Okay well if you are familiar to my work (which I bet you're not because I barely made and account two days ago) you would know that I should probably be working on my House of Hades story right? Well I got a stroke of inspiration and writers can't just ignore those so I decided to write it! In this story Aphrodite decided that things in Hazel's love life have been getting to boring lately. And well you'll just have to see what happens. It's very short but there will be more chapters I'm mostly doing this just for the heck of this so beware fluffiness and OOC

Disclaimer: nope, still not Rick Riordan L

Aphrodite's point of view

I was doing what I all ways do this time of day the past few weeks, doing my makeup and watching the seven demigods of the prophecy.

You'd think that an Olympian goddess much like myself would be watching to see if you think that they would succeed in their little quest. But I am of course Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty so no, I was watching them to see how their stories where going.

But there hasn't been much to watch of the late, with Annabeth and Percy in Tartarus. Oh, and I will be helping them with that despite Zeus' orders, I mean they are the couple of the century so I can't have them killing themselves off can I?

So that left the other demigods Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Leo, and Nico. Poor Nico really needs to find himself a girlfriend but I still need to find someone as moody as he is. Piper and Jason are doing well but if nothing interesting happens there soon I will have to do something. I wonder what piper would do if I gave her a makeover again? Well it won't be good so I'll try to leave her on her own for now.

So that leaves the beautiful love triangle of Frank/Hazel/and Leo. Gods that's going slow and it's not like I've left them alone until this point. Who do you think let Hazel and Leo see Sammy at his old age for them to figure out how they were connected.

I'm hoping for Hazel and Leo to get together because Frank could probably get another girlfriend, but children of Hephaestus aren't known for being social so this might be Leo's only chance at love. Oh, how romantic.

If it were up to me I would have given Leo and hazel their little surprise already (a special mix of love and truth potions) so that they where to fall in love and when the other demigods figured out that I was behind it the truth potions would kick in and they would be forced to say if it was real of not real.

But there are rules to these kinds of things so before I can give them anything first they need to have something. Just one spark not that much but it has to be there.

Good thing I had this all planed when I gave them they memory. I had only given them they part that I edited not the whole thing.

I know I know that its probably very OOC and I bet that there are typos or grammar mistakes but I'm not taking this story very seriously its just for fun. But what will the rest of the memory hold? What is Aphrodite's master plan? And who do you think will win team Lazel or team Frazel? Oh and if you hadn't guessed it yet I'm a Lazel fan so if you like Frazel then I don't recommend that you keep reading.