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Rose wiped her tear-streaked face and scolded herself for crying. But it wouldn't work. The tears just kept on flowing.

Rose sniffed as she made her way to the girls' dormitories, hoping to lay face down on her bed and stay that way forever. But she couldn't, because there was a rose on her bed, and a small note. She picked it up and seated herself at the edge of the bed.

Dear Rose,

Meet me in the Astronomy Tower at midnight.



Rose slowly laid down; that's what she usually does when she's thinking. S.M.? She was deep in thought, and would have gone deeper if the door didn't burst open.

"Rose, I am so sorry. Joey and I shouldn't have brought up the subject and I know you're mad but-" Simone's sentence was cut short when she noticed a small note in her best friend's hands. Rose, meanwhile, stared at her blankly for a moment.

"It's okay." She finally said. Simone brightened up a bit.


"Well, I can't stay mad at my best friend forever, can't I?" Rose smiled a bit, before sitting up. "Now come here. Help me figure out who S.M. is."

"S.M." Simone whispered as she took the note and sat down beside Rose. "S.M." A grin spread across her lips. "S.M." She squealed and started giggling like a lunatic.

"Can you please tell me who the hell S.M. is?" Rose questioned her impatiently.

"S.M. ," Simone replied, finally calming down. "Is your super hot Prince Charming."

Rose took a deep breath. Finally, after a long pause and a moment's hesitation, she made her way up the steps to the Astronomy Tower. The first thing she saw was the silhouette of a man with silvery blonde hair. Rose turned on her heel as quickly and quietly as she could. She didn't know why, but she wanted to back out. But before she could take a step down, the man turned around.

"Rose?" His voice seemed to surprise her. "Is that you?" Rose slowly turned to face him, and gasped inwardly. He had gray eyes; the eyes of a Malfoy. This time, she was sure she wanted to go back to the dormitories. So she spun around, but not fast enough. Scorpius caught her by the shoulder.

"Rose please." He looked desperate when Rose glanced back at him.

"Why? Is this a trick?" she asks, almost bitterly.

"Never." He pleaded. "I wouldn't do that." Rose regarded him for a second.

"Okay, fine." She moved a little away from him and leaned against the wall. "Now explain to me why you sent me the note."

Scorpius took a deep breath. "I sent you that note because Simone told me too. She's noticed you looking crushed whenever you see a boy looking at you, and so have I." This time, when Rose looked at him, he looked resigned. "And she said that you asked her if there was something wrong with you."

"Yeah, is there something wrong with me?" Rose inquired, her voice cracking.

"No, no, no, Rose." Scorpius said, his voiced hushed. He moved towards her, and put his hand under her chin. "Nothing's wrong with you."


"Yes. It wasn't you. It was me. I was the one who scared them away." She looked into his gray eyes, and saw a hint of hesitation. "I scared them away because I didn't want anyone to go out with you, but me."

Scorpius flushed. But Rose didn't care. She pulled him down and his mouth met hers. Scorpius was caught by surprise, but didn't push her away. Instead, he deepened the kiss. His hands slide up her spine and into her hair. Rose groaned, and messed up his hair with her fingers. But there was still one more question that bugged her mind.

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong with me?" She whispered against his lips.

"No. You're perfect. Just the way you are."

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