Hi guys. So this is my fic. I don't own Glee. If I did, Bram wouldn't have happened and Blaine wouldn't get so many solos. I have basically been walking around with this idea for a while now, and since canon Brittana has been lacking so much, I thought it give it a spin. Hope you like it. If you could review that would be amazing and I would definitely appreciate it. Enjoy :)

Brittany stared at her phone that lay on the table. She had picked it up five times, but chickened out every single time. Her eyes shifted to the little paper that lay next to her white iPhone she bought a year ago. It had a number on it, Santana Lopez number to be exact. Brittany grabbed her phone and slid her finger across the screen to unlock it.

She pressed on the small green button and started tapping the girl's number. Now all she had to do was press the other green button, but again she hesitated. Why was this so though on her? She was just a woman right? And she needed her. The wedding was next week, and she just couldn't face Sam alone. And that's where Santana comes into the story.

Santana had a very special job, if you could call it a job. She helped out people with broken hearts. That sounds all very vague but her job was simple. If you need to attend some sort of event where your ex will be too, you can hire her to make him/her jealous. And with the wedding being in Hawaii, she just couldn't be there for a week alone, the same place where Sam would be too.

She was having dinner with Quinn and she told her about how she hated that she needed to go to Hawaii with Sam. Quinn knew someone who had hired Santana, and that's how she got her number. Brittany decided she was being a coward and she picked up her phone. She heard the two beeps until the woman picked up.

'Hello?' A raspy, almost sexy voice met Brittany's.

'Yes, is this Santana Lopez?' Brittany asked shyly.

'Yup, this is she. Who is this?' Santana answered.

Brittany was right, her voice was raspy and all kinds of sexy.

'Brittany S. Pierce. Quinn, a friend of mine gave me your number. I kinda need your help.' Brittany asked.

'What can I help you with?'

'I'd rather not talk about this on the phone. Could we perhaps meet up for some coffee? It's kind of a long story.' Santana sighed.

'I guess. Tomorrow around two at the Lima Bean, is that good for you?'

Brittany smiled, that place was cute.

'Yeah, that's okay. See you tomorrow.'

'Yeah bye.'

Just as she was about to hang up, she remembered to ask one more thing.

'Wait, Santana? How will I recognize you? We have never met.'

She heard Santana laugh.

'I'm the hot brown eyed Latina with a killer body. You will recognize me. It won't be a problem. See ya tomorrow Brittany S. Pierce.'

Santana hung up. Wow, she sure as hell was cocky, that's for sure. But Quinn had already told her that she was smoking hot, so no surprise there. Guess she has to wait until tomorrow to find out. Brittany decided that she could better use her time to finish her drawings on the Hudson house.

Brittany is an architect, and the Hudson-Hummel family had hired her to draw their house. It was a huge deal since she was only 24 and it was a really big project. So what that Finn, some guy she was friends with at school had recommended her to his stepdad. It was still a big deal, and she sure as hell wasn't going to screw that up. So far she had drawn a lot, but the drawing wasn't nearly finished yet. Brittany made some coffee and sat behind her desk. It was five o' clock. Brittany kept drawing till eight, and then went to bed early.

She snuggled into an old sweater of Sam. It was a grey sweater that he wore all the time. It had the emblem on it of the Chicago Bears. Sam was such a huge fan. He basically went to every match. Brittany liked the fact that he had some kind of hobby. Other than that creepy pasta thing he would sometimes do. Like seriously, it creeped Brittany out. It looked so a like sometimes. Brittany just liked it better when Sam was at a match instead of sitting in front of the TV watching that Avatar movie. Sam was way too attached to that movie. Brittany liked the movie because it reminded her of the Smurfs, and the Smurfs are awesome. Sometimes she would pop the movie into the TV and watch Avatar while snuggling into that grey sweater.

Usually she would sleep with it. It smelled like Sam. She should really throw that away sometimes. Or at least stop sleeping with it every evening. It has been three months after all. But the thought of throwing that sweater out feels like deleting Sam out of her life. And she sure as hell isn't ready for that.

Brittany wakes up to the smell of Sam's sweater, and for a moment, her mind tricks her into thinking he is still next to her. For a slight moment she felt again what it was like waking up next to him, just as she did for those four years that they dated. In that moment she felt happy again, like her heart was lifted from the weight it had been under for the past three months, and she felt like she could breath again. Like she wasn't lonely, and wasn't left at the altar. Like that awful humiliating heartbreaking moment had disappeared under the sun, and she was just Brittany, snuggling up to her boyfriend.

But the person she was snuggling up to wasn't Sam. It wasn't even a person. It was a freaking sweater. She had been happy about snuggling into her sweater. Ugh, she was pathetic.

'I need to get out of this bed.'

Brittany mumbled under her breath to no one in particular.

She made coffee, checked her Facebook for new messages, checked her mail, made another coffee, had lunch, drew a little and then had to leave for the Lima Bean. She grabbed her purse and put some photos of her family and Sam inside.

Quinn had told her that she needed to bring along pictures, so Santana could remember them and recognize them. It would kind of be weird to try to make someone jealous and not know whom he is. What's the point in that?

Brittany didn't have a lot of pictures of Sam alone, so she picked one out with the both of them and cut herself of it. Santana didn't need to see a picture of her after all. And looking at the both of them hugging and smiling was a little too much than Brittany could handle. By cutting it, it almost seemed less painful. Like he was just another smiling big-lipped guy sitting on a wooden bench in the park.

At last she grabbed her car keys from the small grey Volvo she had for years. The car was super small, but really cute. And Brittany just couldn't change her car. The Volvo was her first car, and whenever she saw it, she felt sixteen again. The car had always been there for Brittany, and that probably sounds lame talking about a car, but it was true. She loved the car. She swung open the door, threw her purse on the passenger's seat and started driving.

Brittany did have to admit, she wasn't the best driver. She had been in two car accidents over the past three years, and she got lucky a lot. It all started when she was supposed to get her license. Brittany had to try for four times, and the last time she made it.

The teacher did tell her that it was a very close call and that she needed to follow some extra lessons, but Brittany didn't do that. She was so happy that she finally got her license so she didn't really care. The problem with Brittany was that she couldn't keep right and left apart. So whenever someone would drive out of a right street, she wouldn't stop, because she was thinking it was left. That was how her first accident happened. Luckily it wasn't even that hard, and her car was fixed in two days.

Her second accident wasn't too bad either. It only took a week to fix the grey Volvo. Brittany hit the brakes as she arrived at the Lima Bean. It was five minutes to two, so she was right on time. Brittany stepped out, grabbed her purse and started walking towards the small coffee house.

She opened the door as she was met by the amazing smell of warm coffee and fresh baked cookies. Brittany saw a free table at the back and walked towards it. Perfect, that way, not many people would see them. She sat down and started to look around to see if Santana wasn't early too. She didn't see a brown-haired Latina, so Brittany guessed she wasn't here yet.

Brittany pulled out her phone and swiped across the screen and started playing a game. Currently she was full blown addicted to the 4 pictures 1 word game the whole world seemed to be playing. Brittany was so terrible at it though. It wasn't even funny how bad she was at the game. She was at level 17 and she had been stuck for a full day and it had been driving her crazy. Water, windows and some more windows, how was she supposed to find a word to match those? It was impossible.

'That game is awful. You should really play Subway Surfer.'

Brittany immediately recognized the sexy, raspy voice. Her eyes shifted from her phone to the brown eyes. Santana was hanging over the table and was already really close to Brittany. Brittany gulped due the sudden closeness. This was the first time she saw the girl, and she was already this close to her. And she wasn't lying. She was indeed a hot brown-eyed Latina with a killer body. Her eyes were deep brown; her hair tied down in a ponytail also had a deep brown color. Her lips were really big and plumb. Her skin seemed so soft, and Brittany had the urge to touch it. But that would probably be considered inappropriate. So Brittany kept her hands to herself as Santana said down on a chair on the other side of the table. She was holding a coffee, and Brittany suddenly realized she forgot to take one for herself.

'I'm Santana Lopez. I hope with all my heart that you are in fact Brittany S. Pierce or else this conversation is going to take a very awkward turn of events.'

Brittany smiled. This girl was quite funny.

'Yes, I am one hundredth percent Brittany S. Pierce.'

Santana smiled. 'Thank God. Okay, so you needed my help? Here I am. What can I do for you, miss?'

Oh, this girl is quite flirty too.

'Quinn told me you could help me out. I'm supposed to leave in two weeks to my cousin's wedding in Hawaii. My ex-fiancé will be there too.'

Brittany looked down in embarrassment.

'And you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend, so that your ex-fiancé sees what he's missing out on and takes you back? Or you just don't want to arrive alone at that wedding in Hawaii, which I assume you'll need to be for at least a week? You want a hot piece of ass on your arm to show him or her, I'll let that one open for you to fill in, wanky by the way, and not be alone at a wedding. I must admit, being alone at a wedding sucks big time. So Brittany S. Pierce, which one is it?'

Brittany gulped at the directness of Santana. Her cheeks turned red, since Santana had figured her out in less than five minutes. And she was right about everything, well almost everything. It was a two-week trip. Of course had the thought of getting Sam back occurred to her. She was after all still very much in love with him, and missed him every single day. The sweater in her bed was proof enough for that. But how did Santana figure that all out so fast. Brittany wasn't planning on telling the other girl that she secretly wanted Sam back in her life. She was just going to tell her that she wanted to make him jealous. Brittany had been blushing for a while now, so she couldn't really deny that those were exactly her intentions. Brittany was just going to be honest and hope for the very best.

'That's.. Uhm, about right yes.' Brittany stuttered a little as Santana kept gazing at her. Her eyes bored into Brittany who was staring at the table. How did she get so flustered and shy in only five minutes? Had this gorgeous Latina some sort of amazing superpower to make everyone do what she wants? Including getting all blushed, flustered and embarrassed at the same time. It felt like Santana knew Brittany's every secret just by looking at her, and honestly, it was scaring Brittany to death. She had done some, what seemed like random, guesses and she was right about them all. '

How did you know that so fast, is probably what you're thinking right now, isn't it? Well, simple explanation, it's my job. You're not the first person I need to 'help' out and you probably won't be the last. The two reasons I just gave you are the two biggest reasons people come to me. Most of the time it is a combination, as it is with you. People just don't like to pay that sort of money to some random hot chick, just to go with them to a wedding. It is a wedding we're attending right?'

Brittany nodded. 'Good, then I get to dress up nice without it being too obvious that I'm trying to be hot. Not that I need beautiful dresses to look hot, though.'

This girl was sure full of herself. She had been rambling on for like five minutes, and was showing no signs of stopping.

'So, are you going to say something or are you going to stare a little longer?'

Brittany gulped again as she noticed that she had been staring for while now. But the girl was really pretty. The way she talked was quite mesmerizing. Her character on the other hand was cocky, self-assured and she seemed like, well a bitch.

'Yes, it is a wedding, in Hawaii. But my family decided to make it a full two weeks thing. My cousin is getting married, so my family rented some houses there and they are flying the whole family to stay there.' Santana nodded.

'So you want me to join you on those two weeks?' Brittany nodded.


'Wait, if there is only going to be your family, then who is your ex we are trying to make jealous?' Santana asked.

'Well, it is kind of a long, painful story.'

'Well I've got time, and you'll need to explain. I can't arrive there in freaking Hawaii and not know anything about you, your ex or your family. So suck it up. I need every painful, hard detail.'

Brittany didn't like the way Santana talked to her at all. If she was planning to act like this for the full two weeks, Brittany was in for a though ride.

'You could just ask nice, I would have told you anyway.'

Santana just shrugged. 'Not really my best area, being nice and all.'

'So I notice.'

Santana snickered. 'Well, aren't you smart?'

Brittany decided to just ignore that statement.

'Three months ago, I was supposed to be getting married. Everything was planned. The date, the location, the food, everything had been taken cared of. Until my soon-to-be husband Sam, who I had been together with for over four years, decided that he wasn't ready for marriage. He sent me a text the night before our wedding saying that he wasn't ready and that he was leaving for Mexico the next day.' Brittany took a break in her talking. It still hurt. She had been so excited for the wedding. Marley, her best friend was sleeping over. Her and Sam were being traditional so they weren't allowed to see each other before the wedding. Marley was painting her nails when her phone buzzed. She had grabbed her phone, thinking it would be a sweet text from Sam, wishing her good luck, or saying that he was already missing her. The text didn't say anything like that, at all.

I can't do this. I'm not ready. Please don't hate me. I'm on a plane to Mexico. Don't come looking for me.

And that was it. Suddenly the world that Brittany had known had shifted underneath her. Tears had started to roll across her face. Marley, who hadn't noticed a single thing, was still painting her nails. She kept talking until she had noticed that Brittany was crying.

'What's wrong?' Marley had asked quietly. Brittany had thrown her phone next to Marley. Marley hesitantly picked it up and her eyes read the text. Marley had gasped. The best friends just ended up crying for the full night, no the full week after Sam sent her that text. Eventually Brittany decided she couldn't just keep crying, so she started to live her life again. She still felt horrible, even after three months.

'Gosh, he sure is awful.' Santana interrupted Brittany's train of thoughts.

'No, he isn't. He's amazing, he just made a mistake.'

'Yeah right, look I don't know the guy, but doing that just isn't okay. Why do you even want him back anyway? He seems like a selfish ass for leaving you at the altar.'

Brittany got mad. Santana didn't even know Sam. Who was she to judge?

'He's not!' Brittany snapped.

'Okay, okay. Sorry for telling what was on my mind. I won't say anything anymore until I meet the guy. After I meet him, I can judge the hell I want. Deal?' Santana reached out her hand.

'Fine.' Brittany however didn't shake Santana's hand.

'So he ditched you on your wedding day, and ran to Mexico? What happens next?'

'Well.' Brittany stuttered. 'I haven't seen him since.' Santana who took a sip from her coffee, started in a coughing attack.

'What? You have to freaking kidding me? You haven't seen him since?' Brittany kind of felt ashamed and angry at the same time. Santana and her had met ten minutes ago and here she was, judging about her and her ex, without even knowing anything about either of them.

'Whatever. That's not the point.'

Brittany shrugged. She had no energy to discuss this with Santana. She wasn't going to piss her off. Brittany still needed her help, and if they already got into a fight, Santana might refuse her. Santana mumbled something under her breath that Brittany didn't understand and just decided to ignore her statement.

'The problem is that Sam will be there too, in Hawaii, for the two weeks. It's his cousin too that's getting married.'

'Wait, hold up. I'm getting confused here. Your cousin is marrying Sam's cousin? Isn't that like incest?' Santana really did look confused.

'No, it isn't like that. Sam and me had been dating for four years. We met at college and moved in after we were done. We were having a big celebration because we were moving in together. Kitty, my cousin, was there too. And so was Ryder, Sam's cousin. They started talking and they really hit it off. They have been dating ever since, and now they are finally getting married. At first they were worried about telling us, but Sam and me really didn't care. Cousins aren't that close of family and they weren't technically family, so why should it be a problem?'

'Okay, I get it. But now Sam and his family will be there too? In Hawaii?' Brittany nodded.

'The house next to ours.' Santana had a mean smirk on her face.

'Well that's quite awkward isn't it?'

'Yes, and your jokes aren't needed, so just cut them out.' Brittany snapped.

Santana was seriously getting on her nerves.

'Calm down, I won't joke anymore okay?'

'That would be a nice change, wouldn't it?' Santana laughed.

'I like you Brittany. So yes, I will help you.' Santana smiled.

'You will?' Brittany smiled too.

'I will.' Maybe the girl wasn't as bitchy as she thought she would be.

'But I do need more information though. Who is Sam, who's your family and most importantly who are you?'

'Why do you need to know who I am?' Santana smirked again.

'I'm supposed to act like we're dating, but if anyone asks me a question about you and I can't answer, is pretty unrealistic. Look, I need to go now. Call me and we'll grab some dinner to sort everything out. You've got my number right?'

Brittany nodded. 'Okay, see you later Brittany S. Pierce.'

Santana took her bag and her coffee and Brittany could only say bye to her back. Brittany's eyes were shifting to Santana's ass. Okay, she totally was checking the girl out. Her ass looked absolutely gorgeous in those jeans, and Brittany's eyes were glued to it, until Santana left the coffee shop. Brittany picked up her phone and left the coffee shop too.

Brittany woke up while she was snuggling Sam's blue sweater again. One thing was sure; she wasn't going to bring him along to Hawaii. That way when she gets back, she won't have to sleep with it ever again. Maybe she'll even have the real thing back. Brittany's heart ached. She jumped out of bed. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining through her bedroom window of her small apartment in Chicago. It had been three days since she saw Santana and she still hadn't called her.

She kept telling herself that she didn't have time, but the thing was that she felt anxious. Santana was the most intimidating person she ever met. The thought of going on "a date" with her seemed way too scary for Brittany to handle at the moment. So she hadn't called. But she needed to.

'Suck it up, Brittany, she's just a girl.' Brittany mumbled under her breath as she began to dial Santana's number. The tone went over a couple of times until that sexy raspy voice met hers again, but this time it seemed groggy and sleepy.

'Who the fuck calls at this God-forgotten hour?' Santana mumbled. Brittany laughed. Santana sure wasn't the morning type.

'It's Brittany. Brittany S. Pierce, we had coffee the other day.'

'Oh yeah, I remember you. You were the hot blonde with the amazing legs. Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud. Well fuck it, I'm still drunk.' Brittany immediately blushed at the comment. Santana was bluntly honest but Brittany kind of liked it. At least that way she knew exactly how the girl worked.

'I guess that's me. You said I should call you for dinner, so that's what I'm doing now. When can you meet me?'

'How very direct of you, Brittany. Well, let's say tonight? Meet me at Mario's, this amazing pizza place on…'

'Yeah, I know it. That's okay. See you there around eight?'

'See you tonight. Oh, and wear something nice. At least you know I'll be checking you out, so make an effort. Okay bye Brittany.'

Brittany blushed again. She also had to suppress a laugh. Drunk Santana was even more straightforward than normal. And Brittany sure liked it. It had been a while since anyone ever flirted with her like that. Santana was being nice to her, instead of the judged look she had on her face in the coffee shop. Drunk Santana didn't piss off Brittany, and normal Santana sure did.

Brittany spends the rest of her day with shopping, doing chores and cleaning her apartment. The day flew by and suddenly she realized it was seven. In one hour she was supposed to meet Santana. Brittany wondered what she was going to wear. Mario's wasn't that big of a place, so at least not many people would see her. After standing in front of her closet for over 20 minutes, she decided on a white top with her skinny jeans. Her ass looked really well in those jeans and the white top was just really pretty. She put on some make-up, picked up her car keys and left her apartment.

Brittany scanned her eyes through the small restaurant. Her eyes met Santana's. Her hair wasn't tied in a ponytail and was spread across her shoulders. Santana was wearing a blue and green striped tight dress that hugged every curve of her body. She had knee high socks and boots with a high heel. Brittany figured they were probably super hard to walk on. Santana's eyes were glued to her phone. Brittany saw she was playing that Subway Surfer game she had recommended to her.

'Is it really that fun or are you just pretending it is so I would play it? Hi Santana.' Brittany started talking.

'No, it really is awesome. Hi Brittany.'

Brittany sat down at the opposite of Santana.

'You look cute.'

Brittany blushed and mumbled a quiet thanks.

The duo made some small talk about the weather, the restaurant and then finally about TV. Santana was apparently a big Pretty Little Liars fan and Brittany loved that too. They ordered their pizzas and they came very fast. They talked some more about Brittany. Santana did really need to get to know her.

'Look Brittany, as much as I'm enjoying talking to you, we have a lot to discuss. First I want to say I'm sorry for the way I acted the last time we saw each other. You were right. I don't know Sam or you. I shouldn't have judged. I'm sorry okay?'

Brittany was quite surprised that the girl apologized.

'Thanks, I really appreciate it.'

'Do you mind telling me about your ex-boyfriend?'

Brittany swallowed. She actually did mind. But she needed to do this.

'No, I guess not. So Sam and I have been, I mean had been dating for four years. We met at college and started going out ever since. We moved in together and then he proposed to me. We were supposed to get married three months ago but then he dumped me.' Brittany swallowed hard. 'Can you tell me how Sam is like? What does he do for a living? What are his hobbies?'

'He's an accountant. He has been ever since he finished college. He's a big football fan of the Chicago Bears. He goes to almost every match. And sometimes he does some kind of weird pasta making thing that I don't really get. He does a lot of amazing impressions and he's really sweet.' Brittany remembered the picture of Sam that she had put in her purse a couple of days ago.

'This is he.' Santana reached over and took the photo.

'He's cute and he does seem nice. But I have to say. His lips are enormous.'

'No they aren't. What are you talking about?'

'Seriously Brittany, how can you not see this? They're practically half of the picture. His mouth-to-face ratio is way off.'

Brittany laughed. Sam did have big lips, but now that Santana pointed it out, they were huge. 'Well, I've never noticed that the were so big.'

'Love is blind they say.' Santana mumbled more to herself than to Brittany. Santana looked down as if she was ashamed and was trying desperately trying to hide something from Brittany. Did this gorgeous woman have some kind of secret? If she did, Brittany was sure she wasn't going to tell her. So she decided to drop it. If the brunette wanted to tell her she could, if she didn't then she didn't have to. Those were basically Brittany's rules about telling secrets. There's no need to push people to let them tell things they don't want to.

'Anyways, I brought some pictures of my family too. They will be in Hawaii too, so I figured you need to know them too.'

Brittany handed Santana the picture and for the next half hour the talked about the family and friends of the family that would be at the wedding.

They had finished their desserts and Brittany had just asked for the check. Brittany guessed that they would just split.

'We're supposed to be leaving next week. Be at this address Sunday at eleven AM. And bring enough clothes for the two-week trip.'

'I will.' After they had paid the check, and they did split just as Brittany was expecting.

They were standing on the streets looking over Chicago.

'Look Brittany, I know it maybe a touchy subject. But I need to get paid for helping you. This is basically my job so.'

'Yeah I know. How much?'

'2000 dollars for two weeks, but you have to pay afterwards. If you're not happy with my services then it's on the house. But you will be happy, so you might want to expect to be paying.' Santana had that smug on her face again.

'Well confident are we? Are you really that good? Because as it would seem, you're a lot of talk, and maybe don't have the stuff to back it up.'

Santana smirk grew even wider.

'Oh, I do have the stuff to back it up. You just wait and see Brittany. Just wait and see. Sleep tight Brittany. See you Sunday.' With that Santana left.

Brittany had packed her bags and looked at her watch. 10.50. Santana was supposed to be arriving in about ten minutes. Brittany had texted her the address. She checked her bag for one final time and started locking up her house. The bell rang. Brittany opened the door and there was Santana. She was wearing huge, black sunglasses that pretty much covered up her full face. Her black hair was tied in a high bun and she was wearing a black leather jacket. The jacket gave her a cool, badass look that did well with her character. She was wearing light skinny jeans that looked gorgeous on her skinny legs.

'How have you managed to find the biggest pair of sunglasses I have seen in my life?'

Brittany smiled and so did Santana.

'Yeah, I know, they're awesome. I figured it would be warm since it is Hawaii we are going. My contacts don't do well in the sun, so I need these babies.'

Brittany grabbed her bag and locked the door.

It was an hour driving to the airport so they decided they were going to drive together.

Santana was mumbling something under her breath that sounded a lot like: 'Can't believe I need to spend an hour in this little piece of shit.' But to Brittany's surprise, she didn't actually made remark to her about it.

'Brittany, we need to set some ground rules.'

'Ground rules?' Brittany was confused.

'Yeah, I mean not really rules but more like guidelines. How we act around people and how we act when we're alone.'

'Is there a difference?'

'Yes, a very big one actually.'

Brittany got even more confused. 'What do you mean?'

'We are supposed to convince people we are dating, especially Sam. But we aren't dating in real life. So yeah there's a big difference. I'm going to be flirty, romantic and clingy in public. You might want to prepare yourself for that so that you don't push me away or anything like that. But when we're alone, it will be like nothing happen. Just always remember that it's all an act. All the flirting, hugging and kissing means nothing at the end of the day. Be prepared for that.'

Brittany swallowed. She figured that they would be kissing, but hearing Santana confirming it was something else.

'I get that.'

Santana looked over at Brittany.

'I hope so. Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me.'

Brittany gulped. She was so cocky, it wasn't even real. Who did she think she was? Claiming that Brittany would fall for her. Santana really did think the world revolved around her.

'Don't flatter yourself Santana. I promise I won't. I'm not going to fall in love with you.'

'I'm hoping for you that you are telling the truth.'

After that they fell into silence.