Chapter 1: Guilty Spark "Ugh…I'm so bored," I thought as I fidgeted with the zipper on my hoodie. If anyone were to look at me right now they would see what looked to be a young lady, though I am far from a lady, sitting in a high backed chair staring at an enormous computer. "When you get back dick you're so dead," I muttered as I continued to try and get any and all details on Cadmus, per Batman's orders. I was still pissed at Dick too. He got to go to D.C. and meet up with the other sidekicks while I was stuck here in the batcave with barely anything to do. I know that I could mess with Batman and Robin's toys or I could train, not that I needed it. Then there was the little fact that I could hack into the Justice League mainframe and spy on what was going on. Cue my creepy laugh. After a few seconds I was in. I am a genius so getting into a system that I helped build is basically a walk in the park, well any park that wasn't in Gotham anyway. Finally I had the live feed from inside J.L. HQ, or the one that served as their "base." Yeah, I knew about the watch tower, but it was ridiculous how the League though that they could keep it a secret. Come on, exhibit A was the little fit that Speedy was currently having. I rolled my eyes; seriously Roy has some real authority issues. He then stormed out after throwing his hat down at an astonished Green Arrow's feet. "What a bitch," I muttered as I continued to watch as Superman came on the video communicator and then Zatara consecutively. Batman told the three boys to stay put. Laughing I stated to the batcave at large, "Fat chance of that Bats. You should know better than that." I watched with a raised eyebrow as Robin walked up to the large computer and started to try and hack into the system. It wasn't long until a computerized voice stated, "Access denied." This caused me to laugh as I grabbed my sunglasses then sent a call via skype to that particular computer. "Hello Boys," I then looked at Robin a smirk clear on my face. "Rob, you might want to think of it as the Batcomputer…on steroids," I said as soon as I saw my skype window open on the computer. Robin glared at me from behind his mask, it wasn't discernible to anyone that didn't know him well, but I lived with him so that gave me some added advantages. "What the Hell, are you on Skype? Please don't tell me that you're on the Batcomputer," he stated with an irritated tone. That guy hated it when I beat him at something, and the fact that the B-man didn't chew me out for a lot of things was a pet peeve of the Bird's. "Why yes I am little birdie," I replied in a bored tone, my mouth forming an amused smirk. Before Robin could respond and continue our usual witty repartee, Kid Flash shouted in his usual obnoxious way to me, "Hey Sparks!" I rolled my eyes behind my glasses, seriously KF got on my nerves sometimes, okay maybe a lot of the time. He's like the older brother that I wish I didn't have, but I love him anyhow. "Hey KK, what's going on?" I asked even though I knew exactly what had happened. The thing with Kid was to get him talking and then drowned him out. However, the drowning him out of the conversation didn't happen because Aqualad was confused about what I had called Kid. "KK, I was not aware that Kid Flash had gotten a name change," the tall boy said with a straight face. I nearly started to roll on the floor with laughter, but being around the dynamic duo had its advantages. This meant that I could hold my composure remarkably well. "He didn't Aqualad it's just an acronym for a nickname that I gave him a while back." Aqualad still appeared confused, but I couldn't exactly deal with that at the moment considering that I now had access to the League server. "What does it mean?" Aqualad inquired his face so serious that I was afraid that it was stuck like that. "Please don't tell him," Kid pleaded, his green eyes filled with embarrassment. Kid then looked at Robin who had his troll face on. "Crap, Robin don't!" Kid exclaimed almost to the point that he was begging. Robin's grin grew wider, to almost Joker proportions, as he spoke, "It stands for Kid Klutz." The boy wonder then turned back to the computer to find that all the information that the League had Cadmus Genetics Lab. Was on the screen already. Rob looked at me with what would have been a raised eyebrow if he wasn't wearing that confounded mask. "That was quick Sparks," he remarked before telling Kid and Kaldur what they knew. Once that was done he looked at me critically then asked seriously, "You were already in the system way before I even started to hack weren't you?" I gave him the "Really you have to ask that question" look before I answered, "I was bored." Robin's lip curled in a smirk as he said in a irritated voice, "Of course you were." My eyes narrowed in anger at the condescending tone. "Hmmm…at least I have the brains to remember the codes that were put in as backdoors in the system when it was installed. You're just a flitting twittle bird," I growled at him. If you couldn't tell I was still "sulking" about being stuck at the cave. In my anger I proceeded to give him the one finger salute, and even as I did so I looked over my shoulder to make that my uncle wasn't behind me…ever cleaned the entire batcave with a tooth brush? Yeah, that's what would happen to me if dear old Agent A caught me that crude gesture again. It was then that Wally started snickering in the background. *** While the boys were making their way to Cadmus to aid in the rescue efforts I got comfortable, and started to slip my way through the firewalls in the lab's system. To my surprise the security was really lax, and by the time the guys had found the elevator I was trying to make sense of the blue prints to the multiple sub floors beneath the seemingly unimportant building. I hacked into the guys' commlinks so that I could talk to them as they made their way down. Listening in I found that Robin was taking longer than usual to breech the door so that they could get away from the creatures that lived below the now ruined building. KF made the comment about up being out, but I made no move to comment myself seeing as I already knew the boy wonder was going to say. "Project Kr is below us," Robin stated so matter of factly that it almost made me wince, trolls shouldn't be able to sound so much like Batman. It was just plain creepy. Predictably the sophomoric boys went down, deeper into the lab's sub levels. 'One would think that Aqualad would put up more of a fight,' I thought to myself as I tapped my finger gently against the touch pad keyboard in front of me. It wasn't the first time Robin had done something stupid like this. It took me a moment to realize that I could no longer hear the boys. A feeling of unease went through me as I started to tear down Cadmus' hidden fire walls like paper. One thing anyone who meets me learns quickly is don't get me mad or worried, I can dig up more dirty little secrets in two minutes than even the most seasoned private investigator. "Where the hell did they go," I growled my eyes narrowing in both concentration and anger. Fingers flying across the keyboard my eyes scanned the binary code on the screen for a moment then with a few well placed key strokes I gained access to Cadmus' true files, the ones that they had on a hidden server. This one detailed each and every one of the procedures for their DNA experiments. I learned through the data that Project Kr was actually a partial clone of the Big Blue Boy Scout. Just for future reference I don't like Superman…sure Bruce and him are friends, but his attitude grates on my nerves. Now reading this, I noted that there were attached files, encrypted ones. I gave these a crusitory glance, but from what I could tell there was nothing of immediate interest to the League. Nevertheless I pulled the files and put them in my sealed archives. Quickly I then logged into their camera feed and found that the boys and what I assumed was the clone in a room with pods of some sort. As I watched I saw another person enter. There was no audio so I couldn't tell what they were saying, but from the looks of the man in the lab coat, he was the one pulling the strings of everyone within the organization. I growled from my seat. There wasn't much of anything that I could do at this juncture. It was really annoying. I continued to monitor the situation even as Robin freed himself from the capsule. I saw them leave the room, the Superman clone running with them. I lost track of them a few times after that until their coms were back on and I could hear them yelling to one another. The sounds of combat could be heard clearly on the computer, but I could not find a single working camera, not even the one I places on Rob's mask was working. If there was one thing I hated it was not knowing what was going on. Even as the sounds of battle quieted and the camera suddenly came back on my mood only worsened. 'Great!' I thought as the mentors all landed in front of the boys. Batman started to lecture about what they did and the boys introduced Superboy to Superman. Batman didn't speak after that until he and Robin were in the batmobile. "Adain, I know you're listening and neither of you are off the hook for this fiasco." As I listened to the car come to life I smirked, 'Yeah,' I thought. 'We aren't off the hook. You're on it with us though and making us change the rules in your game was only the beginning.' I quickly downloaded the files to my tablet and made my way to my room. It was going to be interesting see what happens in the morning, but for now I was going to sleep. Bats, birds, and what not can do as they may, but if they wake me before noon on a Saturday there will be hell to pay.