He switched on the contact lens diodes, and became Ch0023r.

Access granted. Warp shift into zero-stasis, strataphoric interference registered as jagged lines flying by through log-in. Root shift, password keygen, spinning like a pinwheel through rainbow tables. Light-shift, info-sylph complete. Go.

Shatterbyte explosion, data-drain memory chasm screaming through tone-outs like banshees in hell. Worlds rushing by in static infrastructure wavelengths as he flew through stereographic interfaces, beta paradigms like aural hymns in neural output measurements, serenading his serotonin levels. Seizure sunrise, ratcheting imagery struggling to boot-load, shutterchasm flyby in numbercoded neon.

Then. Falling flowers. Raining cherry blossoms, sighing digital wind, peaceful polygons on blue lattice aquaphore. He cried.

Hey, don't get distracted!


Reroute sensors, fanwave interface online, he waved his hand in an arc activating Chronus dot exe , the keys spanning by his fingertips like water droplets strung on motherboard access routes of beadstring. Error msg, admin override, data stream debug protocol like a light show, exploding in neon fireworks. He tapped the radiant light-keys in midair on a global grid, grabbed the edges of the sphere and compressed. The converted orb glowed in his palm, he threw it at the aquaphore sky and leapt through the ensuing warp hole out of the diode projected garden into a stellar void.

Then peace.

Coding in 8-bit resonance, streaming like pixelated stars, planetary somnambulism flying by his avatar like screensaver melancholy. Annals of loneliness, channel-surfing on a digital livewire, a cacophonic static like sadness as he floated through iNet in the outer rim of cyberspace.