Chapter: 1

There was nothing left for Andrea to do but wait outside the barn, she had been kicked out of the meeting by both Rick and Phillip and forced to sit on the side lines. The two had made it clear, that whatever they were discussing, she wasn't supposed to hear it. She should have felt relived, she should have felt better that she wouldn't have to be the peace keeper in their meeting anymore, but she didn't. The only thing she did feel, was that when both men left that barn, there would be nothing but bloodshed and death in the future.

Hershel had seen how distrait she was, and the kind older man tried his best to console her, and Andrea didn't push him away. When she spoke with Hershel, she saw some much of Dale in the man, she saw his kindness, his wisdom, but she also saw why Hershel was so admired by so many in her old group. Hershel was still so strong, far wiser than most men could ever hope to be, and had managed to keep his humanity through this nightmare.

Hershel told her everything, about what Phillip had done to Maggie, how he was going to have her and Glenn executed, right under her nose, it all made her sick. Hershel told her that she could return to their group, and she wanted too, she wanted more than anything to be able to go back to her real family, but she couldn't. She couldn't just abounded the people of Woodbury to Phillip, he'd lead them all into a slaughter.

Some many people had been killed, because of one sick man's lies, people were dying on both sides of the tracks, and all of it had been because of a psychopath's lust for power. Andrea had felt the worst when heard about the prison survivor Axel being killed, a man who wasn't meant for war, who wanted nothing from this new world, but to live in peace, he had been slaughtered in cold blood and then had been written of as a statistic by Phillip. Then there was Haley, the naive girl, who had tried to teach Andrea how to guard the wall of Woodbury. The poor girl was killed by Maggie, all because she had been on the wrong side of a rescue mission. Andrea didn't blame Maggie though, the woman was just trying to save Daryl, and there was no way she could have known that Haley was just a confused girl playing soldier for a sociopath.

Tears started to fall from Andrea's eyes, but she made quick to brush them away, she didn't need to be seen as weak, not now. She thanked Hershel for his offer, but doesn't agree to anything, he gives her a fatherly hug, then hobbles away to sit next to Milton.

She continues to sit on the bench, her head in her hands, letting all her thoughts of self-hatred consume her, it's only when she feels someone else sit on the bench, that she finally picks her head up from her hands to look at her new company.

Daryl sits next to Andrea on the bench, wordlessly reaches into his jacket, and offers her a cigarette. She thinks about denying it, but takes it anyway. Like lung cancer was something she should even be worrying about right now. He lights her cigarette, then takes his own out of the pack and lights it.

"It ain't gotta be this way." Daryl says as he inhales nicotine into his body, not even bothering to attempt small talk.

Andrea gives a sad smile she takes a drag off her cigarette. "I know."

"Then why ya here? Forget this stupid shit and leave." He says to her gruffly.

"I can't." She replies looking down at the ground.

"Why not?" He asks voice getting even more agitated.

She knows why she can't leave, there's too many people who need her back at Woodbury, there not warriors like her old group, their just people, naive, inexperienced people. Then there was Tyree's group, she couldn't just abounded them there either, they all trusted her. She was the one who had SENT Tyreese's group to Woodbury for christ sake. It was her fault they were even in this mess to begin with.

Andrea turns her head to him and says "Too many people need me there Daryl." As the words leave her lips, she starts to think that maybe she does have a messiah complex. "They need someone to protect them."

Daryl wanted to argue with her, to say she's full of shit, that the people of Woodbury were just cold-blooded killers, that they deserved to be thrown to the walkers, but he didn't. Merle had told them all what Woodbury was like, how only some people had stepped up become soldiers, while the rest of the town attempted to live their lives like the world hadn't ended.

Truth is, Daryl wasn't too sure himself where he stood on going to war with Woodbury. He'd follow Rick into hell and back, that was no question, and he'd die before he turned his back on his group/family, but he wasn't blind to what was in front of him. The Spanish man, Martinez, yeah he was a douche-bag, but he wasn't a monster, just a poor son of bitch who lost his family and picked the wrong side. Same went for the four eyes butler Milton, he had his doubts about the man, but Hershel didn't seem to mind his company, and he did want to compare notes and record everything that had happened since the world ended, proving he was more of peaceful man than a fighter.

The only thing Daryl was sure of, was that all of them were trapped in this Governor's fucked up chest game, and he was playing with of their lives, for what? Daryl had no clue, he just hoped Rick did before it was too late.

Daryl had been brought out of his thoughts by the sound of Andrea laughing, she was giggling to herself softy, and a smirk could be seen forming on her face.

'The hell?' He thought to himself, raising an eyebrow Andrea's way, and almost losing his cigarette when his mouth started to hang open in confusion.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Andrea said noticing his confused face. "I was just thinking about the night you told me you got lost in the woods as a kid."

Now he was confused, the hell was so funny about that story? He didn't even remember what the hell he said that night- 'Oh, yeah. My itchy ass.' He thought, memories from that night were slowly working their way back to the front of his mind.

"You remembered that? After all this time?"

"Always." Andrea said.

Now it was Daryl's turn to look down, why he was doing it he didn't know why, but for some reason he didn't want to look Andrea in the eyes. "Why?" He asked.

"Because you were the first person that made me laugh in so long, I hadn't even smiled since Amy died, and you managed to make me laugh again." Andrea felt her eyes water as she talked about Amy, but did her best not to let any tears fall.

Daryl had forgotten that night, it was the first night of searching for Sophia, it seemed like such a long time ago now. So much had changed, it was almost like that time period was in another life.

"I miss the group, Daryl." She says quietly, losing the battle to keep her tears in. "I miss my family."

She knows she shouldn't be crying, that she probably looks weak, and hell, she even feels weak, yet she just wants to let the tears fall.

"We miss you too." Daryl says picking his head up to look her in the eyes.

Andrea wipes her tears away and looks at Daryl, she can tell he was trying to not break eye contact, that even after all this time with the group, he's still not as emotionally open as the rest of them.

It's then she says something she was trying to not to say the entire day. "I wanna go home." She whispers to him. "I wanna sit and talk with Hershel, joke around with Carol, be able to have Michonne back as my friend, and play with little ass-kicker." Daryl smirks sadly at her when she mentions little ass-kicker's name, and she smiles back at him. "But Mostly, I just don't want to feel like an outsider anymore, I'm tired of being looked at as the pariah."

"Then come home." Daryl says softy to her. Andrea's eyes begin to water again at Daryl's words, but this time she keeps herself from crying.

"I can't." She chokes out. "I have to go back."

'The way she says it, it's almost like she's sentencing herself to death.' Daryl thought still looking into Andrea's eyes.

What Daryl didn't fully grasp, was that for Andrea, going back to Woodbury might as well have been a death sentence.

The Governor will never back down, she knows that now, that no matter what he says to his people, to her, it's all lies. Hershel was right, Phillip was a sick man, and the death of everyone at the prison is all he cares about. Everyone else on both sides of the battlefield were just expendable to him. She knew that she had to stop Phillip, regardless of what would happen to her. She knows that by walking down this road, there might be no way for her to come back, she could be killed, she probably will be killed, but right now, death sounded better, than letting any of the people in the prison or Woodbury be killed.

'I guess I'll be seeing you soon Amy.' Andrea thought sadly.

The sound of the barn door opening alerted everyone that the meeting was over and that it was time to go. Andrea and Daryl stood up from the bench, ready to go back to their own sides of the track.

Not knowing what to say, Daryl just nods a goodbye towards Andrea, then walks away to find Rick.

"Daryl!" She calls out, making him stop dead in his tracks. The redneck turns back around to look back at the blonde ex-lawyer. Her eyes looked empty and sad, but there was a small smile on her face. "When this is all over, we should go on one of those walks through the woods again, for old times sake." She says as tears begin to slide down her face again.

"Yeah, for old times sake." Daryl said as he walked away from Andrea.

It's at that moment, Daryl realizes that there might not be another time for them to talk again, that this might be the last time he'd ever see her alive, and by looking at Andrea's face, Daryl knew she was aware of that as well.

When the three-man team arrived back at the prison, Rick informed the group that the Governor wanted the prison, that he wanted everyone in it dead, and that they were going to war. No one looked surprised at the news, everyone was expecting that the only thing that would come from the meeting would be news of war.

Daryl catched Merle's eye as the group began to go their own separate ways, they exchange a nod, a secret code they had made up for each other, meaning that they needed to talk alone in private. The Dixon brothers made their way into the abounded Cell block that Merle had stayed at, knowing that barley anyone from the group ever stepped foot in there, in less their last name was Dixon.

"So, whats the problem baby brother?" Merle asked as leaned against a near by cell door.

"It's about Andrea." Daryl replied as he leaned against the same cell door as Merle.

Merle raised an eyebrow at his younger brother, wondering where he was going with this conversation. "What bout Blondie?"

Daryl gave his brother the famous Dixon smirk and then said. "We're bringing her home."

The Governor had his plans, Rick had his plans, and Andrea had her own plans. Well, Dixons didn't make plans, they made god damn missions! And Daryl's mission, was to bring Andrea back home.

This was just something I wanted to write since the episode, I felt like since everyone else in both groups got to talk, Andrea and Daryl should have had a scene with the two of them catching up and talking about what would happen in the future.

I'm not sure if I'll continue this or keep it a one-shot, depends if I get any feedback telling me to continue.

Catch ya guys later.