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Suddenly, there was a low rumble. Then the wall exploded.

It sent everyone in the room flying. I slammed hard into the nearest standing wall, and fell to the ground. I fought to catch my breath, gasping through the severe pain I was in. I tried to stand but couldn't get my body to work. It was then I realized that someone else had landed on top of me.

"O-Oi," I choked out "G-Get off!" I struggled underneath the weight of the person and managed to wiggle out from under him. It was Kakuzu. His hardly conscious form was in a position where it looked like he was trying to protect me.

I coughed and looked around at the damage. Everyone had been taken by surprise, and no one was moving. I let out a long sigh. With much effort, I managed to pull myself to my feet. My whole body ached badly, and I felt like passing out. The gaping hole in the wall let in more sunlight than I'd seen in the past few months and god was I happy to see it. My adoration of the light abruptly ended when I recognized a figure coming through the dust and smoke. His snake-like eyes shone with pride as he took in the destruction he had wrought on the building.

"They were easier to contain that I'd hoped they'd be." He chuckled in that disgusting voice that made my skin crawl.

"I'm a little disappointed in them, what about you, Sasuke?" Orochimaru turned to face the hole, where another familiar figure had appeared, and was taking in the scene himself. Suddenly his red eyes shot to me, the only other person standing. Then his eyes flicked to something just over my shoulder and his face twisted into anger and bloodlust. I felt an arm slide around my waist and I was thrown behind someone.

"Itachi!" Sasuke hissed, becoming very defensive.

"Little brother, this is a place you should not be." Itachi growled "I suggest you and the snake-man remove yourselves before I am forced to remove you myself."

"Now, now, Itachi, we just came to say hello to your new pet." Orochimaru smiled at me and I shuddered.

"Adrianna fetch Pein and Konan immediately. I will deal with these two." Itachi ordered, his eyes still focused on the intruders.

"Eh?! Why me?!" I asked.

"Because you are the only one still standing now do as I say." He hissed. Damn he was mad. Without another word, I moved to follow his order and half-ran, half-limped from the room and towards where I could already hear Pein and Konan coming from.

I met the two halfway and nearly collapsed into Konan's arms.

"What happened?" Pein demanded

"Orochimaru happened." I said, trying to keep myself upright. I had no idea why I was suddenly so tired. My words sent the two blowing past me and running towards the room I had left Itachi alone in. With a groan, I turned myself around and slowly followed after. I may be a prisoner, but the reality of the matter is that I was the one being threatened and I needed to do something to help.

By the time I arrived, Sasori and Zetsu had joined Pein, Konan and Itachi in the room. There had to be something I could do. Fighting would be fruitless, as I was as useless as those still passed out around the room.

"The girl returns to help her new friends, how cute." Orochimaru teased, chuckling.

"Shut it you creep!" I yelled.

"That's enough, Adrianna you're injured, there is nothing you can possibly do." Pein snapped, shooting me a warning glare. I refused to move. I'd help if it killed me.

"No way in hell." Was my reply. I refused to meet his gaze, instead I focused on my ex-teammate, who was looking back and forth between me and Itachi, as if trying to figure out which of us to stare down. It was pathetic, really, but that's Sasuke for you.

Orochimaru had started talking again, but I wasn't exactly paying attention. Pein snapped something back that sounded a lot like my exact words to him just a moment ago. My gaze flicked to Itachi. He had lost interest in looking at Sasuke. Instead I couldn't help but notice he was watching me.

I idly wondered if he realized how heroic he really was, in his own way. And beautiful. And-

Mmm I hate to ruin the moment, but it looks like Sasuke is ready to pounce on you. A voice I hadn't heard in a while crept into my head and pulled me out of my wonderings. I reacted too slow, however, and didn't exactly manage to scramble out of the way as Sasuke lunged forward and captured me.

No one had the time to react before he whisked me back out the hole Orochimaru created and took off.


Sasuke and Orochimaru managed to escape the Akatsuki with me in hand. How, I have yet to figure out. I had a feeling a certain elder Uchiha knew it was coming and purposely did nothing to stop it. What an ass.

They carted me back to Orochimaru's hideout and locked me in a random room. I pounded on the door constantly screaming for them to let me out.

"I can't BREATH IN HERE YOU ASSHOLES!" I screamed constantly. The only time the door opened was when someone brought me food, which I never ate.

After what I thought was a few days of refusing to eat or sleep I could sense someone behind the door. I approached it and knocked on it gently.

"I know someone's out there." I said, just loud enough for them to hear. "Can I come out now? I'll be good." I leaned my forehead against the wood.

"I really just want to go home. Can I go home please? I won't tell anyone where you are..." I pleaded, my voice quivering slightly. I got no reaction from the person. I sighed and backed away from the door. I moped to a far corner in the room and sat on the floor with my legs drawn to my chest, my forehead pressed into my knees. At least being with the Akatsuki, I had a little freedom. Orochimaru literally threw me in a room and left me to basically rot.

After a few moments of silence, I assumed the person had left. I was taken by surprise however, when the lock clicked and the door slid open. The light from the corridor was rough on my eyes, and I let out a groan. Quiet footsteps approached and the person keeled down in front of me.

"What do you want, asshole?" I grumbled, rubbing at my eyes.

"Among other things?" Sasuke said, the smallest hit of a smirk creeping up on his lips. I reached across and gave him a pathetic thwack on the head.

"Don't be a dick. Take me home." I demanded.

"You're not in any position to be making orders." He said, his eyes, now void of the Sharingan, observed me with no tangible emotion in them. Was he proud of himself for dragging me into hell? Did he pity my current state? I couldn't tell.

"Please take me home?" I offered.



He chuckled and stood back up.

"You haven't changed one bit, have you?" He asked. I simply stared up at him, and I felt a wide grin flash across my face.

"Oh darling, I've changed a lot thanks to your dear brother I-ta-chi." I forced myself to my feet and stood as tall as I could. He still beat me by a few inches, but that didn't matter.

"By the way, you left the door open." Before he could fully register what I meant, I grabbed the back of his head and forced my knee up at the same time, crashing the two violently together. I took his moment of confusion as a chance to get the hell out.

I flew down the corridor, luckily not setting off any traps on my way. I could hear people pursuing me, but I just ran on. The main corridor that lead to the exit was full of traps, and I nearly set of every single one of them. Either I'm lucky or a better ninja than I realized, because I avoided getting injured.

I burst through the exit and just kept going. It was pitch black outside, the heavy clouds blocked out the moon and stars and it smelled like rain.


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