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Just so you know, I woke up way before the fight with Hazel and Frank was over. And I was kind of glad. It would have been extremely awkward with me being conscious in the room. I never thought I would say this: Thank you Aphrodite! But something told me that Hazel wouldn't appreciate my help anyway, because I found her sitting up, bawling her eyes out.

But regardless of what anyone standing at the doorway would think, I got up out of my chair, and sat down next to her. I put my hand on her shoulder, expecting her to shove me away. But I guess she didn't care, because she just kept on crying. Not really thinking, I brought her into a hug. I held her tightly, because I knew what she was feeling; the feeling of losing someone that you love. I don't know exactly what happened with her and Frank, but I know it wasn't good. For her to be crying this much, wasn't a good sign.

"Leo…..can't…...breathe" she gasped. She tried to push me away, but I just held her tighter.

"I am not letting you go until you stop crying." I said firmly. And I wasn't lying.

"Fine, fine, no more tears." She said. I grinned

"Good" I said, letting her go.

After a little moment of silence, which surprisingly wasn't that awkward, she asked, "So how much of that did you hear?"

I made a face. "Enough to know that you needed a hug." He rolled her eyes and laughed.

But the laugh died when Hazel suddenly started to scream and clutch her stomach

I started to panic big time. "What's wrong? What happened? Are you okay?!" Just then, everyone came running into the room.

Piper went up to Hazel, and tried to charm speak to calm herself down, but Hazel just kept screaming. That's when I remembered about my talk with Aphrodite "Wait!" I pulled out the bottle out of my pocket, "I just remembered Aphrodite gave me a potion to heal her!" I yelled wanting to slap myself for forgetting

"LEO VALDEZ! HOW IN TARTARUS COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THAT?" Piper screamed at me. As if we needed more noise in the small room... But it didn't even matter, because I was too busy trying to get Hazel to calm down enough for me to give her potion to listen to what Piper was saying.

"Hazel," I showed her the bottle, "this will make the pain go away. But you have to drink this."

She grabbed the bottle with no hesitation, and jugged the whole thing. It made me kind of nervous. Was she going to be ok? Did Aphrodite trick me into something that I will regret? I just hoped that it would make whatever the pain was go away.

After she drank it, he slowly set it down. I took the bottle, and looked at her dead in the eyes."Do you feel better?" I asked.

She nodded, before laying down. She fell asleep immediately. Everyone left the room, knowing that at least Hazel was ok, but I stayed. I sat back down, and looked at the cut that she had, and sighed with relief, as I saw the three-inch deep cut fade into an angry pink mark. Go figure.

I remember that when everyone had come in, that Frank wasn't even here. I began to wonder how bad their fight really was, to where Frank knew that she was in pain, and didn't even come to see if she was ok. I felt my eyes grow heavier, and knew that after a long day, that I at lest deserved a little nap. I slouched against the back of the chair, and closed my eyes, hoping that Aphrodite really didn't trick me into something.

And boy was I wrong.

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