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Of the awful battle of the cold and the Munkustrap

Together with some account of the participation of the Day and Ny-Quil

And the intervention of the great Tylenol!

The Cold and the Munkustrap everyone knows

Are a proud and implacable passionate foes

It is always the same wherever one goes

And the Day and Ny-Quil although most people say

That they did not like fighting yet once in a way

Will once and again join into the fray

And they

Cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

Until you could hear them all over the loft

Now on the occasion of which I shall speak

Almost nothing had happened for nearly ten weeks

And that's a long time for a Cold or a Munk

The Big Aspirin was away from his beat

I don't know the reason but most people think

He slipped into a cabinet so he could be eat (ten)

And no one at all was about on the street

When a Cold and a Munkustrap happened to meet

They did not advance or exactly retreat

But they glared at each other and started to sneeze

And they started to

Ah-choo Ah-choo Ah-choo Ah–choo

Until you could hear them from even the zoo

And they

Cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

Until you could hear them all over the loft

Now the Cold although people may say what they please

Is no weaker illness, but a scary disease

And so all the Colds when they heard the uproar

Some came to the window, some came to the door

And together they started to grumble and wheeze

In their snifflely-snuffery sickly breeze

Now a weak immune system is something Colds like

For your Munkustrap cat is a sickly type

There is illness in every nation

the Fever, the Flu and the Plague:

The Shingles, the Strep, the Infection,

and even Angina-chest-pain.

The Scurvy, the Colic the Pink eye

And the Phlem in the season of rain

And to those taking antibioticals

Let my meaning be perfectly plain:

Try to take as little as possible

Or they'll never work for you again!

Chicken noodle soup can make things very much righter

And helps stop those colds who are persistent fighters

And Jenny stepped out with the kittens in order

With a recipe to cure his sickly disorder

And Miss Jellylorum held no longer aloof

But came out so that she could help out with spoof

Joined with the rest with an

Ah-choo Ah-choo Ah-choo Ah-choo

Until you could hear them from even the zoo

Sniffly snuffely Sniffly snuff!

Until you could hear them all over the loft

(Sickly noises)



When these bold heroes together assembled

The traffic all stopped

And the Underground trembled

And some of the cats were so much afraid

That they started to find someone trained in first aid

When suddenly up from a Munkustrap's flat

Why who should stalk out but the Tylenol!

His fever was hot and very much blazing

He opened his mouth and his nodes were dilating

And when he took the pill, the Cold felt hysteria

You never saw Colds flee faster….

...Or scaredier

And what with a sleep in his eyes and his yawning

The Munkustrap grew very tired and longing

He closed both his eyes and fell right asleep

And then every last illness had scattered like sheep!

And when the Big Aspirin returned to his beat

There wasn't a single germ left on the street!

All hail and all bow to the Tylenol!

Wow! That was a lot of rhyming!

I will enlist Munkustrap to order the cats to give out hugs to those who review!