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Chapter Seven: Heart of Darkness

Judai squirmed as he was attacked viciously by Jehu. As Dark Johan was kissing him, his hand slowly slid from Judai's neck down his chest. Judai let out a strangled gasp as Jehu slid off his jeans.

"Sorry Juu-chan" he whispered. "They were in my way." He grinned, and moved his mouth from Judai's lips, and trailed kisses down his neck, leaving marks.

"S-stop!" Judai begged, as Jehu's hand traveled to the slight tent in Judai's boxers. "I can't do this! I won't do this! I won't betray Johan!" He managed to squirm out of Jehu's grasp, but he knew he had nowhere to go.

"Ah ah ah, Judai. You said his name." Jehu said gleefully. As a sadistic grin made its way onto Jehu's face Judai paled, not wanting any harm to come to the boy he loved.

"Wait! Please don't hurt him!" Judai pleaded. "I won't say his name again, so please don't hurt him!"

Jehu smiled at the Slifer, an action which confused him.

"My poor, clueless Judai." Jehu whispered. He approached Judai carefully, not wanting him to bolt away. "You may love him, but I know he doesn't love you. Haven't you been wondering why he ran away from you?" Judai looked up at Jehu, but avoided his eyes.

"I… yeah. I have been kinda curious. But how would you know?"

Jehu shook his head, a sad smile on his face. "My dear Judai, he was disgusted with you. He only thought of you as a friend, and when you kissed him he couldn't bear it. He ran because he hates you, Judai." Jehu had looked away while speaking to hide his grin, but when he turned to face Judai, he wore a sad smile. He heard a soft, disbelieving whisper.

"J-johan hates me?" Jehu embraced the Slifer in a warm hug, Judai's head against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, my love. But it's true. I have seen his thoughts." Judai looked up at Jehu, tears glistening in the corner of his eyes.

"Then why did he kiss me back?" Jehu held the Slifer tighter.

"That was me, Juu-chan. I'm sorry I mislead you into thinking Johan had feelings for you." Judai let out a soft breath, as tears began making their way down his soft porcelain cheeks.

"I-I thought, maybe there would be a small chance he would love me back." Judai whispered as his head fell against Jehu's firm chest.

"I'm sorry Judai. But I hope you can understand that even though he doesn't love you, I still do." Jehu lifted a hand, and started softly stroking Judai's chocolate and orange locks. "Precious Judai, I am here for you." Judai sniffled, and wrapped his arms around Jehu's waist.

"Thank you, but I don't even know your name." Judai looked up briefly to address the boy holding him. Jehu gave Judai a soft smile.

"I'm glad you asked, Juu-chan. My name is Jehu. Jehu Andersen." Judai cocked his head to the side.

"What can I call you?" Jehu felt Judai's arms tighten around his waist.

"Sweet Judai, you can call me anything you wish. With the exception of the name of that awful boy who broke your heart, of course." Judai gave Jehu a tentative smile.

"I think I'll call you..." Judai's voice softened as his eyes drooped. Within seconds the Slifer fell into a deep sleep, still wrapped around Jehu.

"Sweet Judai, I will protect you from those who dare to hurt you. I will keep you safe in my arms." Jehu stood up carefully and carried Judai to the bed. Once he set the brunet gently on the bed, he climbed in next to him and wrapped his arms around Judai's waist. Judai mumbled and moved his head onto Jehu's chest, clinging to him. Jehu smiled and laid his head against the headboard. Since he had no need for sleep, he watched Judai slumbering. "My Juu-chan, I finally have you."

(Meanwhile, in Dark World…..)

"HOW THE HELL DOES THAT BASTARD HAVE JUDAI IN HIS CLUTCHES?!" A furious voice echoed through the dark castle. Haou stood in the throne room, pacing angrily as his servant stood to the side, afraid for his life. Yubel floated near him and was shaking her head.

"Calm yourself!" she growled, clearly agitated. Haou turned to face the servant.

"You! How did you come across this information?" The servant paled.

"Haou-sama, I ran into some monster spirits who claim they know Judai-sama." Haou stopped pacing and slowly walked towards the servant, who was shaking like a leaf.

"And what, did these spirits look like?" Haou stopped a few steps away from his servant.

"There was a fire warrior woman, and a winged man, and a little brown fuzzy thing with wings, and a space man monster, sir." By the time he was finished, Haou was shaking with rage.

"Those are Judai's monsters. Why are they here, and not protecting my Judai?" Yubel floated over to Haou, motioning for the servant to leave before he felt the Dark King's wrath.

"Haou, they must have a reason. Why don't we try to find them, and ask them?" Haou glared at Yubel, and then grudgingly nodded.

"You! Come back in here!" Haou called to the servant who had seen Judai's monsters. The servant scurried in, afraid for his life.

"Haou, you could at least try to be a little nicer." Yubel scolded. She turned to the servant. "What is your name?" The servant shifted, and looked at Haou, unsure if he should take orders from the spirit. When Haou nodded slightly, the servant spoke.

"I am Julius, Miss." Yubel smiled at him.

"We need to know where you found Judai's duel spirits." Julius held back his shock. How dare a spirit refer to Judai-sama so casually? Yubel noticed his shock, and floated closer to him. "You are curious why I say Judai's name so casually." Julius, who was shocked by Yubel reading his mind, could only nod. "I am Judai's oldest spirit monster. I have been with him since he was a small child. When I came back, I was corrupted, and tried to harm all of Judai's friends because I was furious at him for sending me away. But Judai, Haou, and a friend of Judai's named Johan-" Haou growled, obviously displeased at the mention of Johan. Yubel glared at Haou, and then turned back to Julius. "As I was saying, once Judai freed me I was fused with his spirit. Haou was as well. We are his protectors. And as you know, Haou is his Soulmate. Even in the past, Haou was incomplete. Once he found his other half, Haou took over Judai's body," Yubel shot a nasty look towards Haou, who smirked. "And using Judai's fears, and hatred towards himself, Haou was able to control Judai's body complete. But Judai still had control of his mind, so his friends were able to break Haou's hold on Judai. And once Judai was free, Haou discovered his other half. The light to his darkness. Haou and Judai are meant to be with each other. Judai does not know this. So once Judai is safely back here, you must not tell him." Haou glared at Yubel.

"Why are you telling him so much?" Yubel gestured to Julius.

"Judai will need a servant who can help him get used to being a co-ruler to an entire world."

"What makes you think I will let Judai out of my sight?" Haou snarled. Yubel shook her head.

"If you smother him, he will never trust you. Let alone love you." Haou growled, knowing Yubel was right.

"Fine. I will give him space. But first we must get him away from that bastard." Yubel nodded, and turned towards Julius.

"We need to know the location of Judai's monster spirits. Where did you see them?" Julius gulped, and started shaking again.

"I saw them in the forbidden lands. Out of Lord Haou's territory." Yubel groaned, and floated to the ground.

"Out of all the places they could be, it had to be the one place you don't control?" Haou started pacing again.

"No human could survive out there. Even some spirits would die in that place." Haou stopped and turned towards Yubel. "I will send out my evil heroes to retrieve them." Haou called in a guard and told him to pass his orders to his monster spirits. Once the guard left, Haou sighed and headed towards the secret entrance to his room. Before he opened the secret door, he turned to Julius. "Julius. Prepare to be in service to Judai. I will give you a new rank, as personal servant to the Queen." Julius nodded and ran towards the entrance to the throne room, stopping to bow to Yubel before leaving.

"… Judai won't like being called a Queen."

"Shut up." Haou slammed the door, and walked to his bed. He removed his helmet and armor, putting on training pants and a loose tunic-styled shirt instead. He sat down and ran his hand through is hair. "I will free you from that bastard. Wait for me Judai."

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