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Harry Potter was dying.

It was not in old age, surrounded by friends and family, as he had hoped. It was not in battle, as he had feared, but always thought was most likely to happen. No, he was dying of sickness.

A rare form of tuberculosis, untreatable even with magic. His breaths were laboured, his vision foggier than normal, Harry Potter was going to die, soon, and there was no way to stop it. His friends were indeed gathered around him, pity in their eyes as they looked upon his fragile form. Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Man-Who-conquered, reduced to this pitiable figure on the medical bed, unable to move without help.

He'd told them about his illness months ago, after it had become too noticeable to ignore, even for Ron. All had reacted differently, Ron and Neville with denial, Ginny with heartbreaking sorrow, Luna with sad, yet knowing eyes as if she had seen this coming, and Hermione with her usual stubborn determination to find a way to fix it. But there was no fixing this, and now, even as he lay there, Harry felt his life force slipping away.

He would have been crying if he could, for both the physical pain and the mental. His body was wracked with agony, even as his mind wandered to the many things he would never get a chance to do. It was only a few years since his defeat of Voldemort, since everything looked as if it was going to turn out okay, and now he would never get a chance to marry his beloved Ginevra, never get the chance to finish his Auror training, the chance to smile at his children as they left for Hogwarts, or as they graduated, all smiling proudly. He would never again play quidditch with his friends, nor laugh as Hermione talked about her newest obsession.

He looked around, his murky vision degrading even as he did so, and sloppily looked all of the people gathered around his bed in the eye. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, McGonagall, Draco Malfoy, who he's gotten to speak with on civil terms, along with his wife Astoria, with her sister Daphne, and more, that he couldn't make out.

And as he looked around the room, tears filling his eyes, Harry felt his heart slip into their final beats.

Dum Dum… Dum Dum…

He desperately looked around, trying to get one last look as his head slowly fell back toward the pillow.

Dum Dum… Dum…Dum…

His head connected with the soft object as his heavy eyelids began to close.

Dum… Dum… Dum…Dum

As his last breath escaped his lungs, Harry Potter had one thought left in his mind, weak as it was.

I don't want to go.

His heart stopped.

Blackness, that was all Harry could see. Not even his hand, which he was waving about in front of his face, practically touching his nose, could be seen.

A soft chuckling could be heard, though it was cold and malignant. It echoed around him, filling his entire being with its sound.

You will not be dying yet, Little Hero. You are needed elsewhere.

And Harry knew no more.

When he became aware of himself again, again there was nothing but blackness, but this time it was warm and comforting. He was dimly aware of voices, muffled by something, and tried to move and make noise. Nothing happened.

He was confused. Why was nothing happening and why was he so tired? Hadn't he just woken up? Ah well, something to wonder about when he woke up again.

The next time Harry awoke, it was still dark, but the feeling of comfort was gone. It was as if something was trying to force him out of the black, and into the shocking cold and light. He felt himself sliding, and finally, his whole body, covered in some kind of slime, slid out of wherever he was, into the harsh white light.

Harry was confused, he was cold, and the light was hurting his sensitive eyes, so he did the only thing that popped into his mind. He let out a cry, wailing on.

He was wrapped in something, a blanket it felt like, and was then picked up. It was at this time he noticed something that caused him to go silent in shock.

He was a baby.

A bloody baby.

He felt himself be passed from what he now knew to be a midwife's arms into the arms of another woman. He tilted his head slightly, cursing the limited mobility his new body granted him, and looked up at the woman who he assumed had just birthed him. Blimey, that's a weird thing to wrap his head around.

"He's beautiful." He heard a female voice he assumed belonged to the woman holding him.

"What will you name him?" The other woman asked, moving if the rustle of fabrics was anything to go by.

Harry heard muttering, except now a male voice was speaking to the first female voice, a conversation too low for his new ears to pick up. A few minutes later they seemed to have come to a decision.

The male voice spoke up, his voice radiating pride.

"We will name him Itachi. Itachi Uchiha, heir to the Uchiha Clan!"

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