Stand in the ashes of trillions and ask if honour matters the silence is your answer Mass Effect 3 Bioware

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Sorry if the characters are oc but hey it's an AU

PrologueKakashis pov

Blood that was what went through my mind at the state of Obito. Crushed under those rocks clinging to his fragile threads of life "I'm sorry I'm so sorry". In response to this he looks at me and says "hey I didn't get you a Jonin gift did I?" at this I turn to look at him as if he was laughs you can tell it's painful for him to do "don't worry it's not useless baggage it's my eye my sharingan.

Rins pov after the operation and cave in

I couldn't believe Obito was dead tears stained my face as I cried for my best friend who told me he loved me. Then I looked at Kakashi I wouldn't let it show but after hearing he wanted to leave me my crush was dead and buried. He was after all the last link to Obito.A rustle of leafs, then 20 Iwa nins appeared in battle formation and I could of screamed. After all we've been though we were still going to die.I looked at Kakashi his new eye blazing he turned to me and said quietly "Rin I'm going to open a hole in their formation I want you to run". I stared at him for what seemed hours but in reality only a few moments, the only thing in my mind was "why"? He looked gravely at me one last time "I promised to protect you as long as I live and I intend to keep it, even if mines cut short".Before I could stop him or say anything he was running at them full speed chidori blazing in his right hand, also holding the kunai Minato gave him. All it took was for me to blink and the sound of a scream and he was gone and in his place stood sensei.

Minatos pov few moments before

My battle went well as far as I was concerned, enemies dead, no friendly casualties and now it was time to check on my students. I used the Hirsharn teleport to where Kakashi was good kid just needed to make some I arrived I noticed the Iwa nins and sighed, before they knew what was happening they were all dead. I looked around and saw Rin standing there a look akin to horror on her face, to this I quirked an eyebrow."Yo Rin chan where are your team mates?" I asked looking for my hyperactive Uchiha and brooding Hatake. Then I saw the tear stains and I felt like I had just run from Kumo to Suna she looked up "I'm sorry sensei their gone" I could feel my heart break Kakashi was like a son And Obito like a nephew. But before I could greave we heard a sound from the ruins "oh god OBITO!" I ran and started flinging rocks aside and there he was alive but in bad shape.

What is different in this story.

Obito is alive.

Rin still dies the same way.

Rin and Obito got together at one point.

Kakashi declared M, I, A

Naruto is Naruko

Itachi killed everyone but died of his wounds in front of his brother

Team 7 becomes a four man cell

Kakashi is same age as Naruko

and some you will need to read to find out

I might do some one shots later like when Old team 7 and Kushina give up hope on finding Kakashi

All in all i plan on making later chapter more detailed and longer Read and review ^^