Hey :) Sorry for the extremely long wait. I realized that I forgot the whole dancing part in the last chapter. So before the real epilogue starts, I wrote the actual dancing scene. It happens the day after they got back from Hawaii. I know absolutely know nothing about dancing. I did ballet as a kid but I quit it to play hockey. And I was terrible at it so I know absolutely nothing about it.

Enjoy the small chapter/epilogue. I made it a small chapter because there was already a wedding.

So here it goes:

It was six o' clock and Brittany was looking at TV. She was flipping through the channels searching for something good to be on, but so far nothing caught her attention. She glanced at her phone to see if Santana had already texted back. All day they had been exchanging texts. At first they started out casually, but now they were just exchanging cheesy pick up lines. From did it hurt when you fell out of heaven to do your legs hurt from running through my mind all day? Suddenly Brittany's phone started ringing. She glanced at the number on the screen and saw Santana's name pop up. She couldn't contain her smile. She sat upright and she slides her finger across the screen to pick up.

"Hello?" Brittany said. She didn't want to come across too needy to hear Santana.

"Hi Britt. It's Santana." She could hear

"Hi." Brittany said back.

She could hear Santana taking a breath through the phone. "I just wanted to hear your voice, so I thought I would just give you a call. After all, I was out of good pick up lines anyway. I only knew dirty ones."

Brittany snorted. "Well, isn't that typical?"

She could hear Santana let out a little laugh on the other side. "I cannot deny that, can I? But I did want to call for another reason. I just remembered that you haven't danced for me yet. And you promised."

Brittany cursed but then decided to give in. "Okay fine. You know what? I'll dance for you in a half an hour, okay? I've still got the keys to a dancing studio that is only ten minutes away."

"Yes, finally. Thanks, Britt."

Brittany gave Santana the address and started the search for the keys of the studio. She was kind of messy and she hadn't seen those keys for a while.

"Okay, Britt. See you at the studio in a half an hour?" Santana asked.

"That's good." She said.

"Okay bye, Britt."

"Bye." Santana hung up.

After ten minutes, she finally found the keys in an old coat she used to wear over her dancing clothes. She then quickly got changed into an outfit that was more appropriate for dancing. She chose a sporting bra that she normally only used when she danced, but the bra was quite revealing. It showed off the abs that she knew Santana loved. So if she had to dance for Santana, she might as well give her the amazing abs that the blonde had.

After putting on her clothes, she grabbed her keys and got out of her apartment. She glanced at her phone and saw that there was already a half an hour passed and Santana was probably already there. In her rush she forgot to bring her boxes for the music. She turned into the street of the studio and Santana was already standing in front of the studio. She quickly parked and rushed out of the car.

"Sorry that you had to wait." Brittany mumbled before Santana pulled her into a quick kiss.

"No problem. I only had to wait five minutes, it's okay."

"Good." Brittany smiled.

She saw how Santana's eyes were travelling over the blonde's body. Her eyes stopped at Brittany's abs to then slide further to her shorts and her legs that seemed even longer thanks to the shorts. Brittany cleared her throat, wanting to make sure that she knew that the brunette was checking her out.

"Sorry." Santana mumbled.

Brittany shrugs and laughs. "It's okay, San. I would totally stare too." She then winked.

She walked towards the door and grabbed her keys from her bag. She quickly unlocked the door and opened it for Santana to enter.

"After you, my lady." She bowed her head.

"Oh, you are a real gentlewoman, now? Thank you." Santana laughed.

"Of course I am, Santana. But only for you though." Brittany laughed.

Brittany then walked in front of Santana, because the brunette seemed kind of lost. She understood that. The entrance was basically just a bunch of doors, all leading towards different dancing studios, but there was no way that Santana would know that her favorite room was the third on the right.

She grabbed her keys again and opened up the studio. She clicked the lights on and the whole room was illuminated. On one side, the whole wall was basically mirror. On the other side was a bar for ballet dancers.

"Shit." Brittany mumbled. She had just realized that she forgot her speakers. At first, every room would have build in speakers, but the students messed them up so they made a new rule. Every teacher had his own speakers that you were supposed to bring every time you came to the studio. But Brittany forgot hers at home.

"What is it, Britt?"

"I forgot my speakers for my music and there aren't any speakers here." Brittany pouted.

"Can't you do it without the music?" Santana shrugged.

Brittany sighed. "It won't be as good. But yes, I could try."

"Britt, I wanted to see you dancing. I don't care if you do it with or without music. I bet you'll be amazing either way."

Brittany wrapped her arms around Santana's waist. "Why are you so amazing?"

"Baby, I was born this way." Santana sang quietly.

"You are a dork." Brittany laughed.

"That in fact, I am. But I'm your dork, right?"

Brittany smiled and said, before kissing Santana. "Yes, you are."

They kissed slowly before Santana pulled back. "Stop trying to distract me with sweet lady kisses. You promised me to dance."

"Okay, fine. Go sit there." Brittany motioned her head toward the chair that stood in the corner.

Santana sat down and nodded at Brittany that she could start. Brittany took a deep breath and walked towards the middle of the room. She quickly stretched out, not wanting to tear a muscle. She placed herself ready and stared at Santana. She saw the girl smiling at her, waiting until she started dancing. She took one final breath and started dancing.

At first, she took attention to every move she made. Soon enough though, she lost herself in the dancing. She always thought she lost herself in the music, but even now, without the music, she still lost herself completely. She would occasionally look at Santana. She could feel her eyes on every move that her body made. Her eyes stared at her legs, her abs and arms. Brittany did a final spin and ended right in front of Santana who was staring at her face.

"That was perfect. I don't even have words for it. I can't believe you haven't showed that to me. You are such a wonderful dancer." Santana smiled up at her, still siting on the chair.

Brittany blushed at the girl's compliments. "Thanks." She muttered.

"You should dance to me everyday, because you looked so happy. And totally, insanely, completely hot. And I couldn't tear my eyes away from you." Santana said. She got up on her feet and wrapped her arms around Brittany's waist.

"Okay, if you promise that you sing for me every single day. Because you have this amazing talent San, and I can see it makes you happy. And I can't take my eyes off you if you're singing. When you sing, everyone in the room becomes quiet because your voice is amazing."

"Thank you." Santana leaned in slowly and captured Brittany's lips around hers.

After they kissed for a couple minutes, Santana pulled back.

"Would you like to come back to my apartment?"

Brittany nodded quickly.

"I love you." Santana said when they walked outside the door.

Brittany spun around and stole a quick kiss from Santana.

"I love you too."

Five years later:

It has been five years since that wedding in Hawaii. Five years since the day that Brittany called Santana to be her wedding escort. Five years after one mister Sam Evans dumped her at the altar. It was only five years but it felt like a lifetime ago. But she could still remember everything about those two weeks. How scared Santana was on the plane. How amazing she looked in her bikini. How she screamed at Sam when he tried to kiss Brittany. What an amazing kisser Santana was. Every moment flashed through Brittany's mind as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing the most beautiful white dress that she had ever seen. Today was her wedding day and she for one could not believe it. Her hair draped across her shoulders. Today she was getting married to Santana Lopez.

She was getting married to the woman she loved. She could not wait to be married to that amazing woman. But she couldn't lie, she was quite nervous. She heard a quiet knock on the door.

She turned around and said: "Yes, you can come in."

Her dad entered the room, wearing a tuxedo. Brittany was still staring at herself in the mirror. She could see her dad standing behind her, wearing the biggest smile he had ever seen.

"You look absolutely beautiful." He said proudly.

Brittany turned around and swung her arms around her dad.

"Thanks dad." She whispered in his ear before staring back into the mirror.

"Are you nervous?" He asked concerned.

"No, I mean, yeah sort of. But it's mostly the wedding I'm nervous about. I can't wait to start the marriage. But yeah, I'm nervous. Because you never know for certain that it's going to work out."

"But that's life, honey. You can't know for sure that you and Santana will work out but if you're willing to work on your marriage then you're already halfway."

Brittany bit her lip anxiously. "How did you know with mom?"

"I didn't. You should have seen me at my wedding day. I was so nervous. My old man, your grandfather, didn't help much either. He only said: running away is weak and my son isn't weak. And then he just left. But luckily my mom was there to consult me and telling me everything was going to be okay. But I wasn't scared about marrying your mom. I was mostly scared that marriage would ruin our lives and that I would do something to mess it up. I was more scared of losing her than becoming her husband." He admitted.

"That's sweet, dad."

"I know." He laughed. "But now it is really time to get going. It is time to get you a wife."

Santana had insisted that Brittany was going to be the one to walk down the aisle with her dad. Brittany and her dad, arms intertwined, walked out of the door. They walked to the big wooden doors. Behind those doors Santana was waiting, together with some friends. They had decided that they weren't going to have a big wedding. They had only invited their families and some of their closest friends.

"Are you ready?" Her dad asked.

Brittany nodded eager. She was ready.

"Okay, let's go then."

He knocked twice on the door; the sign that they were ready and two men opened the door. The small church was fully decorated with white and pink flowers. It looked absolutely gorgeous. At the end of the aisle, Santana stood with a big smile on her face. Their eyes found each other and every feeling of doubt that still remained in her body was gone. When their eyes met, Brittany knew that this was right. They were meant for each other and today was only the start of their lives.

The wedding song started and Brittany realized that she was supposed to be walking by now. Slowly she started walking towards the smiling Santana. Next to her soon-to-be-wife stood Santana's dad. Santana had still refused to ask her mom, which Brittany understood.

After what felt like a very long walk, Brittany and her dad finally arrived at the aisle. Her dad placed a small kiss on her cheek before sending her off to Santana. Brittany placed herself right in front of the smiling Santana.

"You look absolutely amazing." Santana whispered.

"Same goes for you." Brittany laughed quietly.

The reverent started talking. "We are gathered her today to witness the love between these two amazing people. Brittany Susan Pierce and Santana Maria Lopez. Together they will be united as one, going through life as a married couple from this day on."

Brittany lost herself in Santana's eyes and could barely hear the words that reverent were saying. Before she realized they were already at the part of their wedding vows. Santana was starting.

"Brittany Susan Pierce. I never thought I would get married. I just thought I wasn't one of those girls that found love in life. And I was okay with that. I didn't even care. But then you came in my life and you showed me all the things I was missing out on. All the joy, all the happiness and all of the love that I hadn't felt in my life for such a long time.

You showed me what it meant to love and what it feels like to be loved. You make me happier than I ever thought I would be and happier than I thought I ever deserved to be. And I hope that I can, for the rest of our lives, make you feel exactly the same way. Because with you on my side, I can take it all. Every mountain, every hill, I would do it all, just to spend the rest of my life by your side. I love you Brittany."

Brittany's eyes were glistering with tears.

"Santana, from the moment I met you, I knew that you were different and better than all other people that I met before. And I was one hundred percent right. You are the most amazing person I have ever met in my whole life. You make me happier than anyone ever before and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." Brittany concluded with a smile. Words weren't always her best side but she thought she captured the essence.

The reverent started speaking again. "Will you, Brittany Susan Pierce, take Santana Maria Lopez as your lovely wedded wife?"

"I do." Brittany said happily. She pushed the ring over Santana's finger. Brittany's heart leaped when she saw the smile across Santana's face.

"Will you, Santana Maria Lopez, take Brittany Susan Pierce as your lovely wedded wife?"

Santana looked happier than she ever looked before and Brittany was pretty sure she had the same dopily across her face.

"I do" Santana said confident.

"Then I now pronounce you wife and wife." The reverent said happy. "You may kiss the bride." He said to both of them.

Santana didn't hesitate and leaned in quickly. But just before their lips touched, Santana whispered something.

"I love you." Before Brittany could whisper it back, she felt Santana's lips on hers.

She could feel Santana smile into the kiss. In that moment, everything felt perfect. The whole world seemed to stop and the kiss seemed to never end. It was the longest and best seconds of her life and Brittany wished it would never end.

Because she realized that for once in her life she was absolutely certain about two things. She loved Santana Lopez and Santana Lopez loved her. And that was all she needed. For the rest of her life.

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