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Hearing the birds outside my window I cracked my eyes open the events of last night coming back causing me to blush. Looking around I was in my room which was decorated in a navy blue with silver trim colour scheme, a double bed, oak desk and chair since I wasn't allowed to have my old team picture I had my new one on the desk. Looking at Naruko in the picture made me smile she was glaring at Sasuke who glared back just wait until he find out were an item. Chuckling I pick out my standard outfit the blue one with arm protectors and slipped in to the bathroom , figuring I would have half an hour until Naruko got up I had a shower that lasted 12 minutes.

After getting changed I went downstairs to start breakfast which would contain white rice and fruit, I know it's not the best but it'll do since were having a larger lunch with the rest of the team. After putting the water on to boil I went looking for plates finding them in the 5th cupboard I grinned seeing they were orange. After setting the table he looked at the Uchihas crest on the wall, he and Naruko agreed not to change anything down stairs so as to not offend Obito, personally he didn't care if Sasuke liked it or not. Hearing a thump he looked up shaking his head he called "Naruko breakfast is ready" the answer he got was loud grumbling and "In a minute". Smiling

beneath the mask he put the boiled race onto the plates and set the leftover on the table in case they were still hungry and grabbed the fruit bowl sat down and waited.

It didn't take her long to come downstairs wearing a white t-shirt with an orange spiral and orange shorts, I was however worried at the dark circles around her eyes. She eyed the food and looked horrified tilting my I said "I know it's not much and there's fruit but I'm officially becoming a member of the Uchiha today so were having a large lunch also best behaviour". Naruko blinked gave me a mock hurt expression then skipped over and slapped me round the back of my head which made me fly into my rice. Pulling my head back to glare, she just chucked and kissed me on the cheek which made me blush, after a moment she licked some rice of my cheek making me blush harder. After, she sat down and started to eat so started eating too. While they were eating Kakashi thought I could get used to this.

After the food was eaten Kakashi looked up at Naruko who was still eating hers, after a while she looked back at him and asked "is there something on my face?" Shocked Kakashi didn't realise he had been watching her for long rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly "sorry I was thinking of last night" which earned him a blush from her, then asked "can I ask a few questions" Naru nodded, taking a breath he said "so you like me" a nod "as does the nine tails" another nod "and we are now a couple the three of us" this time she smiled and nodded "I like the sound of that".

Time skip

Waiting under a Sakura tree in the back yard of the main house were me, Obito and Sasuke taking a breath we began a small ceremony which was boring as hell and talked about pride of the Uchiha this and Sharingan that. After it was all over I was given an armband with the crest of the Uchiha mixed with the one with the Hatake raising an eyebrow he looked at Obito who smiled back "you maybe our family but we won't take your history" I nodded and gave him a hug. Seeing the startled look on Obito's face I said "all of us have changed brother" Obito dragged Sasuke into the hugged and yelled "Kakashi Uchiha Hatake welcome to the family". I swear this was also the first time I saw Sasuke smile which was ruined when Obito ruffled his hair and changed into a glare and I laughed.

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