Hey y'all! Welcome to my first Oz fanfiction. I'm gonna write the first chapter and if I get enough good feedback, I'll continue the story. I just saw Oz the Great and Powerful last night (I still can't believe what happened to Theodora) and I was inspired. Each one of the main characters from the movie will appear or at least be mentioned in here. Also, there are two points I have to make:

1. The Oz year is pretty much modern time (at least by the time my OC is a teenager), not 1905, because Oz is a magical world, and Oz ages but he lives much much longer than normal mortals because the same magic that keeps Glinda alive and young applies to him because they love each other so much (sounds totally cheesy and cliche but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do).

2. Dorothy Gale never appeared and saved the land of Oz from the Wicked Witch of the West (pretty much disregard the original Wizard of Oz movie).

Disclaimer: I don't own the land of Oz, the Wizard of Oz, or any characters in Oz except my OC(s).

That first kiss with Glinda opened doors for Oz. After about a year of a formal relationship, Oz proposed to his beautiful good witch. The two of them married with only those who knew of Oz's being alive attending the ceremony: Knuk the Emerald City page, the little china girl who was given the name Dolly, Finley the flying monkey, and the head tinker. The rest of the people of Oz thought their mighty wizard to be only an ephereal face of smoke, a cover that was kept to prevent the two Wicked Witches, Glinda's sisters, Theodora and Evanora, from returning. Everywhere, people thought of Glinda as the Queen of Oz, but did not fully comprehend the extent of her and the King's love.

After several months of bliss, Glinda discovered that she was pregnant. At first, Oz was terrified at the thought of being a father. He wasn't even a real wizard. In reality, he was a conman magician from Kansas who had tricked the entire population into believing he had magical powers. But Glinda reminded her husband that he was not the same man he was when he first arrived in Oz. Oz had learned the power of goodness, a quality that the former king, Glinda's father who was murdered by Evanora, possessed.

The big day finally arrived. However, what frightened Glinda was that it was exactly the second anniversary of the day Theodora and Evanora were defeated...and also, the moment she gave birth to the child, a solar eclipse occurred. In Oz, eclipses were known to be very dangerous, especially if a child was born on one. Those children were rumored to live dark and cursed lives. But Oz assured his wife that nothing would ever harm their little daughter as long as they believed.

The next morning, King Oz (in his smoke form) and Queen Glinda announced the birth of the Daughter of the land of Oz, Princess Miranda Kiara Avalon Celeste. The people cheered for their new princess. Now they didn't have to worry about where the throne would go if their magnificent king and beloved queen disappeared. Everybody prayed that the wicked witches would not return.

However, Theodora, known as the Wicked Witch of the West, decided to pay a visit to her infant niece. One month after Miranda's birth, on the night of the full moon, the green skinned witch flew her broom from her castle to the Emerald City palace's nursery. Theodora used her fire powers to melt the outside door handle from the balcony to the nursery. She crept over to the crib, grinning evilly, but when she peered inside the crib to see the baby, she felt a pang in her heart. Even though Evanora had melted Theodora's heart and replaced it with pure wickedness, it still hurt. That should have been her baby. She was supposed to be Oz's queen, until she discovered that Oz "flirted with all three sisters". Evanora had taken advantage of Theodora's vulnerability and broken heart to transform her into the epitome of evil.

The witch shook her head to stop the flashback. She loved being evil. It was so much easier than being that naive goody-goody that she had been before. Her wicked grin retuned as she looked down on the newly awakened girl. Just like all babies, Miranda smiled as she played with her feet, gleefully unaware of the peril she was in.

"Goodbye little princess," Theodora cackled, holding up a green hand with a fire ball burning on it.

Down the hall in the royal chambers, Glinda sat up quickly. She sensed the presence of her sister. "Oz! Oz wake up!" she said, shaking her sleeping husband.

"Go back to bed, hun," Oz grumbled.

"Oz, Theodora's here!" Glinda replied sharply, ignoring her husband's complaints.

"WHAT?! That's impossible!" he argued, but he froze when he heard the witch's trademark evil laugh echo down the hall. "Or not," Oz admitted. "But what's the worst she can do? There's nobody else here except..."

They both gasped at the same time before they cried out,"MIRANDA!"

Oz ripped the blanket off of him and started to run for the door, but Glinda blocked him. "Wait! If you go in there, Theodora will know you're alive and come back full force. We have to protect our people!"

"Yes, but we also have to protect our daughter!" Oz yelled, throwing his hand in the direction of the nursery. Just then they heard a baby cry. Glinda held out her arm to stop Oz from sprinting down the hall and busting through the door to the nursery.

"I'll take care of it," Glinda assured her husband in her soft voice.

"But your powers! Your magic is still weak after giving birth to Miranda!" Oz insisted.

"I'm strong enough," Glinda insisted, her urgent tone putting a stop to any and all objections. Another cry came from down the hall, this one louder and more fearful. The two of them tensed and Oz nodded in approval of his wife's plan.

The blonde queen gave the wizard a gentle kiss on the cheek before she quietly slipped out the door. Glinda walked as quickly as she could without making any noise. Once outside the nursery, it seemed that she and Oz were not the only ones who heard the disturbance in the nursery. Finley snuck out from around a corner with Dolly on his back. Glinda placed a finger to her lips and summoned her wand.

"Theodora!" Glinda called out as the doors swung open, her normally-gentle voice cold and sharp.

"Ah sister. I was wondering when you were going to join us," the green witch laughed malevolently while she held the baby girl in her arms. "I was just telling little Miranda how her Auntie Teddy was going to burn her into a little pile of ash!" The fun yet evil smile on her face mixed with the upbeat tone made her death threat sound more like a bedtime story than anything else.

"You harm my daughter and I promise-" Glinda started her threat but could not bring herself to even say anything cruel.

"Promise what? You'll turn me into a bubble. We both know you're not wicked enough to harm anybody, not even me!" Theodora taunted.

"You leave the Princess alone, you big bully!" Dolly commanded, running into the nursery and trying to kick the witch in the leg.

Theodora cackled loudly, causing Dolly to back up to Finley in fear, before the witch mocked them again, "This is your backup? A flying rat in a butler uniform and a six inch breakable toy? What's wrong Glinda? Did your precious wizard abandon you?"

Glinda's face was hard-set, the most dangerous look she could give. "This battle is between you and me. Miranda has no part in this."

"Maybe, but taking away something you and your wizard obviously love is far more effective than killing you. So, I'll just take the baby and be on my way." Theodora started to mount her broom when she realized that the little girl had disappeared from her arm. "Where is she?!" the furious witch screeched.

Suddenly, all those in the room heard a baby giggle coming from the air right in front of them, but there was nothing there. The green witch glared at the source of the giggle and saw a ripple in the surroundings. "A disillusionment charm? Really sister? I expected more from you!" She threw her hand forward and snatched Miranda from where she was floating midair. Out of nowhere, a sudden white light shone right where the baby should have been. Theodora shrieked as she was temporarily blinded and Glinda took the opportunity to take her daughter back.

"You will pay for that!" the wicked witch screamed. "That cursed baby will be mine! And next time I come back for her, neither you, the wizard, or anybody else will be able to stop me because you will be begging me to take her! Don't forget, the moon is darker than the sun!" Theodora hopped on her broom and flew off, followed by a trail of black smoke.

Oz ran into the room and joined his wife in holding their daughter the second he knew it was safe.

"Oz? What color are Miranda's eyes?" Glinda asked, glancing at her husband worriedly.

"Light blue, why?"

"Not anymore," she responded.

Oz looked down and gasped at what he saw. Little Miranda looked up at her parents and giggled with her big toothless grin. But her eyes had changed color. They were now sparkly gold and reflective silver.

"Oz, I think the land of Oz has a new witch," Glinda said proudly yet somewhat shakily.

"What do you mean?" the wizard questioned.

"The eclipse. On top of being the daughter of a witch and a 'wizard', Miranda was born on a solar eclipse, at the exact moment that the moon blocked the sun. Hence, she absorbed the power of both. When Theodora tried to take her away, Miranda not only flew out of her arms, but she turned invisible. Then, when Theodora tried again, Miranda's whole body radiated with a blinding light. Our little girl is the Good Witch of the Moon and Sun."

Finley, Dolly, Oz, and Glinda looked at the infant princess with pride and amazement. But Theodora's warning lingered in the back of Glinda's head.

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