Hello all, I'm sorry but this isn't a chapter, but I am going to be posting the results of Itachi's pairing poll, and whether or not I'm adding Naruto to my HP/Bleach crossover! Yay!

Any, the answer to the latter is an overwhelming no, with 3 voting yes, and 16 voting no. So, straight up HP/Bleach it is!

Now for Itachi's pairing, the results are:

Hana Inuzuka-11


Yugito Nii-10

Mei Terumi- 14

Kurenai Yuuhi-9



Ayame Ichiraku-8


So, as you can see, our winners are: Mei, the sexy redhead kage from the Mist, with enchanting green eyes and the dual bloodline of Lava and Boil, an all-around sexy and dangerous package. Konan, the beautiful kunoichi from Akutsuki, the nly female member of the extremely exclusive organisation of S-class criminals, with rare blue hair, alluring orange eyes (in the anime, which is what I'm basing appearances on), and the ability to turn herself into paper, including explosive tags, though I will be sure to add more into her repertoire. And last, but certainly not least, Samui, the powerful though unranked blonde from Kumogakure- though in my story, when Harry metts her she'll be chunin, and when they meet again she'll be jonin), with bright blonde hair and a figure that rivals the legendary Tsunade herself, her skills shown involve a mastery of lightning chakra and rather extreme skills with a blade (I will be making her stronger, naturally). And these three make up Harry Itachi's beaus, how will he capture their hearts, and eventually, their bodies? You'll have to read to find out.

Now, don't forget to vote on the pairing for Death of a Hero, Birth of a Demon, poll up now!