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"MOM! I need you in here!" a blue-eyed girl hollered. "It's an emergency!"

Miranda ran into the bedroom with a magical energy ball in each hand, ready to face the worst. "Blaire, what is it?!"

"I need your help choosing a dress for tonight."

Miranda extinguished her spells and let out a deep breath. "Harmony Ariel Melody Viola! How many times have I told you not to use the word 'emergency' lightly?!"

"A lot," Blaire mumbled stubbornly.

"And why is that?"

"Because an emergency implies that I'm being hurt or abducted."


Blaire plopped down on her purple bed, crossed her arms, and pouted.

Miranda sighed as she took in Blaire's appearance. With her freckles and long straight fiery-red hair (other than a few bright blue streaks), Blaire looked so much like Aden. Her attitude, however, came straight from her mother and grandfather.

Miranda gently sat next to her oldest daughter. "Blaire, you're seventeen years old now. You're a little too old for the pouty-face."

Blaire ignored her mother and her face remained unchanged.

Miranda wrapped an arm around the ginger and hugged her close. She brushed a blue strand out of Blaire's face. "Honey, you know I only do this to protect you, don't you?"

"Yeah," Blaire muttered.

"Your Great-Aunt Theodora is still out there and she wants revenge on me, your father, and your grandparents. She would stop at nothing to get that revenge, even if it meant kidnapping you and your siblings."

Blaire nodded. Her mother had told her the general story about what happened all those years ago when she was six, but Blaire didn't hear the full gory details until years later. Even though Blaire knew the tale by heart, hearing it straight from Miranda still sent chills down her spine.

"Now, on to that dress," Miranda announced as she changed the subject. She stood up from Blaire's bed, strode over to the girl's closet, rifled through the available dresses, and pulled one out. It was electric blue and strapless with silver decorations along the side and a slit up to her mid thigh. "The color will match your eyes, your streaks, and your crown," Miranda acknowledged.

Blaire took the dress and stared at it. How did she possibly skip over this one? "Thanks Mom!" Blaire said with a smile as the twinkle returned to her eyes.

Miranda grinned. "My pleasure. Now, I need to go check on your brother. You know how time flies when you hang out in the dark all day." Miranda walked over to the door and grabbed the handle. "I'll send in Olivia to help you with your hair." Miranda left the room and sighed.

How had time gone by so quickly? It felt like less than two months ago Miranda had been celebrating her eighteenth birthday and her coronation as crown princess. Now her little songbird was six months away from her own coronation. Miranda blinked away the tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks and instead went down the hall to check on her son.

Miranda opened the door and entered the room, which was dark and empty...as usual. "Noah?" she called out. "Come on buddy! I know you can hear me! The ball starts in an hour and a half and you need to get ready! Come out already!"

Suddenly, a boy with fair skin, metallic silver eyes, and messy straight black hair materialized from the shadows.

"Oh my - Noah! Warn me next time!" Miranda exclaimed.

"Sorry Mom," Noah apologized quietly.

"You can apologize later. Right now you need to get dressed. Even though tonight is your little sister's night, you still need to dress up. All the young girls of Oz will be watching you."

"They'll be watching to decide what color crown they'll be wearing if they marry me someday," Noah uttered. "They're only after my title."

Miranda crossed her arms and smirked. "Are you saying this out of genuine disinterest or because another girl's already caught your eye?"

The fifteen year old prince remained silent, but the pink tint on his cheeks spoke volumes to his mother.

"Well nevertheless you should try spending a little less time in the dark," Miranda advised as she moved closer to her son. "People might start thinking you're a vampire."

"What's wrong with that? Won't that make them leave me alone?"

Miranda sighed at Noah's antisocial attitude before she reminded herself that he was just a teenage boy with a quiet personality. She'd rather have Noah than have a version of Nick at that age. "No. That'll just make the girls even more attracted to you," Miranda joked as she ruffled Noah's hair playfully.

Noah gave a soft chuckle along with one of his rare grins.

"Now hurry up and get changed. You've got people waiting."

Miranda left the room and quietly closed the door behind her. Now all she had to do was check on her littlest. Miranda walked to the room at the very end of the hall.

"Willow? Are you ready, angel?"

The woman poked her head inside to find a little girl with wavy chestnut brown hair, freckles, and spring green eyes sitting on the bed. She was flipping through one of Miranda's photo albums. After Miranda's eighteenth birthday, Oz had collaborated with the Master Tinker to create a still-view camera that was similar to the projector used to make the mortal Oscar Diggs into the invincible Oz the Great and Powerful Wizard. This camera, however, only documented special moments for the royal family.

"I see you pulled out my picture book again," Miranda noted as she sat down on the pink and green flowery bedspread next to the youngest of her children.

Willow looked up and smiled brightly as she nodded.

"Well at least you're dressed. You made it farther than your siblings."

Willow nodded again. She was wearing a pale pink dress with cream sparkles around the collar and waist. Her cream-colored kitten heels sat at the foot of her bed and her hair was ready for her gold and pearl crown.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart," Miranda added as she hugged Willow. "I can't believe my baby is already eleven!"

Miranda looked down at the album as Willow continued paging through it. However, Willow stopped when she reached the section of her mother's wedding. She gazed in wonder at the pictures. The mother smiled at her daughter. Miranda still remembered this day like it was yesterday rather back when she was twenty one.

The wedding portion of the book looked like a pretty standard wedding album, only much more magical. The entire Emerald City was decorated for the occasion with banners and lights and flowers everywhere. The actual ceremony took place inside the throne room and the reception was set for the courtyard so that villagers who could not attend the wedding could at least celebrate with the bride and groom.

The ceremony began with Dolly and Johnny leading the procession down the aisle. Dolly was wearing a light green flower girl dress and Johnny was wearing a black tuxedo with an emerald green tie and pocket hankie. Dolly threw gold and silver flower petals on the floor while Johnny carried the green velvet pillow bearing the rings.

The two sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen followed behind the flower girl and ring bearer. Beatrice held on to the arm of her boyfriend, Officer Jeffery Kane, and Brynn had her arm wrapped around that of her husband, Vance. Beatrice and Brynn wore matching strapless emerald green ballgowns with flowers decorations on the side and gold heels. Their bouquets were gold and silver roses held together by green ribbon. Jeffery and Vance wore black tuxedos with green ties and gold pocket hankies.

The last to enter before the bride were the maid of honor, Violet, and the best man, Nick. Violet and Nick were dressed the same as the bridesmaids and groomsmen, except Violet got to wear a crown of gold and silver flowers in her hair and Nick got a gold rose boutonniere instead of a pocket hankie.

Glinda escorted Miranda down the aisle where Oz (floating head form) would perform the ceremony. Aden, dressed in a black tuxedo with a silver tie and gold boutonniere, stared at his princess in adoration. Miranda's wedding dress was white with a sweetheart neckline and wide straps over the shoulders. The dress was covered in beading for decorations and had a train that extended behind her. Miranda's veil extended down to her waist and her hair was done in the same way as the night of her coronation, except without the crown this time. Miranda's eyes sparkled with excitement.

After Miranda and Aden said their vows, Finley flew over the couple in his green tuxedo jacket and sprinkled silver and gold flower petals over them. There were more pictures from the reception, including Miranda flicking cake on Aden's face, the traditional first dance, and Nick getting down on one knee in front of Violet with a diamond ring in his fingers. The proposal was not surprisiing to those who knew them and Nick and Violet were married a few months later.

Willow turned to the next section of the photo album: Miranda and Aden's three children. There were pictures of the Blaire, Noah, and Willow at every age with their parents, their grandparents, their relatives, and their friends.

The first pages were white and had Princess Harmony Ariel Melody Viola, Witch of Music written across the top in bright blue lettering. Pictures of Blaire singing and playing every instrument imaginable were stuck all over the pages along with small pieces of sheet music filled with the songs that Blaire wrote when she was little. In most of the group shots, though, Blaire could be found with the same two boys, her best friends, Sean and Cal.

Sean was also Blaire's cousin since he was Violet and Nick's older son. Sean had curly light brown hair and his father's brown eyes, but his mother's kind smile. Cal, on the other hand, was a spitting image of his father Vance when he was eighteen. Cal had a tall muscular physique, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a fiercely protective attitude of his friends. The three of them had been inseparable since birth.

There were a few photos of Blaire with Olivia, a fifteen-year-old girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Olivia was Blaire's lady-in-waiting and the daughter of Beatrice and Jeffery. Blaire thought of Olivia as her closest girl friend but not necessarily her best friend.

Noah's pages were silver with Prince Noah Kyran Oscar Alexander, Wizard of Shadows in black cursive. Noah's section was shorter than Blaire's, partly because he was two years younger but mostly because Noah was not a big fan of the spotlight. Miranda and Aden did, however, manage to catch their son out of the shadows a few times to snap some pictures.

There were virtually zero photos of the young prince with any non-relatives, but Noah did have a friend, if you could call Theo that. Theodore, known to everyone else as Theo, was the middle child of Brynn and Vance and a perfect thirteen-year-old mix of the two. He was tall for his age, but not overly muscular, and had straight dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Theo was a gentle but playful boy who was compassionate enough to be in Noah's presence without being too uncomfortable.

Willow's pages were by far the most colorful of them all. Her baby and childhood pictures were pasted on light pink paper with Princess Willow Felicity Grace Patience, Witch of Animals written in vibrant green. There were little doodles of hearts and flowers in between photos of a smiling Willow with various critters. However, not all of Willow's pictures were with animals.

Miranda, Violet, and Brynn had all been pregnant with their youngest children at the same time, which led to births in consecutive months. Brynn had her daughter Ginny, short for Genevieve, in January; Violet gave birth to Phoebe in February; and Willow was born in March around the spring equinox. The three girls were never apart for more than a day and these pictures proved it. Ginny was just like her mother with her deep brown eyes, short straight black hair, and fashion-centered personality. Phoebe, on the other hand, had sparkling purple eyes and long curly dirty blonde hair along with a love for art and poetry. Willow, Ginny, and Phoebe were the best of friends and always would be. They even wove friendship bracelets to make sure their promise to be best friends forever was never forgotten.

Miranda loved that her children were blessed with the opportunity that she never had: lifelong friendship from a young age. But that was all in the past now. She had lifelong friends, she just met them at a later age. And Miranda woke up every morning to give thanks that she did meet her friends that week in the village. However, she did not just meet her best friends, but also her true love. Miranda couldn't help but think how astronomically different her life would have been without Aden, Violet, and even Nick. Without them, there might not even be an Oz still around. Miranda might have ended up going down the other path of great-grandmother Mytica's prophecy and destroying her kingdom alongside Theodora.


"Yes angel?" Miranda asked as she quickly wiped a nostalgic tear from her eye.

"Can you tell me the story of how you and Daddy met?"

Miranda smiled. She had told all of her children that story multiple times, but Willow never tired of hearing it. "Of course sweetheart. Now, how does that story start again?"

"'That first kiss,'" Willow began.

"Ah yes. Now I remember," Miranda replied as she snuggled closer to her baby. "That first kiss with Glinda opened doors for Oz..."

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