"

"I'm back," he announced and couldn't resist asking about Roger. "You, uh, still seeing Roger?"

Prue narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him. "How do you know about him?" she demanded, giving him a piercing, but playful, look.

Andy suddenly looked a little uncomfortable and obviously wished to get out of answering it. Finding no way out however he had to answer. "I know people," Andy offered cryptically.

Prue quickly put two and two together. "You checked up on me…" she accused, her blue eyes watching him carefully in order to catch a lie.

Andy tried to look away, but found he couldn't. "I… wouldn't call it that," he denied. He was relieved that Prue seemed to find it funny and didn't appear angry.

"Well, what would you call it?" Prue asked eagerly, seeing he was trapped.

"Uh, inquiring minds want to know?" he proposed.

Prue laughed and rolled her eyes. "You checked up on me," she stated, shaking her head slightly.

"Well, what can I say? I'm a detective," he allowed.

Prue glanced down at her watch and noticed it had been fifteen minutes. She bid Andy farewell and set off to see Dr. Gordon.

Pacific Coast Highway

Finally Prue, Piper and Phoebe were on their way to Los Angeles. Phoebe was explaining about Melinda Warren, their powers, and their destiny. "The Charmed Ones? Phoebe this is insane," Prue snapped, giving her a disapproving glance.

"Are you telling me nothing strange happened to you today? You didn't freeze time or move anything?" Phoebe prodded in disbelief.

"Roger took an exhibit away from me," Prue offered as a form of a joke. Phoebe looked exasperated and turned partially away. Prue took a deep breath and continued. "Alright look, Phoebe, I know you think you can see the future which is pretty ironic…."

"Since you don't think I have one? That my vision of life is cloudy next to your perfect hell?" Phoebe interrupted her voice rising slightly. "Even if you don't want to believe me can't you trust me?"

Prue shook her head, looking aggravated by the continuance of this conversation. "Phoebe, I do not have special powers," she replied slowly, making sure her little sister was listening. Phoebe didn't said anything in return as she saw a bottle of water fly out of cup holder and into Prue's waiting hand. Piper and Phoebe stared in surprise while Prue stared with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

Phoebe was the first to recover and break the silence. "Really? That looks pretty special to me…" she pointed out.

Prue wasn't listening, she was in shock. "Oh my God… so, um, I can move objects with my mind?" she demanded glancing at Phoebe in the rearview mirror.

"With how much you hold inside you should be a lethal weapon by now…" Phoebe teased in response.

"I don't believe this…" Prue muttered to herself, feeling a major migraine coming on.

Phoebe glanced at Piper who had remained silent for the entire conversation. She realized that something had shocked Piper, or it was something Piper had wanted to talk to her alone about. "This must mean that you can freeze time," she said as Piper nodded.

"I think so," admitted Piper. "I was in Quake during my audition and I had forgotten to add the port and Chef Moore was about to take a bite when somehow everything came to a halt giving me time to add some port to what he was about to eat."

Piper and Phoebe glanced at each other noticing that Prue was still in shock. They were worried for their sister. "Are you okay?" Phoebe asked watching her carefully.

Prue narrowed her eyes in aggravation as she glanced at Phoebe in the rearview mirror. "No… I am not okay. You've turned me into a witch," she accused.

"Well, technically we were born one," Phoebe explained. "And I think we had better start learning to deal with that. When I was looking through the Book of Shadows, I saw these wood carvings. They looked like something out of a bosch paintings. All these terrifying images of three women battling different incarnations of evil."

"Evil fighting evil. That's a twist," Prue muttered, appearing distressed.

Phoebe shook her head in response. "Actually, a witch can be either good or evil. A good witch follows the Wiccan rede 'An it harm none, do what ye will' while a bad witch or a warlock has but one goal. To kill good witches and obtain their powers. Unfortunately, they look like regular people. They could be anyone, anywhere," Phoebe clarified, putting her sisters' minds at ease, at least partially.

"So how exactly do we fit into this?" Piper asked curiously.

"Well, in the first wood carving they were in slumber, but in the next they were battling some kind of warlock. I think that as long as we were in the dark about our powers, we were safe. Not anymore," Phoebe admitted.

Evergreen Memorial Park – Los Angeles

It was 4:45 when Prue pulled into the parking lot of the cemetery. They looked around at the assembled group as they got out of the car.

"I wonder which one is, this Buffy, that's going to be coming to live with us?" asked Piper.

Prue shrugged she hadn't the foggiest idea. Not only did she not remember what Joyce looked like, she never knew that Joyce had a daughter. "I don't know. Mr. Thomas said he would meet us here, with her. Did you know Aunt Joyce had a daughter?"

"No. But it's been what ten years since we've seen her," said Phoebe. "And she always came alone. Even her husband Hank didn't usually come with her."

"Prudence Halliwell?"

They turned toward the sound of the voice and saw a man standing next to a sixteen-year-old blonde girl.

"Yes. But you can call me Prue," answered Prue. As she looked at Buffy she swore she recognized the girl from somewhere. She looked back at the man. "I assume your Gavin Thomas?"

"Yes," he answered, "and this young lady is your cousin, Buffy Summers."

"Hi, so you're my cousins, hunh?" Buffy said as she smiled at the sisters. Prue, Piper and Phoebe could see the smile didn't reached the girl's eyes.

"Yes, we are," Phoebe said as she hugged Buffy.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Joyce Summers laid in a beautiful ivory colored coffin that sat on a pedestal amongst many bushels of flowers. An ivory-dressed woman stood before a blue silk covered altar table that was adorned with a ceremonial chalice. A tied, silver cord laid before the chalice with three lit candles surrounding it.

The funeral program read:

Patience Joyce Halliwell-Summers, 1958-1997

Beloved Mother

Forever in my Heart.

Piper, Phoebe and Piper sat in the front room on either side of Buffy.

"That which belongs to fellowship and love. That which belongs to the circle, remains with us. The wheel turns. As life is a day, so our sister has passed into night. Nothing is final, and we who remain behind know that one day, we will once again share the bread and wine with our sister. O' blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny."

The Priestess then untied the silver cord and gently laid it into the chalice. After she blew out the candles the mourners stood to shake hands and pay respects to Buffy. Buffy recognized some of them; her friends, her mom's friends and business associates as well as her father. Piper had her arm around Buffy, offering what comfort she could.

When the last of the mourners left Prue led Piper, Phoebe and Buffy back to the car. Buffy gave Prue directions to the apartment.

Joyce & Buffy Summers' Apartment

When they arrived they found Gavin Thomas waiting outside the door to the apartment.

"Miss Summers, if you do not mind, I have some things to discuss with your cousins," he said. "And your living room would a better location."

Buffy nodded as she fumbled with her keys and opened the door. She led everyone inside and to the living room where they sat down. Kit immediately ran into the living room and jumped into Buffy's lap. She began stroking the cat absentmindedly.

"There is some final details that need to be gone over as well as some documents that need to be signed," Gavin said. He had known they would come here so Buffy could pack at the very least. "In Joyce's will everything is being left to Buffy. All the proceeds from the estate sale will be put in a trust fund for when Buffy graduates high school to be used for college expenses, if she goes to college that is." He looked at Buffy. "Of course if you don't the money will then be relinquished to you on your eighteenth birthday."

"Any restrictions on what she can take?" Prue asked.

"There is some restrictions," he said. "The majority of the furniture throughout the house will be sold at auction. Any furniture in Buffy's room is free to take of course."

"The chest," said Buffy as she waved at the chest that sat between them. "Mom said it had been handed down from Grams."

Prue, Piper and Pheobe looked at each other at the mention of Grams. Did Buffy mean their Grams? Or Hank's mother?"

"Something like that can be taken also," said Gavin.

"So how much time we talking about here?" wondered Piper. "It will take time to get a moving truck."

"You have a few days," he replied. "It will take time to set up the auction, advertise it and everything."

"Then we'll pack up what Buffy wants to take with her tonight. Get a U-Haul in the morning and load it with the furniture she wants to take with her. Then we'll head back to San Francisco."

February 26, 1997 - Wednesday

Pacific Coast Highway

Prue drove herself, Phoebe and Buffy back toward San Francisco while Piper followed with the U-Haul. Despite there being room up front for either Buffy or Phoebe, both of them sat in the back seat that way Phoebe could try comfort Buffy, if the girl needed it. In the front seat next to Prue sat Kit's cat carrier with Kit inside.

"So what's the book?" Phoebe asked as she looked at the book that her cousin was hugging close to her.

Buffy laid the book in her lap. "I found it in mom's chest night before last."

Phoebe looked at the cover, it was similar to the cover of their book with one small difference, there was a moon with the triquetra. "Prue, I think you might want to pull over. I think you should see this," she told her big sister.

Prue sighed as she signaled to let Piper know she was pulling over and then they and the U-Haul pulled over to the side of the road. She turned to face Phoebe and Buffy as Piper came up on the passanger side and after moving the cat carrier got into the car.

"What is it?" Piper asked.

Phoebe took the Book that Buffy had been holding and held it up so her sisters could see it.

"You brought it with you?" Piper said shocked.

"No," answered Phoebe. "Look closely, Piper. It's not ours."

Prue and Piper looked closely at the cover of the book in Phoebe's hands and realized that Phoebe was right, there was a small difference compared to theirs, the crescent moon that wrapped around the triquetra.

"Buffy said she found this one in her mom's chest last night," Phoebe explained before looking at her cousin. "You haven't read out loud from this book have you?"

"Just the first page," Buffy admitted.

Phoebe opened the book and flipped to the first page. She read the incantation written there. It was similar to the one she had read last night. "It's a nearly identical incantation to the one I read," she told her sisters. "Except where ours is plural with lots of we's, Buffy's is singular, all I's."

"This can't be a coincidence," Prue said. "Two matching books. Both of you reading matching incantations." She looked at Buffy, "You read that page the night before last, correct?"

"Yes. I was going through mom's chest the night after she… I thought I couldn't do magic anyways since I'm the Slayer," said Buffy.

"Slayer?" Piper asked.

Buffy grimaced, she wished now she hadn't said that. After all her father had her committed for mentioning vampires before finally recanting. She let out a sigh.

The book in Phoebe's lap began flipping pages all on its own. "What the heck?" she said shocked it could do that on its own.

The book stopped on a page titled: Vampire Slayer.

"Okay. Uhm a young woman Chosen sometime after her first menses but before the age of eighteen," Phoebe read. "Destined to fight vampires, demons and the forces of Darkness. There is what looks like a prophecy or something. Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. To stop the spread of their evil, and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer."

"Charmed Ones, Slayer. This is…" Prue said shaking her head. "We'll figure this out when we get back to the manor."

Halliwell Manor – San Francisco

Prue parked on the street so that Piper could get the U-Haul into the drive to unload it.

"That's your house?" Buffy asked as she looked at the Victorian era style house.

"And yours as well now," Prue said. "It was left to us by Grams."

"Grams?" asked Buffy.

"Yes, likely the same one you mentioned handing the chest down to Aunt Joyce," said Prue.

"Other than mentioning when I was nine-years-old that chest was handed down from Grams, mom never really talked about her," said Buffy.

Buffy, Piper, Prue and Phoebe took Buffy's luggage up to Buffy's room. The room had belonged to Grams when she had been alive and hadn't been redecorated in the six months since she had passed. As soon as that was done they unloaded the U-Haul into the garage for now. They would move the furniture in later after they all had a good nights rest.

"I'm going to take Phoebe to the Pharmacy to get her prescription," said Prue. The doctor at the hospital once he had learned that they were going out of town for a funeral had given Phoebe a two day supply of pain medication that would last till they got back to actually pick up the prescription. "Piper, didn't you say Jeremy asked you out for tonight when he heard we would be returning today?"

"Shouldn't one of us wait here till the others get back?" suggested Piper. "So that Buffy isn't alone?"

"It's okay," said Buffy as she put her Book of Shadows on her new bed and opened Kit's cat carrier. "I'll be fine."

"If you are sure," said Prue.

Buffy nodded. "Yeah I will be fine, Prue. I have Kit for company."

Prue smiled as she hugged the blonde teen. "Make yourself at home. Okay?"

"Okay," said Buffy as she watched as Prue and Phoebe headed downstairs and Piper headed into her room to change.


Piper and Jeremy were sitting in the back of a cab on their way to a restaurant for dinner. She was biting her lip nervously deciding whether to bring up her freezing thing to Jeremy. Finally she decided she had better use an a round-about method.

"Has anything weird or unexplainable ever happened to you?" Piper asked slowly, refusing to look at Jeremy.

Jeremy looked confused at the sudden question, but just shrugged it off. "Sure, it's called luck or fate. Some call it miracles," he replied, his eyes not leaving Piper. He could tell she was distressed about something. "Why? What happened?"

"Never mind. Even if I could tell you, you'd swear I was crazy," she answered.

Jeremy got the cab driver's attention. "Hey, can you make a left on seventh please?" he asked rhetorically, pointing to the street.

"You got it," the driver responded and the cab turned in that direction.

"Seventh? I thought we were going to Quake," Piper pointed out, looking at Jeremy quizzically.

"We are. But you reminded me of something. I want to show you the old Bowing Building. The view of the Bay Bridge…. It's amazing," Jeremy explained, flashing a charming smile at Piper.

Halliwell Manor

Buffy had returned to reading through her Book of Shadows as as she petted Kit with one hand. "With each generation, the Warren line will grow stronger and stronger — culminating in the arrival of a solitary daughter. She along with her cousins, three sisters known as the Charmed Ones, will be the most powerful witches the world has ever known. She will not only be a good witch but a Slayer and will help her cousins as well as alone vanquish all kinds of evil. She will be known as The Charmed Slayer."

Safeway Pharmacy

Prue and Phoebe were standing beside the desk of the Pharmacy, waiting on Phoebe's prescriptions. Phoebe handed the signed paper to the Pharmacist and he nodded to them.

"I'll be right back with your prescriptions," he answered and turned toward the back.

"Take your time," Phoebe offered, turning to look at her sister in time to see Prue step forward and stop the Pharmacist.

"Excuse me… Where do you keep the aspirin?" Prue asked desperately.

The Pharmacist looked up at the signs and pointed. "Aisle Three," he replied and disappeared into the back of the store. Prue turned around and headed for Aisle Three.

Phoebe turned around appearing amused and followed her sister. "Chamomile Tea works great for headaches," she suggested, smiling innocently.

"Not for this one it won't," Prue snapped her other hand gingerly touching her head as she turned into the aisle and began searching for the bottles of aspirin.

Phoebe continued to taunt Prue by bringing up the witch topic. "You know, I'm not afraid of our powers. I mean, everyone inherits something from their family right?" she asked, picking up random bottles of medication off the shelves in order to read them before putting them back.

"Yeah, money, antiques, a strong disposition. That's what normal people inherit," Prue countered, her voice beginning to rise in frustration. "Us we get powers as well as a teenage girl to raise who is something called a Slayer and may have powers also."

"Who wants to be normal when we can be special?" Phoebe asked.

"I want to be normal. I want my life to be normal. And I would think Buffy would want to be a normal teenager… you know isn't this Aisle Three?" Prue snapped her voice a pitch higher, as she spun around to look at the medication behind her.

"Well, we can't change what happened. We can't undo ours or Buffy's destinies," Phoebe retorted, leaning back against the aisle and clearly enjoying herself.

"Do you see any aspirin?" Prue pleaded, choosing to ignore Phoebe, though her patience was clearly at its end.

"I see chamomile tea," Phoebe observed.

Prue clenched her fists and turned to face her little sister. "Look. I have just found out that I'm a witch, that my sisters are witches, that our cousin is a witch and something called a Slayer, and that we and Buffy have powers that will unleash all forms of evil. Evil that is apparently going to come looking for us, so excuse me Phoebe, but I'm not exactly in a homeopathic mood right now," she yelled, trying her best to keep her voice as soft as possible so no one else would hear.

Phoebe listened unfazed. "Then move your headache out of your mind," she retorted, crossing her arms expectantly. Prue glared at her little sister, her eyes blazing in barely contained anger. Suddenly a bottle of aspirin shot off the shelf and flew toward Prue, who accidently caught it. Prue stared down at it in confusion, distracting her thoughts from Phoebe. A light bulb seemed to light up in Phoebe. "You move things when you're upset," she observed.

"This is ridiculous! I thought you landed on your arm, not your head!" Prue shouted, looking as if she was about to throw the bottle of aspirin at Phoebe.

"You don't believe me?" Phoebe asked, her voice rising in disbelief.

"Of course I don't believe you!" she retorted.

Phoebe crossed her arms in defiance. "Roger…" she taunted and the whole shelf of aspirin flew off the shelf to land in the floor. "Now let's talk about Dad and see what happens."

"He's dead, Phoebe," Prue retorted sharply.

"No, he's moved from New York, but he's very much alive," Phoebe returned.

"He isn't to me. He died the day he left Mom."

"What are you talking about? He's always been a major button pusher for you. You're mad he's alive, you're mad I tried to find him, and you're mad I came back. Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!" Phoebe jeered. In response, everything on the shelves in Aisle Three flew through the air with a loud crash.

Phoebe looked around at the destruction of Aisle Three. She glanced at Prue, satisfied. "Feel better?" she asked.

Prue looked around and smiled softly. "Lots," she admitted.

"The Book of Shadows said our powers would grow," Phoebe explained, looking impressed.

Prue's smile widened. "Grow to what?" she asked and started laughing. Phoebe quickly joined her. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

The Bowing Building

Jeremy pulled a half-reluctant Piper toward the Bowing Building. He lightly kicked the door open and cheerfully turned back to her. "Well, here we are," he told her, stepping aside so Piper could enter.

Just outside the door, Piper hesitated. "I don't care how amazing the view is. I'm not going in there," she stated defiantly, looking around at the dark shadows and the old creaky walls doubtfully.

Jeremy smiled and took her hand before gently pulling her along with him. "Come on, Come on. I have a surprise inside," he explained. They entered the old elevator and Jeremy lowered the door. With a press of a button the elevator began to move slowly upward. He stepped back to join Piper calmly. "You're going to love this. I bet you'll tell Prue, Phoebe, and Buffy the moment you see them," Jeremy added.

Piper suddenly looked a little confused and she turned to look at Jeremy quizzically. "I never mentioned Phoebe came home. And how did you even know about Buffy. I didn't even know about her till after my audition, after I saw you yesterday. Prue didn't even know about her till yesterday morning when Aunt Joyce's attorney called her cell," she stated, wondering how he'd gotten the information from before she had a chance to tell him.

"Whoops…" he muttered and stuck his hand in his back pocket, feigning casualness. The next second he had spun around with a knife pointed straight at Piper, who jumped slightly in surprise.

"What is that?" Piper asked, taking a step back, but not really frightened since she was with Jeremy.

"It's your surprise," he answered, twirling the knife in his hand and taking a small step toward her.

"Jeremy, stop it… you're scaring me," she ordered, looking aggravated. He continued to advance. "Damn it! I'm serious!" she snapped, sounding remarkably like Prue.

Jeremy grinned, enjoying her ignorance and kept advancing slowly. "So am I. See I've waited six months for this. Ever since Grams went to the hospital. I've known for quite some time that as soon as the old witch croaked, all your powers would be released. Powers that would reveal themselves as soon as the three of you got back together again. All that was needed was for Phoebe to return," he explained.

A look of horror flashed across Piper's face as she tried to circle around to get as far away from him as the elevator would allow. After a few moments she regained her voice. "It was you, wasn't it? You killed all those women," she stated, almost in disbelief.

"Not women…. Witches," Jeremy corrected.

Piper looked at Jeremy for a long moment as realization crossed her mind. He had been in Los Angeles covering the murder of her Aunt Joyce. "You killed Aunt Joyce!"

"You win the prize," he said as he laughed. "I knew with her death, her daughter's powers would become unbound as well."

"Why?" Piper asked in a small voice, her heart breaking with every word Jeremy breathed.

Jeremy held up his other hand and flames shot out of his fingertips. "It was the only way to receive their powers…" he explained, grinning. His face began to contort and his voice became deeper and darker as he finished. "…And now I want yours." He raised the knife above his head ready to plunge it into her as he had so many others.

Piper screamed and instinctively threw her hands up in front of her. Just before it hit her, everything, including him froze. She stood there in shock for a split moment before looking desperately for a way out.

"Okay… Think, Stay calm… Think, think, think. I gotta get outta here." she muttered to herself seeing her only escape being to climb out of the frozen elevator. She carefully moved around Jeremy, watching him closely in case he unfroze before climbing out onto the next level. Just as she set foot on the floor Jeremy unfroze and grabbed her leg, trying to pull her back in.

Piper screamed again and reached for the stairs to grab on to. As her grip on the stairs was about to give way she reached for a long piece of wood, which she turned around and hit him across the head with. Jeremy fell to floor unconscious and Piper ran off as fast as she could for home.

Halliwell Manor

Prue and Phoebe finally returned home as Buffy came bounding down the stairs, carrying Kit. "Took you guys long enough. What's for dinner, I'm starved," she said as she watched Prue head into the kitchen to put away the groceries in her hand.

Phoebe checked the answering machine for any messages left for them. She clicked the button and Roger's voice filled the room.

"Prue. It's Roger. I've decided to let you come back to work. Seriously, let's talk." The machine clicked off and the room was left in silence until Prue came walking in.

"Is Piper home, Buffy?" Prue asked.

"Haven't seen her if she is," answered Buffy as she petted Kit.

"Did Piper leave a message?" Prue asked looking at her baby sister knowing that Phoebe had likely checked the messages.

"She's probably still out with Jeremy," Phoebe offered and then glanced down at the answering machine. "Uh, Roger called."

"Yeah, I heard," Prue said.

A terrified Piper chose that moment to burst through the front door. "Prue," she choked out, slamming the door closed behind her, locking it shut. She immediately fell into her big sister's embrace, trying to steady her breathing.

"Oh my God, what's wrong?" Prue asked after seeing the look on Piper's face.

Piper glanced at Prue for a moment before turning to Phoebe and Buffy. "Lock the doors, check the windows. We don't have a lot of time. Phoebe, in our Book of Shadows did it say anything about how to get rid of a…"

"Warlock?" Phoebe interrupted, guessing Piper's thought. Piper nodded silently.

Buffy's eyes went wide. "A warlock?" she said. What had she gotten herself into by reading that incantation?

"Oh my god…" Prue whispered and upon seeing both her sisters and her cousin frozen in shock took charge. "Phoebe, go look in the book for anything to get rid of a… a …. warlock. Buffy, check the windows upstairs. Piper and I have down here," she ordered and Phoebe and Buffy ran upstairs immediately, leaving Piper and Prue to go different directions on the main floor.

The Bowing Building

In the elevator, Jeremy regained consciousness and picked up his knife. He climbed out of the elevator and ran outside. "I'll get you, you bitch," he muttered to himself as he ran down the street.

Halliwell Manor

Piper and Prue met again at the bottom the stairs after checking all the windows. Prue glanced at Piper and reached for the phone on the end table. "I'm calling the cops," she explained while Piper reached out to stop Prue.

"And tell them what? That all four of us are witches? That Buffy is also something called a Slayer That some freak with powers beyond comprehension is trying to kill us? Even if the cops did come, they'd be no match for Jeremy and we'd be next," Piper spoke rationally.

Before they could argue more about it, Phoebe and Buffy appeared at the top of the stairs. "I found the answer. It's our only hope." Phoebe called, disappearing back up the stairs. Seeing Prue and Piper's hesitance Buffy ran down the stairs to grab both their hands.

"Come on," she insisted and they followed Phoebe up the stairs to the attic.

When the other three finally made it in, Phoebe already had everything set up. A low table sat in the middle with a pot, ingredients, and the Charmed Book of Shadows opened to a certain page. There were candles set up in a circle around it. Phoebe was getting the last few needed objects from the trunk as Buffy pulled Prue and Piper into the circle where they sat down. Prue and Piper cast a nervous glance toward each other as Phoebe came back and joined them. Prue, Piper, and Buffy skimmed over the ritual they were about to perform and looked to make sure they had everything.

"Alright, so we've placed the nine candles anointed with oil and spices in a circle," Prue observed, looking around them.

"Wait, I only count eight," Piper interrupted, counting and recounting.

"Hold on!" said Buffy who raced out of the attic. She ran through the Manor and out the back door and into the garage. She found her mother's chest and opened it. She smiled as she found a candle. She ran back inside and to the attic. "Number 9," she said as she held up a candle. "Thank you, mom!"

"Well I guess we won't need this one,"said Phoebe as she held up a tiny candle.

"A birthday candle?" Piper asked a little skeptically.

"I guess Grams was a little low on witch supplies," Phoebe said in frustration. "Good thing Buffy moved in or we might have had to use it."

"Okay, next we need the poppet," Prue continued, looking from sister to sister.

"Got it," Piper called and reached down beside her to pull it up. She sat it in front of her on the table. Buffy placed her lit candle into the pot.

"Right, we're set. Get ready to cast the spell," Prue ordered changing positions.

Phoebe lit the birthday candle and put it in the pot in the middle of the four of them.

"Right, we're set," Prue said. "Get ready to cast the spell."

"First, I'll make it stronger," Piper interrupted and took a rose and placed it on top of the poppet. "Your love will wither and depart from my life and my heart. Let me be, Jeremy, and go away forever," she chanted and pressed the rose into the poppet before placing it into the pot. "Alright, the spell's complete."

"Let's just hope it works…" Buffy whispered as the rose and poppet began to smoke. The smoke rolled over the sides of the pot to fill the attic, the three sisters and their cousin watched intently in silence. Suddenly, it exploded, catching on fire.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Buffy were cleaning up the stuff for the ritual when Phoebe picked up the pot and was thrown into a premonition.

Jeremy was walking down a back alley, he groaned in pain and fell to the ground. He screamed as sharp jagged thorns from the rose stem shot out from under his skin. Breathing deeply he tried to push the pain away. Standing up and leaning against the fence, he grit his teeth in determination and carried on walking. Phoebe stood up frantically. "Wait… It didn't work," she yelled after them.

Phoebe stood up frantically. "Wait… It didn't work," she yelled after them.

Prue, Piper, and Buffy turned back to face Phoebe looking confused. "Huh?" Buffy asked softly.

"The spell, it didn't work," Phoebe clarified

"How do you know?" Piper asked, grabbing tightly onto Prue's arm.

"When I touched the pot, I had a flash. I saw Jeremy," Phoebe explained.

"You touched the pot and you saw him?" Prue asked in surprise.

"He's on his way here," Phoebe finished running towards them.

Identical fear flashed across all four of their faces before Prue pushed out of the attic, pulling Piper along with her. The other two close behind. They all ran to door and Prue reached out and opened it. "Come on," she called, not realizing immediately that Jeremy was already here. Piper froze and tightened her grip on Prue while Phoebe jumped back and screamed.

The Slayer within Buffy instantly kicked in. She pushed Prue and Piper away from the door and moved between them and Jeremy.

"Hello, ladies," Jeremy greeted stepping into the Manor and twirling his knife threateningly in front of them.

They slowly back away toward the stairs as Buffy trying fend him off. "Prue, Piper, Phoebe. Get out of here now!" she ordered while he was distracted. Phoebe hurried up the stairs. "Prue… Piper… Leave," Buffy repeated, thinking her cousins had frozen up.

"I'm not leaving you…" Prue said as they had no more time to argue as Jeremy advanced toward them again.

"Cool parlor trick, bitch. So you were already called, weren't you Buffy?"

"A few months ago," answered Buffy as she spun into a roundhouse and sent Jeremy flying into the wall. While he was recovering, Prue and Piper grabbed Buffy and pulled her up the stairs to regroup in the attic. As they ran into the attic Prue tried to lighten the mood at least a little. "Phoebe, you're right. Our powers are growing," she agreed turning to help Buffy push furniture up against the door.

"Put as many things against the door as we can," Piper directed, while Buffy pushed a heavy dresser against it. Piper grabbed a chair and sat it on top before they all backed as far away as possible. Prue and Buffy in front of Phoebe and Piper.

From outside the door they could hear Jeremy's taunting voice echo through. "Can't take me now. My powers are stronger than yours." His voice deepening into the demonic tone, followed by a laugh. "Do you think a chair will stop me?" he asked as the chair flew away from the door. "Do you think a dresser will stop me?" The dresser slid away from the door to slam against the wall. "Haven't you witches figured it out? Nothing… nothing will keep us away."

Piper glanced at Prue in fear. "What do we do? We're trapped!" she shouted in panic.

Before Prue could say anything the door exploded and the three sisters screamed and jumped back more. Prue grabbed Buffy's hand in one and grabbed Phoebe's in the other. "Come on… We'll face him together. Do you remember the spirit board?" she insisted.

Piper, catching on, grabbed Phoebe's in her other hand. "The inscription on the back…" Piper realized.

"The Power of Three, will set us free," Prue yelled as a circle of fire surrounded them. "Come on. We have to say it together," she ordered and turned back to face Jeremy.

Buffy looked at her cousins as she remembered what her book had said about her being known as the Charmed Slayer. If she was a witch, wouldn't a spell geared for her power alone work to protect herself. "The Power of the Charmed Slayer, will set me free."

As Buffy chanted she felt something rise up within her and spread out through her hands and into Piper and Prue's and through them into Phoebe. What was she doing?

As they continued to chant the circle of fire turned into a strong wind.

"I am not the only one! I am one of millions! In places you can't even imagine! In forms you would never believe! We are hell on this earth. And you will never be… Free!" he shouted and blew up as they chanted one last time.

Silence fell over the attic and was only broken when Prue glanced back at them smiling slightly. "The Power of Three," she whispered, allowing herself to relax.

"The Power of Three and the Charmed Slayer," Buffy corrected.

February 27, 1997 - Thursday

As normal Prue was the first one to wake up. She slowly slid out of the bed and after getting dressed she made her way to the kitchen. Once she reached the kitchen she saw Piper, Phoebe and Buffy were awake and eating breakfast. Noticing that nobody else had grabbed the paper this morning she headed to the front door. She exited the Manor and reached down for the paper on their steps. As she stood back up she heard a familiar voice call.

"Good Morning."

Prue looked up to find Andy getting out of his car, holding a cup of coffee and a newspaper of his own. She smiled and walked down the remaining steps toward him. "Hey! This is a surprise," she greeted cheerfully.

"I've been feeling really guilty about that bad cup of coffee. I just wanted to make it up to you," Andy explained, closing what was left of the distance between them.

"So, you brought me a good cup of coffee?" Prue guessed, eyeing the cup in his hand.

He followed her gaze down to the cup. "Oh, this? No, this is mine," he clarified and then began to look slightly nervous. "I, uh, just wanted to ask you out to dinner. Unless of course, you're afraid," Andy added, watching her closely.

Prue blushed ever-so-slightly and bit her lip nervously. "Afraid of what?" she asked.

"Oh, you know, having too good a time, stirring up old memories, rekindling an old flame," he joked casually.

Prue nodded slightly as he spoke as if she agreed. "Hmm…Good point. Better not," she replied, going along with the joke.

It was then that Buffy came running out of the Manor and stopped next to Prue. She waved at Andy. "Hi," she said before looking at Prue and pointing at the paper. "I was going to get that for you."

"Who's this?" he wondered as he looked at the young woman. He thought he knew all the Halliwells.

"Andy," said Prue as she introduced her cousin. "I would you to meet Buffy Sum…"

"Halliwell," Buffy interrupted.

"Halliwell?" Prue said confused as she looked at Buffy.

"Well it was mom's maiden name, right?" Buffy asked her eldest cousin. "And dad hasn't been a part of my life since the divorce, other than the occasional visit. So…"

Prue nodded in understanding. "Halliwell it is then," she said before looking back at Andy. "Buffy is mine, Piper and Phoebe's cousin. Her mother was our aunt on mom's side. Aunt Joyce recently passed away so we're going to be looking after her now."

Andy smiled as he put forth his free hand toward Buffy. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Buffy."

"It's nice to meet you too, Andy," Buffy said as she shook Andy's hand.

"So," Andy said as he continued unfazed. "Friday night; 8 o'clock?" His smile faded when she didn't immediately reply. "You hesitated," he observed.

"Yeah, but it's not what you think," she spoke up hastily. "It's just that my life has gotten a bit complicated… And Buffy is one of the reasons its complicated. A good reason though, at least I think so," she tried to explain. She was silent for a moment before finishing. "Can I call you?"

"Sure," Andy agreed as he pulled one of his business cards out of his pocket and handed it to Prue. She smiled gratefully and took it. Andy glanced at his watch and saw he needed to head on to work. "Take care, Prue," he called softly. "Again it was a pleasure to meet you, Buffy," he added before turning to leave.

"Bye, Andy," Prue echoed and then looked at her cousin as the door to the Manor opened and Piper and Phoebe sisters came running out.

"I told you I heard a man's voice," Piper spoke in an I-told-you-so voice. She and Phoebe joined Prue and Buffy as Andy reached his car.

"It's Andy!" Phoebe exclaimed in surprise, looking from Prue to Andy and back again.

"Is that why you sent Buffy out here, Phoebe, when you knew Prue had already came out to get the paper?" asked Piper as she looked at her baby sister. She looked back at Prue. "What did he want?"

Prue smiled. "He asked me out," she admitted.

"What did you say?" Phoebe demanded grinning.

"Well… I started to say yes. And then I stopped. I wondered if I could date. I mean do witches date?" Prue asked uncertainly.

"Not only do they date, but they usually get the best guys…" Piper teased while Buffy burst into giggles.

Prue glared at them and rolled her eyes. "You three will not be laughing when this happens to you. Believe me, everything will be different now," she scolded, turning to head back into the house.

"Well, at least our lives won't be boring," Phoebe pointed out, ever the optimist.

"But they'll never be the same…" Prue reminded them.

"Mine hasn't been the same since I found out I was called as the Slayer," Buffy said. "Being a witch is just another thing on top of it."

"And this is a bad thing?" Phoebe countered.

"No… but it could be a big problem," Prue answered.

"Prue, is right… what are we going to do?" Piper wondered aloud following the rest of her family toward the front door.

"What can't we do?" Phoebe retorted while stroking the cat she held softly.

"We're going to be careful, we're going to be wise, and we're going to stick together, That goes for you as well, Buffy. You are not alone anymore," Prue cautioned.

Buffy smiled. "I know. Day before yesterday I got cousins. Today I guess we can all say I have sisters."

"Yes you do," agreed Prue.

"This should be interesting" Piper remarked.

Buffy looked out at the street. She couldn't help but see things a little differently now than she had back in Los Angeles, given what she knows now. That she was not only a Slayer but a witch. With her cousins help she might actually no longer have to worry about going to an early grave.

"Buffy?" called Prue.

"Coming," said Buffy as she turned and headed back inside passing Prue in the foyer.

Prue looked at the door about to close it when she smiled mischievously. Instead, she flicked her hand and it magically swung shut.