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Rose woke up, her eyes swollen and bloodshot, from crying all night. She withdrew the curtains to her four poster bed, only to find the dormitory empty.

'If it's empty, then it must be breakfast already,' Rose thought. She got up reluctantly, dressed, and headed for the Great Hall. She found Simone by the entrance of the Great Hall, talking to a Slytherin girl with chocolate skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair that touched her shoulders.

". . .remind him, okay? Or I'll be the one to spill the beans." Simone was saying when Rose approached them.

"Okay, Sim. I already told him this morning." The girl with chocolate skin said.

"Then, tell him again." Simone replied, a little exasperated.

"Tell who again?" Rose butt in.

"Nothing. Oh, Rose," Simone added. "have you met Joey? She was a friend of mine in pre-school, before we both figured out that we were witches."

"Oh, you a muggle-born, too, Joey?" Rose asked holding out her hand.

"Yep, mudblood and proud." Joey replied, shaking Rose's hand.

"My mother's a muggle-born, she was the best in her year." Rose added.

"Really?" Joey asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, well, she was Hermione Granger so. . ." Simone's voice trailed off. Joey's eyes slightly widened, but she just shrugged it off.

"Cool. Well, I'm going to eat now 'kay? I'm starving. See you guys around." Joey said, before heading to the Slytherin table.

"Wait, Joey!" Simone called after her. "Want to come with us to Hogsmeade later?"

"Huh? Oh, um, okay." Joey replied, before she disappeared into the crowd of Slytherins. The two Gryffindors watched her go.

"What was that about?" Rose asked, breaking the silence as they made their way to the Gryffindor table.

"Oh, nothing." Simone sighed. "Nothing at all."

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