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Running for her dear life was the correct phrase in describing her situation now.

Not that it really mattered that she got caught or not. She would still end up back at the mansion and doing paperwork.

Though Knuckle was silent the entire time and a flash of recognition was in his eyes when she was in front of him.

Damn. Was her disguise really that ineffective?

Now the up's and downs:

Good news is she got away.

Bad news is her clothes were gone. Also her hand was bleeding.

I mean she wasn't naked or anything, she just threw her male clothes at Alaude. Not that it was one of her best ideas, but she had to do something! So throwing it and punching the glass wall at the clothes shop, was the best she came up with.


She still got her undergarments! Which isn't helping the tiniest bit.

Escaping wasnt easy also.

If she fly her hands would get burns and her presence would immediately alert the other guards.

At that precise moment an idea struck her. If she could pass in as a maid in the mansion, she could get in and –

"There she is!" G shouted running towards her direction, his guns at out.

Cursing herself for not being able to hide better, she turned her heels and saw Daemon smirking at her. "Well hello there."

Knuckle was giving her questioning look and the sides of his mouth were tugged into a smile. Could it be he figured it out?

Backing away a few steps, at the corner of her eye she saw Asari his face completely serious with his weapons drawn out.

No, in fact everyone had their weapons in hand.


"We are not letting you get away again!" Lampo declared his eyes hardened with determination.

Like a sheep cornered by a pack of wolves she tried to reason with them, but it wasn't working.

If talking can't work, brute force will. Hopefully.

Taking on a fighting stance, she charged.

Yeah. It didn't really work.

Though, it almost did, if G hadn't shot her she would've gotten away. But noo, he just had to shoot her. As revenge plans were already forming on her head, a shout from G interrupted it.

She could practically hear his and Knuckle's voice from the other side of the wall. They were screaming their heads off, something about 'Why did you shot her- him?!'

Then G would shout back, in words she couldn't comprehend.

"Sheesh, he need anger management classes. How does his vocal cord even survive screaming all day?" she muttered.

Funny thing Knuckle never argues with anyone he hates violence. Sometimes it makes her ponder why he joined her 'noble cause.'

Being bounded to a chair blind-folded wasn't the best feeling she had all day, not that she can say anything about it. Sighing for the umpteenth time, she pondered if she could ask Talbot on how to make a machine that can make her male.

Then Knuckle came to the room amusement dancing in his eyes.

He sat down in front of her a smile forming into his face. "This one of the best escape plans you've ever planned Giotto."

"Why thank you, I try" I replied my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Though why did you buy that underwear for?"

"I well uh, how do I put this…" she said trailing off.

"Did Elena order you to buy it for her?" he suggested.

"Yes! She said she –um, wanted to buy it for her" she exclaimed her head nodding furiously. "You know women, they're really, forceful now a days."

"You look really like a female, though your flat chest gave it away" Knuckle said as he stood up.

An imaginary tick mark appeared in her head, trying her best to calm down from murdering Knuckle right there.

"Are you letting me free or not?" she hissed.

"Woah, calm down Giotto" he said as he untied the ropes.

"Sorry Knuckle it was getting really uncomfortable" she said as she rubbed her sore wrists, her anger dying within seconds.

"Well should I go with to your room?" he asked.

"No thanks" she said smiling at his offer.

"Alright, I will be going then" he headed out the door and to the top floors.

Groaning in pain as she clutched her shoulder silently thanking Knuckle for healing it earlier. Stifling a yawn. "Man what along day; I hope Alaude doesn't kill me for that."

Chuckling she went up and heard the arguing voices of her Guardians. Silently wishing everyday was peaceful as it is now.

But this is Underground world, nothing ever remains the same.

Nightmares will always haunt you.

Nothing and no one spares you from it.

It silently creeps in shadows, waiting for it to strike fear in your hearts.

Manipulation, Lies and Deceit is its greatest weapons, turning friends and family against you.

Be ready for the time for it to strike is near, be vigilant and trust your instincts.

And face it head on, if you run away now…

Death will be waiting for you.

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