She stares at the lifeless eyes of her mother. Bowed down over her mother's body, stiffen by the change of her temperature. She sobs and concentrates on any sign of life. But all she could see was a dark emptiness, a lot of nothingness. An empty body, its soul destroyed. Slipped away through the huge gash above her heart. The only purpose to let the blood seep out of the body. Regina watches her body change, the color that's draining of her face, yet she sees the red blush on her mother's cheeks. The only thing that proved that she could've had her happy ending with her mother. The only hope she had has now died. The only hope, that now is slipping away out of her own hands. Escaping through the gashes of flesh. For one moment she believed, she saw the mother she so desperately wanted, the mother she wishes she could've had. And yet again it's stolen from her, like always. Her happy endings are always being taken from her. She clings tightly on the body, as if she could've gone with it. She wishes she can just mend with it and disappear too. She fixates her sights on her mother's eyes. so round and empty. A cold feeling rushes over her. She feels her own body weakening. Weakened by the effect that this death has on her. She always wishes to feel free from her mother's grasp on her life. But again, she doesn't feel free. She feels imprisoned. Trapped in a cage and with no way out, out of the pain and agony. She lost the only person that could've ever loved her. Her mother. To whom she swore to never love, but now can't berate on what to feel now than only the feeling of love. A broken and lost love. The last piece of proving she could be a caring human. Now… that moment has been taken away from her. By the person who all started it! She feels a silent tear glide down her cheek. Her surrounding have become a haze. The lifeless form in front of her is the only image she sees now.

Trapped in her thoughts she feels more tears dissolve on her skin. She tries to suppress the tears, the sobs that wish to escape by breath. She closes her eyes, and hugs the body fiercely. Rocking it, giving it comfort even when it was for nothing. It only helped her own reasoning that this would be the only thing she could do now. Her hands are shaking and her body is reacting with it. Driven to insanity her self-control breaks. And she starts to cry harder, the sobs multiplying and more wetness is to be seen on her face. Every teardrop that represented the utter defeat that her body is now showing. The moment where she is now really broken, to the core. She feels that her body going numb. The strength that she had before, is now fading like smoke out of her. Clinging to the body as to have her only source of oxygen, she tries to regain her control. But every breath makes the challenge harder, the weight of death and pain preventing her from trying. Trying to face the reality, that again she lost everything that was dear to her. She can't stop picturing the smile she received from her mother. Hearing her say that she was enough… enough for her mother. Hearing her caring voice, not the hollow and pained voice that used to abuse her physically and verbally. The moment where she saw who her mother really was, the joy that shone in the circles of her eyes. the love she got from the hug and the look that brought her to smile. To believe that she can have what she deserved. To love and get love in return. The realization of that moment made her sob more cry out in pain, scream the agony out of her own body. At this point showing weakness was the last thing she thought about. She had nothing to behold, nothing to fight for, nothing to live for.

She wouldn't care what image she would show, because there was nobody who would grant her that comfort. To whom could she mock her control, when everybody that she knew only wants her death. Who would ever care for her enough, to really fight for her. Because even when she shows she is positive to fight for them, it either leaves her empty-handed and broken, a lost fight in which she seems to be the bad guy. Or the other way is where she is left alone for death. She was always the one to blame. By everything she tries she is the one to blame. Even when it is done with good intensions. She keeps rocking the body, the person that was only capable of loving her, has now died. Is gone… she for one, is still alive and still alone with no-one caring for her.

As the definite defeat shows in her eyes, she lets go of the memories of the people she used to love. The memories of the persons that she held dear, are now fading away. because all those have died, and are now gone. She opens her eyes and stares out to nothing. Her image still in a blur, still isolated from the reality. She needs time, time to mourn, which likely will never come. Clanged to the body while staring off like a ghost. Every now and then the facial expression of eternal defeat and pain crosses her face, teardrop as the aftereffect she slowly cries away her mother's death. While the time goes by too fast for Regina, her mourning moment seems to past for a minute in real life for the Charming's.

Emma stares blankly at the image of Regina. With utter disbelief she sees the once strong woman breaking down in defeat. And the strange feeling was, as much as she believed she deserved this, it didn't feel right. None of it at all. She had witnessed the moment when she saw a different Cora and Regina. Mother and daughter sharing an intimate and loving moment. The moment where Emma saw a little child being raised to its glorious moment. She witnessed the relationship transform from fear to love. That moment caught her off guard. And as fast as the moment came it just passed by as quick. She saw the expressions and body language change drastically, she saw the defeat form on Regina. She was devastated by the sight. She couldn't seem to tear her gaze of her. She wanted to resist. But there was nothing more she wanted than to comfort her.

So without really thinking she took a few steps towards Regina. Until she finally stood behind her. She thought Regina would push her away instantly. But quickly acknowledged she wasn't focused nor aware of her presence. She heard Regina cry and sob and her heart just broke even more. She felt tears on her cheeks and wanted to wipe them away really quickly but her body wasn't reacting on any command she gave. She was in shock and her body refused to assist in any attempt to hide her feelings at that moment. So she felt the tears glide down her face. She took a step further towards Regina and was about to touch her shoulders when an painful and broken cry came from the woman beneath her. She stopped in her tracks and immediately fell to her knees just behind Regina. The sound of that voice made her realize that this was something deeper that just pity the woman in front of her. Right now, she didn't really care if it was appropriate and just wanted to hold the woman tight.

But also when she heard the cry, she realized where she was and looked up to see her 'Parents' looking down at Regina. Snow with a shocked expression on her face. And a she could see that tears were beginning to form. And David with a somewhat sad face but it had a satisfied expression is his eyes. it shone too visible for Emma's liking. And she hated them both for it. She saw a wave of relief wash over their bodies. As if this was the beginning of something good. Suddenly she felt an angry wave coming over her. She was becoming very angry with them, how could they! How could she! My mother of all! she responded instantly and growled very angry at her parents. A sudden death-glare was being presented to them. Emma didn't care how they felt anymore… all she felt was the sudden urge to protect Regina, whoever wanted to touch her would be death meat. Nobody was going to touch her ever again, physically nor verbally.