you want the truth,

I'll give you the truth,

The cold, hard, irresistible truth.

Everyone wants it,

No one defies it.

And once you have it,

You cannot deny it.

You still want the truth?

The invincible truth?

The cold, hard, unbearable truth?

You hear the facts,

And you'll think me cold-hearted,

But I can't help,

What you already started.

The honesty, you say, is twisted and fake,

It's like I threw it into a lake,

But what would I gain by telling you lies,

Other than a smile, softening your eyes?

You want me to tell you, you want me to say?

Or rather me shut my mouth, and go away?

Your strong, and stubborn, you'll be okay.

The memory of her will not leave this day.

So I'll blurt it all out, and hope for the best,

Because Ichigo,

It was your mom, and I'm sorry, but…

She's not coming back.

Now you've run from the room, and into the cold.

And you're out there, stuck, all on your own.

And you've gotten old.

But you carry the burden, of what wasn't your fault,

And you scream, and you cry,

When nobody's home.

But please hold up, keep your head to the clouds,

Because life will always have ups and downs.

Your fifteen now,

And it's time to retire,

Your feelings of that lonely attire.

Go home to your friends, and family that waits.

Get out of the cold.

Go home…

Where it's safe.