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Epilogue: Lead me Home

Sliding the last stone into place, Daryl brushed the cold sweat from his forehead, and admired his hard-work. Suddenly, Merle let off a low whistle, and strolled over to his brother.

"Damn, baby brother." Merle said lighting up a cigarette. "Looks like we did good, ay?"

"We?" Daryl asked with a scowl. "Last time I check, I busted my ass making this, and you!" He pointed his finger at Merle. "All ya did was just lay on ya ass and watched me do all the work."

Taking a long drag off his cigarette, Merle exhaled some smoke and replied. "I was the foreman baby brother, we direct what needs doing."

Daryl had the sickening urge to punch his older brother, but he knew it'd do no good. Sighing he just gave up and shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever, man."

They fell into silence after that, Daryl was staring at the ground, making circles with his feet, while Merle was just enjoying some soothing Nicotine. Finally after just standing there like some old mooks, Daryl spoke up.

"What ya doing here, Merle?" Daryl asked quietly, so quietly, that if Merle wasn't so close to him, he probably wouldn't have even heard it.

"Can't I check in on my baby brother?" Merle said in mock hurt.

"It ain't that ya can't, it just..." Daryl bit thr inside of his cheek a bit, trying to figure out what to say. "Ya always had a habit of playing ghost on me, what if ya do it again."

Merle snorted. "Damn baby brother, I already told ya before, I'm in this till the end for my brother." He threw his hands up in the air. "Ain't like I got any other brothers!"

Daryl kept his eyes trained to the ground. "You weren't there a lot of the times Merle, what's gonna make this time different?"

Merle put his right hand on Daryl's shoulder. "Cause I said so, brother."

Looking up from the ground, Daryl met his brother's eyes with his own, he then smirked a little "Imma hold ya to it, ya that right?"

"What ya gonna do if I don't?" Merle challenged sliding his hand off his brother's shoulder. "Kill me?"

Now it was Daryl's turn to snort. "Ain't nobody can kill Merle, but Merle."

"Ya damn fucking right!" Merle said with a smoke-filled chuckle.

Merle's chuckling infected Daryl, and soon he joined his brother, and then the chuckling turned into full-blown laughter, something they hadn't done in so long, it almost sounded foreign to Daryl's ears.

The laughter died down, and then Merle said. "Besides, baby brother, ya don't really even need me anymore."

Daryl snapped his head to stare at his brother, Merle had never anything like that in his life. Sure, Daryl had said something like that a thousand times when he was pissed at Merle, but he never actually meant it. "The hell ya talking about? Ya my big brother, I've always needed ya."

Merle took a long last drag of his cigarette, then flicked it away. He stepped forward, and put his hand back on Daryl's shoulder. "You ain't needed me, Daryl, since the day ya got lost in woods when ya were nine." Merle said softly, softer than Daryl could remember him ever talking. "By the time ya poison oak covered ass came back, all ya ever needed to survive in life was ya self."

Shock took over Daryl's face, and it wasn't because Merle was actually giving him credit for something, which he rarely ever did, no, what really shocked him was something else his brother said.

"Merle," Daryl began slowly. "I never told ya that story, I ain't ever told anyone that, not even the old man." He had actually told at least one person that story, and that was Andrea, but she promised to always keep it to herself no matter what. So, how did Merle find out?

Merle stepped squeezed Daryl's shoulder a little, he actually looked a little sad. "And how do ya think I know this baby brother?"

Tilting his head in confusion, Daryl tried to think of a reason about how Merle would know what happened in the woods to him so long ago, and after running through a thousand or so theories, tragic realization dawned on him.

Daryl took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. "Because...

"C'mon baby brother, ya can do it." Merle said calmly.

"Because...because you're not really here." Daryl said looking down to the ground, he tightly closed his eyes as they began to water.

"That's right, Daryl." Merle said sadly. "I died, I died a long time ago."

Tears welled up in Daryl's eyes, but he did his best to blink them away. Dixon's didn't fucking cry, at least not in front of another Dixon. "I miss you, brother."

Merle nodded his head. "I know, I know."

"I...I don't know what I'm gonna do without you." Daryl whispered looking at the ground.

Merle smiled sadly, and stepped in front of his brother, putting both hands on his shoulders. "Ya ain't gotta be without me Darylina, all yer gotta do is hold on."

Daryl fixed Merle a confused look. "Hold on to what? Your stump?" He asked sarcastically. "Cause that ain't happening, I buried that shit."

Merle lightly smacked Daryl upside the head. "Smart-ass." He grumbled. "Ya ain't need to hold on to some bullshit like that, all ya need is this." He took a hand of Daryl's shoulder and pointed to his head. "If ya can remember me in that little brain of yers, than I ain't going anywhere."

Smiling sadly, Daryl tried his best to think of something to say, but the only thing that came out was. "Since when did ya get into all the mushy shit, Merle?"

"Shut the fuck up." Merle said throwing his hands off Daryl. "I swear, trying to have a damn moment with ya, is like trying to fucking get the China-man to grow ten feet."

Daryl smirked, he whipped away some stray water leaking from his eyes and said. "He's Korean, Merle."

"Whatever!" Merle yelled, while he flipped his younger brother the bird, but Daryl just shook his head, still smirking at Merle.

It was then that Merle said. "Alright baby brother, time to open yer eyes now."

And Daryl did just that, because Merle was right. He opened the eyes that he didn't even realized he had closed. Suddenly, there was no Merle, there was just Daryl, standing in front of the stone memorial he had made. It had taken months, a lot of time, and shit load of stones, but it was worth it in end.

The memorial had been dedicated Amy, to Sophia, to everyone Daryl and his new family had lost since the world had ended, but most impotently, it was meant for his hero, his best friend, his brother, Merle.

"Ya know I ain't the best with words," Daryl said to the memorial. "but I promise I'll be back here one day, this ain't goodbye, it's just...well, shit, it is a goodbye." He didn't want to say goodbye to Merle, but he knew that it was time. "I told ya that I wanted my brother back, but shit, I know now that I always had ya here with him, ya were always there for them, and I ain't gonna forget that, I love ya, brother."

Stepping away from the stone memorial, Daryl took one last long look at it, he then started to limp away. "I'll see ya later, brother."

Leading against Daryl's new motorcycle, Andrea watched as he limped over towards her, it had been some time since their fight with the Governor, but his body, and definitely his kneecap, still hadn't fully healed yet, it had taken weeks for him just to be able to walk, and Dr. Stevens said it'd still take a couple of weeks for him to stop limping.

The night Andrea and Daryl had killed the Governor, it had changed so much about their world. At first, the people of Woodbury had wanted Daryl's head on pike, he had killed their leader and blown up one of their gate, and walkers were wondering into Woodbury. Lucky for the two of them, some of the Woodbury Military had volunteered to stay behind during the prison assault, and were already in the town to defend it from walkers. What wasn't lucky, was that after the walkers had been killed, and a makeshift gate was built, Daryl had almost been executed on the spot. It had taken both Tyreese and Andrea to defend him, for the people not to kill him, and it had taken them explaining all the Governor's dirty secrets, for the people to actually let Daryl live.

After gaining the trust of Woodbury, they had decided to stay in the town and help rebuild, it wasn't a permanent thing though, Daryl still needed to heal, and Andrea didn't want to leave the people without a leader or anyway to survive on their own.

After some weeks had passed, Daryl was finally on his feet again, and Andrea felt that Woodbury was too. The gate had been rebuilt, the people had been trained in basic survival by both her and Daryl, plus a new leader had even been Chosen.

The people, and herself included, had hand-picked Tyreese to lead Woodbury. The man was completely shocked that he was the first choice the people had picked to be their leader, but he had still accepted the honor, promising that he'd be a better leader than the Governor had been.

"Ay, Goldilocks." Daryl said getting close to Andrea. "Yer gonna day-dream all day, or get ya shit in gear?"

"I'm not the one taking forever just to limp over here, Robin hood." Andrea shot said smiling.

Getting close to Andrea, Daryl wrapped an arm around her waist. "Ya mouth gonna get ya in trouble one of these days." He said.

Breaking away, Andrea replied. "Oh, shut up Dixon, this mouth has saved our asses more than I can count."

"True, but after it's done saving, it never fucking closes."

"Jerk." Andrea said, lightly punching Daryl's arm. "Just for that, you're cooking tonight."

"So, I'm stuck hunting and cooking tonight?" The hell happened to all the female empowerment and equal treatment shit you're always spewing out?" questioned Daryl.

"I'll catch some fish." Answered Andrea crossing her arms.

Daryl smirked smugly and said. "It's too cold to fish."

"Then that means it's too cold for hunting too." Andrea replied."

Oh, Christ, couldn't this woman just let him win one argument? "Just get on the damn bike, woman." Daryl growled.

"Whatever you say, Dixon." Andrea said smiling broadly. She felt like pushing more of Daryl's buttons, but she knew that it was time they got on the road.

Daryl had told her how Rick and the group were heading east, now where east the group was heading to was a mystery to the both of them, but at least they knew that their family was somewhere out east. The plan was to head towards Washington, that maybe they could find their group there, and if not, than they'd just keep looking for them. It wasn't like they had anything else to do.

Getting on his motorcycle, Daryl started the engine up, and let Andrea slide behind him and wrap her arms around his waist. He was about to drive off, when something near the memorial stone caught his eyes.

Leaning against the of the memorial stone, was none other than Merle Dixon, but he wasn't alone. Amy was standing besides Merle, smiling brightly, and between the both of them was someone who Daryl thought he'd never see again, it was little Sophia, she was holding onto Merle's right hand, and clinging to Amy's leg. The three waved at Daryl, well, Sophia and Amy waved, Merle just smirked and flipped off his baby brother.

Daryl continued to stare at the memorial stone, he wanted to remember this moment, he wanted to remember how Amy, Sophia and Merle looked at this moment, how they weren't covered in bites, bruises, or scars. They all were a piece of the puzzle that made him; Sophia, the scared child who got lost in the woods and never came back, Amy, the innocent younger sibling, trying to make their older sibling proud, and finally, Merle, who represented everything about Daryl's entire life.

Closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath, Daryl looked away from the memorial, from his past, It was time to move on. He looked back at Andrea. "Ay, Andrea." He said using her real name. "Remember what ya said bout the pain?"

Andrea smiled, tightening her hold on Daryl's waist. "You made some room for it?" She asked softly.

Daryl looked back the memorial one last time and then looked towards the road. "Yeah, I think I did."He turned his head around, and captured Andrea's lips in a kiss, something he had meant to do for some time,.

"Took you long enough, Dixon." Andrea said cheeky, she grabbed Daryl by the collar of his jacket, and brought him in for a deeper kiss. She couldn't help but smile as she kissed Daryl, it just felt right. She wasn't sure what would have happened if she hadn't been able to escape that torture room, but she did know that in this moment with Daryl, she was the happiest she had been a long time.

The couple broke apart when they started to feel something wet and cold land on their heads, Daryl turned his head towards the sky, and saw that snow flakes were gently cascading down on them and the ground.

Smirking a little, Daryl kissed Andrea one last time, he then slowly pulled away from her lips and whispered. "C'mon Angel face, it's time to go home."

"Lead the way, Robin hood." Andrea said resting her head on Daryl's back.

Daryl revved the engine of his motorcycle one last time, and then drove away from the stone memorial.

There was strange feeling of content Daryl felt as he continued to drive, he felt that for the first time, he could walk away from a chapter in his life without cringing at the memory.

He had done it, he had manged to save Andrea and avenge his brother, he felt better, lighter, like a weight he had carried on his shoulders for the last couple years was now gone. It hadn't been an easy journey, he had almost lost his life, he'd almost lost Andrea, but in the end, when every scenario had failed, when every plan had failed, Andrea and him had still manage to come up on top. The only challenge left, was the unknown future, and as long as he had Andrea, he had hope that they'd beat this nightmare, and maybe it wouldn't be today, or even tomorrow, but Daryl knew they'd find a better life for themselves

There was still many battles ahead for them though, Winter had already started, and that meant traveling was going to be a real nasty bitch, and they still needed to find their group, their family, and the only lead they had on their whereabouts was that they were heading east. The odds were stacked against them again, but that didn't meant that'd stop them.

For now though, Andrea Harrison and Daryl Dixon would just enjoy their victory. They had won, and now it was finally time to go home.

Mission complete.

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