Okay this is going to be a story about Mas y Menos. Enjoy. P.S they are going to talk in English since they will be talking most of the time. When they turn back to human they will talk in Spanish.

Mas: BlueReader no posee-

Menos: Teen Titans!

Chapter 1: We're Cat's?!

Mas y Menos ran faster and faster until Mumbo couldn't tell where they were. "Where did you go?" He shouted. They suddenly ran up right behind him and knocked him right into the arms of Speedy and Aqualad.

"You twin boys just made me lose!" He shouted angrily as the police dragged him off. "Abra Cadabra! That'll teach you!"

Mas y Menos felt a tingling and everything seemed to get very big. They looked over at each other.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" They screamed. "We're cats! And were speaking English!"

They were indeed cats. They had striking red fur with a few white patches.

"We have to tell Bumble Bee!" Menos said.

They went up to her and ran around her ankles, but she took no notice.

"Where are the twins?" Speedy asked.

"They must have gone back to the Tower." Aqualad guessed.

They all got back into their ship and flew back to Steel City.

"How will we get back to the Tower?" Mas asked. "We don't know the way."

"The Titans West's Tower is right over there." Menos said gesturing with his tail. "We could go to them for help."

"It's worth a shot." Mas agreed.

Mas jumped on Menos back and they sped off. They ran so fast they went right on top of the water. They couldn't open the door so they sat outside it and wailed until Beast Boy came out.

"What's all the noise?" He said. He noticed Mas y Menos. "Aw. How did you cats get on this island?"

He took them inside and brought them inside the main room.

"Guys look what I found!" He said holding up Mas y Menos.

"Oh how cute!" Starfire squealed running over and hugging them.

"Ow! Too tight Ms. Starfire!" Mas choked out.

"Ooh can I name them?" Starfire pleaded.


"This one is Fluffy." She said pointing to Mas. "And this one is Falcon." She said pointing to Menos.

"Really?" Mas whined.

"Nice to meet you Fluffy." Menos teased.

"How did they get in the island, though?" Cyborg questioned.

"No idea they were just sitting on the step-"

A frantic Bumble Bee appeared on the screen.

"Have any of you seen Mas and Menos?" She asked worriedly. "We can't find them!"

"Oh no!" Starfire gasped.

"We'll be right over." Robin said. "Cyborg can activate the trackers on their communicators. Robin out."

"Okay Cyborg you go and get you tools and meet us at the T-Car. Titans move out!"

"Wait!" Beast Boy shouted. "What about Falcon and Fluffy?"

"They'll have to stay here. Let's move!" Robin said as they all left the room.

"Those idiots!" Mas said. "Two twin boys are missing and two twin cats show up? How dense could they be?"

"Honestly." Menos agreed. "Didn't Mumbo turn them into animals before too?"

"Yeah. Maybe we could follow the car and get to our tower." Mas suggested.

"It's worth a shot. We'd better hurry though they're leaving right now."

They made it to the garage just as the car backed out.

"Mas y Menos si podemos!" They shouted and ran after the car.

Beast Boy stared out the car window. He didn't know why they were bothering to go to the Titans East. Mas y Menos probably just went to the arcade or somewhere like that. He sighed and looked away. As he turned his head he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned back and his jaw dropped. He saw Fluffy standing on Falcon while running and they were keeping pace with the car.

"Guys! Look at that!" He shouted.

Mas was looking at the car and saw Beast Boy staring at them.

"Menos Mr. Beast Boy saw us! Quick hide!"

Menos veered left into a nearby alley and they crashed into something.

"What is it Beast Boy?" Starfire asked. "I do not see a thing."

"Huh." Beast Boy said. "I could have sworn I saw the cats…."

"Ugghhh….." Mas groaned. He sat up.

Menos looked around. "What happened?" He said.

"We ran into them."

'Them' was a bright pink cat with blue eyes and a blond furred cat with striking green eyes (AN: Hint hint, wink wink).

"Sorry about that." Menos apologized. "Our fault completely."

"That's okay." The pink cat replied. "What are your names?"

"I'm Mas and that's Menos."

"Mas? Menos? That's you guys? It's me, Kole!"

"Really?" Mas said.

"Yes and this is Jericho! I didn't recognize you because you're speaking English.

"Yeah we don't know how that happened. Did Mumbo turn you guys into cats too?"

Jericho nodded.

"We were fighting Doctor Light when an alert came and said that Mumbo was breaking out of jail." Kole said. "We were sent to find him. We recaptured him but then he turned us into cats! We have been trying to find our teams."

"We were just following Mr. Cyborg's car to our tower because Bumble Bee was looking for us and Cyborg can track our communicators." Mas explained.

"Yeah." Menos said. "They took us into our tower when Bumble Bee called. And Starfire gave us names. I'm Falcon and he," Menos sniggered, "is Fluffy."

"That stinks." Kole said sympathetically.

Jericho looked at Kole. "Do you mind?" He mouthed.

"Go ahead." She allowed.

Jericho made eye contact with her and took over her body. "I know the way back to your tower." He told Mas and Menos. "If we go there and show everyone our powers they might make the connection." He got out of Kole's body.

"That's a great idea Mr. Jericho!" Menos praised.

They set out for the tower with Jericho in the lead.

Ten minutes later they were standing outside the door. They yowled for a few minutes but no one answered.

"How do we get in?" Menos asked.

"We'll have to reach the scanner. We should still have our DNA so if one of you could reach it we could get in." Kole said to Mas and Menos.

Jericho crouched down for Kole to climb on his back. Mas sprang off Menos back to get on top of Kole and Menos climbed up all of them and stood on two legs so he could reach the scanner.

"We're in." He said jumping down from on top of everyone. They made their way up to the briefing room. All of the titans were there.

"Kole and Jericho are missing, too?!" Robin was saying.

"Yes, the last time we saw them was when they went to stop Mumbo from breaking out of jail." Pantha said.

"We last saw Mas and Menos after we defeated Mumbo!" Aqualad said. "Maybe he had something to do with it. We-"

A yowl cut him off. Four cats were standing there. One had long blond fur and green eyes. One had pink fur and blue eyes. The last two had red fur with white patches.

"Fluffy! Falcon! How did you two get here? Who are your friends?" Beast Boy said.

"Okays guys we'll have to demonstrate our powers so they'll see that it's us." Kole ordered.

"Mas y Menos si podemos!" They shouted. Twining tails they sped around all of the Titans. Kole wailed to get everyone's attention. When everyone looked over she immobilized herself in crystal. Since Jericho couldn't see up into anyone's eyes he sat on his hind paws and signed "Titans! It is us. We were turned into cats!"

"Do you realize what this means?" Beast Boy said. "Our cats have superpowers!"

All the cats did a mental forehead slap.

"Ooh they can be mascots!" Starfire squealed.

"Cool!" Beast Boy said.

"What should they be called?" Cyborg asked.

"This one could be Crystal." Starfire said pointing to Kole. "And the twins could be called The Speedsters.

"What about the blond one?" Aqualad questioned.

"He could be called Genius." Speedy suggested. "He looks pretty smart."

Everyone looked at him. Genius did indeed look smart.

"We should probably go look for Mas, Menos, Kole, and Jericho now." Robin said. "TITANS MOVE OUT!"

They all ran from the room.

"We are surrounded by the biggest idiots I've ever seen." Menos stated.

Everyone agreed with him.