They started from the beginning. Neal told Peter everything. From his first day meeting Kate, to the last day, when he lost his chance to say goodbye.

Neal remained rather composed throughout the conversation.

A few times, if he touched upon a particularly unpleasant topic, his body would involuntarily shake. But Peter immediately calmed him down.

Peter didn't just listen, he truly engaged himself in the conversation as well.

Unlike a random therapist, Peter truly cared.

They talked for about two hours until Neal began to feel rather tired and exhausted.

"Neal, if you want, we can continue talking after ya get some sleep." Peter said, noticing Neal's condition.

"No, I'm okay" Neal replied. "I'm not even tired." Neal was refusing to let his body win again.

Also, he was beginning to actually enjoy their conversation.

They talked for about a half hour more until Neal's eyes began to close and his words began to slow down.

Neal was too exhausted to realize his current state. Peter didn't tell him. He figured Neal might involuntarily fall asleep.

Peter was right.

Neal's body had surrendered to its utter exhaustion.

Before long, Neal's eyes had closed and his head had fallen down onto Peter's lap.

He curled up into a ball and remained there, breathing rhythmically as he slept.

Peter reached over carefully, as not to disturb Neal, and pulled the covers over them both.

Leaning his head back on the headrest, Peter made himself comfortable, before slowly shutting his eyes.

He didn't mind staying like that all night. No matter what, he was never leaving Neal's side.