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Chapter 4: Fun House

Mr. Gosh mananged to drag himself away from the manor back to Lenore's grave.

"Whyyyy Lenorrrrre? Why him?" he cried, ""Its all that dolls fault! Its cause hes tall, isnt it? Because he has hair!...i had hair..." He stuck his head into the soft dirt of the grave and thought to himself, "My Lenore..."

The first week of dating was awkward... The young couple went to the park along with Mr. Chippy and Taxidermy for a picnic but got into a fight when Lenore brought bananas. Then they went to the circus but got kicked out when Lenore screamed at the ringmaster to stop "prancing" around the animals, they'll get sick. The only good thing was that Pooty changed the vamp back to...well a vamp for each date. But Ragamuffin was so close to calling it quits but during their third date, something changed.

The cute little dead girl took Ragamuffin's hand and led him thur the city.

"Where are we going?" He asked, suspiciously.

Lenore giggled, "Just wait."

After a long walk, they arrived to an abandoned fun house. Ragamuffin gulped, the place was beyond creepy and the setting sun made it look creepier. "Uhh we're not going in there, right? This place looks like it going to collapse."

Lenore tightens her grip on the vamp's hand and pulled him up the cracked stairs to the boarded up door. With one punch, the door caved in, showing a dark hallway.

Wearing a crazy smile, she led them in, against Ragamuffin's protest. The air smelled like damp dirt and dust. Once colorful red and orange wallpaper was now faded and chipped. A broke sign read 'Come in if you 'are'. Ragamuffin tried to figure out what you have to be to come in but soon realized the 'd' was gone. They entered a room was alot of boxes scattered on the floor. "Why are we here, Lenore?" Instead of answering, she went to a box and opened it, after a moment of searching though it, she pulled out a dusty pirate hat. She cleaned it and stuck it on the muffin's head.

"Wooh cool!" He modeled the hat in a cracked fun house mirror.

Lenore just smiled and went though the box again, she then pulled out a white turban with a blue jewel and put it on. Ragamuffin started going though the boxes as well, a lot of cool things found. Like a big pair of clown shoes, a rainbow wig, two bendy swords and a bunch of make-up. He threw a sword to Lenore.

"En garde!" He smiled.

Lenore, now wearing a bandana she found, rose her sword. They started play fighting, a swing here and a whack there. Ragamuffin went easy of her since she was a girl and small. We all know how Ragamuffin fights... The vamp smirked wickedly when he saw an advantage point to fake stab her but a loud clatter upstairs made him stop in his tracks and look up. But that didnt stop Lenore from raising her sword over her head, yell a war cry and swing, knocking the vampire down with a surprising blow.

"I got you! I got you! I got you!" She giggled, stabbing him repeatedly with her sword into his chest.

Ragamuffin just laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah you di-" he started but was cut off by another crash from upstairs.

This time Lenore heard it, looking up as while, "Whats that? A ghosty?"

The vampire sprang up, grabbing his sword, "Maybe we should investigate."

Quietly, they made their way up the broken, rotting stairs. Almost falling, the zombie girl grabbed Ragamuffin's hand, making him turn pink. The up stair was the same as the down, faded and old, except it smelled like chicken soup. It made them curious so they followed the scent to an abandoned funky mirrors room.

"Ohhhh lookie that one!" She giggled as one of the mirrors that gave her a big head and a tiny body, the vampire couldnt help but think it made her creepier, if thats possible. He also noticed they were still holding hand, he was about to say something when someone cleared their throat. They both jumped to see in the corner was a lonely hobo holding a bowl of soup.

"What you children doin' here?" He yelled sternly, making Lenore recoil, which then made Ragamuffin mad.

"We're just looking around, dude."

"Well get out, im hungry and I wanna eat in peace!"

This made Ragamuffin smirk wickedly, "Well im hungry too..."

~~~~Five Minutes Later~~~~

"That chicken soup was good!" Lenore giggled, swinging hers and her muffin's hand back and forth as they walked on the city's sidewalk.

"I still cant believe you ate that."

"Soup Soup."

He sighed, then looked at the sky, "Its getting dark, wanna head back?"

"Nooo one more place, come on!"

She dragged him to a park but more specifically, a large tree. "I wanna show you something." She pulled him around the tree then pointed to a spot. Curved into the tree said "Lenore was X"

Ragamuffin raised an eyebrow, "Its...nice?"

She stuck her tongue at him, "Noo, I curved that 100 years ago."

The vampire was surprised, "Really?" He looked at it again, sometimes, he forgets Lenore is older than she looks.

"It reminds me that...i was once alive..."

Ragamuffin was started by the calm, sweet voice the girl spoke in, shes never done that before, "And when I see this, it makes me happy." She laughed sweetly and for the first time, her laugh made his heart explode. He tightens the grip on her hand and smiled. Her face for a moment lost its creepyness and was actually...beautiful. Her blond hair flew back lightly in the wind while her eyes were lost in thought. She blinked back to reality and smiled at him, "Do you wanna go home now, Raggy?"

He nodded and as they walked, he thought of this day and the curving, her voice that sweetness hes never heard. She was a worth a second chance.

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