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I was curled up in my bed, wide awake, and looking out the window. I had the perfect view of the Hokage Mountain in Konoha, but it was just so boring to look at. I sighed quietly and rolled onto my back, staring at the ceiling.

"I'm a better prankster than Naruto," I sighed to myself "Why am I so bored?"

Because we've done everything we can to this place my alter-ego, Jade, grumped. I groaned loudly. She was right. Every little prank I could think of, I've done. Everyone knows my work, and they have stopped reacting the way they should. It was getting boring and lame being in the village, which is sad for a ninja.

"I shouldn't be so bored all the time, J. I'm a ninja for god's sakes, I have the most exciting life ever" I said aloud

Don't know what to tell ya, kid. If Jade had a physical body outside of mine, she'd shrug and probably try to go back to sleep, so I decided to try and close my eyes but after what felt like an eternity, I opened them again, and only a few minutes had passed.

"That's it" I said, throwing my sheets off and getting out of bed. Where are we going? I dunno. Just not here. I quickly changed into my ninja clothes and acted as if I was going to meet the others for a mission. I slid past my older sister's room and out the door. I jogged along the quiet streets. It was about 3:30 in the morning. No one would be out at this time.

"Where do you think you're going?" I froze at Kakashi-Sensei's voice. I reluctantly turned to look at him. I laughed nervously and rubbed the back of my neck

"Uh…somewhere entertaining?" I said. I had a feeling he was frowning at me behind his mask. I dropped my head in shame

"It's so boring here, Kaka-Sensei" I whined "I wanna go do something!"

"Then wait until tomorrow's mission" He said simply

"I don't wanna wait, Kakashi!" I snapped "I wanna go have an adventure now. I wanna do something fun, something stupid, and something dangerous! I want to live like I won't see tomorrow!" Kakashi put his hands up in front of him in defeat

"Alright, calm down. You're going to wake the whole village." He said

"Sorry.." I sighed quietly. "I just…I don't think I can do this much longer." He sighed quietly and put his hand on my head.

"No talking like that," He said "You worry us when you do that. Now go on back home, you'll feel better in the morning." I slumped my shoulders and reluctantly sauntered back home, Kakashi following just to be sure.


I felt worse in the morning. Naruto was excited about everything as usual, Sakura was as well, and Sai, well, he was Sai. With a big fake grin on his stupid face, fake-laughing at Naruto's lame joke. I stood away from them, just watching as they trained together. Kakashi stood silently next to me. I had arrived later than Kakashi, faking sickness.

"Am I allowed to leave the village now?" I sighed. I hadn't realized I'd spoken out loud when Kakashi hit me upside the head

"Don't let the others hear you say that," He warned. "You'll worry them."

"Right. Sorry." I grumbled.


Later that night, I tried again. But this time, no one stopped me. I slid right out the gates, and just left. I planned on coming back at some point in the next few days.

I didn't plan on what really happened.

I didn't plan on meeting evil incarnate.

I never planned…

On joining the Akatsuki.

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