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Chapter One: The Tea Party

It was a sunny day in the town of Nevermore…
Lying on a grassy field was a little zombie girl with small skull burettes in her hair. Her mixed match eyes spanned the cloudy sky as she searched for shapes. She pointed out a cow eating a turtle, a snake breathing fire and a man peeing on a car. With every find, she yells them to her friends who were lying under a dead tree, watching her at play. She sat up fast, un human-like, facing them, she smiled.
"I'm hungry." With that, they walked, well Lenore skipped, back to the decrypted manor.
Once home, Lenore insisted on having a tea party and her friends, not wanting to anger the small demonic child, agreed. As she set the peeling pink painted table with chipped china, the doorbell rang its echoing chime. "Get the door!" she yelled. Taxidermy spoke gently in his gentlemen voice that he'd answer. A man had knocked, wearing a poorly draw mask and a familiar red velvet suit. Taxidermy and the man stared at each other for a moment,, "Well, can I come in, Taxi- I-I mean stranger." Taxidermy apologized for his staring and moved aside. They walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, while Lenore passed out steaming biscuits. Finally, she sat down too and look among her friends. To her left was her faithful 400 year old vampire, Ragamuffin, in his doll form; next to him was Pooty, a guard from the seventh level of hell. Then Muffin Monster, which looked sad they were having biscuits then Taxidermy, the stitched up deer faced man with the body of a human. Finally was the strange man which made Lenore stopped and ask; "Who are you?"
"I'm um- anyone want candy?!" The man pulled out a small bag of what looked like deformed gumballs.
"I dos!" Lenore smiled, taking one but her mind wasn't completely off the subject. "Hey, you didn't answer me!"
The man sighed in defeat and yanked off the mask revealing her adoring stranger, Mr. Gosh.
Lenore's eyes widen, "Whats are you doin' here?"
"Well, I just thought you may have forgotten to invite me."
"No, I didn't forget. You were not invited."
Mr. Gosh sighed again, "The things you do to me…but I forgive you, sweetums!"
Lenore banged her hands on the table, "SWEETUMS?!"
Ragamuffin spoke up, "Hey dude, didn't I tell you to stop the harassments? Was eating your own bowels not enough!"
"I just couldn't stay away!" He dropped to one knee in front of Lenore and grabbed her hand, "Lenore, I love you. Please maaaaaaarry me!"
The blonde girl narrowed her eyes, "You have one second to let me go or I will feed you to Mr. Chippy."
He let go. "Why don't you love me?!" Tears escaped his button eyes.
"Three reasons. One, you smell like cat pee. Two, you're annoying and three, as Raggy has pointed out, I'm way too young for you, creeper!"
Mr. Gosh looked up at Lenore with pleading eyes, "please?" the next thing he knew; he was thrown out the window.
Lenore dusted off her hands and returned to the table, her friends not stunned at the action.

Mr. Gosh picked himself off the lawn; "This couldn't get any worse." And as of all clichés, it started to rain. He looked through the window at his beloved, as she smiled and ate biscuits. He sighed, "Why can't she be happy with me?" He turned and drifted down a winding path to the cemetery. Along the way, he passed a puddle and looked at his reflection, "I'm not terrible-looking, am I?" A lonely tear fell, creating ripples in the waters. He found his way to Lenore's "grave" and slumped on it, burying his face in the dirt. "Lenore!" he sobbed. He pushed up his masked-face to see that growing beside the tombstone were the prettiest purple flowers he'd ever seen. He gasped, "Lenore likes purple! The flowers are purple! What does this mean?!" A light bulb then appeared and smacked him on the head. "I know!", recovering from the blow, "Tomorrow I'll give her them! She'll love me, I know it!" He then fell asleep, thinking he was brilliant.

Lenore put away the last of the dish with a smiley sigh. Taxidermy had helped a little before heading home with Muffin Monster. Ragamuffin and Pooty were in the living room fighting over something to do with Heck again, so Lenore snuck up on them.
"BLAH BLAH BLAH!" she screamed, making them jump. "Its time for bed, not fightin'" she said, placing her hands on her hips.
Pooty said good night then crawled into a ball on the couch. Lenore went upstairs and stepped into the bathroom to brush her teeth. In a little cage next to the sink was her "son", The Hairball, small black thin netted hairs with two big white eyes. He greeted her, "Hello Mother!" She grumbled at him, annoyed already. Once brushed and changed in pjs, the zombie girl jumped into bed and next to her always was Ragamuffin wearing a small blue sleeping cap.
Her head hit the pillow, "Night 'Muffin."
He closed his eyes, "Night Lenore."
"Night Raggy."
"Nighty Night Night."
Ragamuffin sighed, as Lenore giggled, but even thou annoyed, he still smiled

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