Love is only for herbivores

Then why are there prefects

Following everywhere I go

…Including the toilet

Then why everything I bought

Is being paid for

By someone unknown

Then why every male in the world

Ranging from 13 – 59 who has talked to me

Except my family members

Has been "bitten to death"

Then why are you stalking me

Into the dark of the night

And even in my dreams

Then why, my deepest dreams

Are being fulfilled

When I'm the only one

Who knows them

Then why are you standing in the shadows

Trying to mingle with them

When you, yourself detest crowds

Love is only for herbivores

Then why are you doing this

If it is not love

Then what is it?!

Hibari found this junk on his table. If you insist, he thought to himself. But before that, you got some explaining to do. Nobody dares to enter his room without his permission and you were the first. Looks like you just stuck the lottery and the prize was "getting bitten to death" by the infamous Hibari Kyoya.

Authors Notes : Why is it so hard to separate them into stanzas? Got this idea after last year's PMR exam - it is an exam form 3 (15-year-old/16 if you did not get C for Bahasa Malaysia) students in Malaysia have to take. Most of this fic is in the form of a poem so I put it in the poetry genre, am I correct? Please rate my poem on a scale of 1 - 10 and review it. Thank you.

Disclaimer : I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn! but I do own this poem and the last 5 sentences.