Katawa Shoujo

What happens after Lilly neutral route with Lilly gone to Scotland? Hisao spiraling into depression who can save him before he make the ultimate mistake!


Bye Lilly! I say as loud as I can will myself waving as well as Hisao. Hisao put his hand on my shoulder Akira black car now well out of sight. Let's go hanako it late.

Passing of time

Few days later

I haven't seen Hisao since the night Lilly left.

It's been a few days I usual see him in the library when I can go. I've been busy with the newspaper club so maybe I've missed him. I walk into the library and walk up to the counter. H...hey Yuuko. Yuuko bang her head into the desk she sitting under. Oww. Yuuko! You ... ok? Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry. She immediately waves it off. Worse has happened. She nervously laughs. So what is it hanako? I cover the right side of my face. Uh ... have you seen Hisao? Yuuko look nervous as she thinks. No I haven't he actually owe some books back. Could you go check on him? If if you don't mind. She shakes nervously afraid she shouldn't be imposing. Sure I wanted to talk to him anyway. I walk to the boy's dorm shying a little covering the right side of my face as I try to avoid people though I have gotten better it still a little too much sometimes. I final get to hisao room. I lightly knock 3 times. … No response. I knock again and call out. Hisao… it me… Hanako. Are you in there? No response.

Out of the loop

A door with way to many lock opens behind me. Who is outside hisao door? A bespectacled boy who looks familiar I vaguely remember hisao saying his name was Kenji and he is in Lilly's old class. I'm hisao friend hanako. I say covering my face. He supposes to be near blind but I don't know him too well. Hum well hisao in there he hasn't left in a few days. Damn feminists it that blonde girls fault. Could he be talking about lilly? He been like this for a bit since a week or so (When he get back from his chat with Akira finding out Lilly leaving as well) it got worse a bit later (when he found out from Lilly at the shanghi) but now he isn't leaving. A door opens behind me. Hisao appear looking quite pale bags under his eyes blood shot as well it look like he hasn't slept and been…. Crying? What is it Hanako and Kenji? Hisao ask softly. Hey man what up this girl here was looking for you well I got to go to the store see you man. Kenji leaves out of the loop stops with it.


After I final pass out after crying all night. Strange I didn't think Lilly leaving would affect me heck never mind that a lie. When I am awaken by knocking at my door. I bury my face in my pillow. Go away. Stop knocking. I say in a low horse voice. The perpetrator knock again and I here this called out. . Hisao… it me… Hanako. Are you in there? So it hanako what does she want I figured she left by now. I hear someone else talking into the hall to hanako in my half out state of sleep deprivation my mind jump to the first person be at my door with hanako not thinking of her on the other side of the world. I quickly get up and get dressed in my uniform from a bit ago and open the door the light blinds be for a second when I can see I see hanako... and KENJI! So I ask. What is it Hanako and Kenji. Kenji speaks up first. Hey man what up this girl here was looking for you well I got to go to the store see you man. Hanako looks at me slightly worried. Um hisao… how are you doing? I haven't seen you in a few days. I give a generic answer almost automatically deflated Lilly not here my mind remembering she not coming back she on the other side of the world. I'm fine. How about you? The look on her face tells me she doesn't believe me but doesn't push it. And yea I've been busy I guess must have missed each other sorry is there something you need. I mental hope she doesn't I want to be left alone. Yea I'm doing fine just wanted to maybe hang out or something before I leave see how you are… so is that ok. I sigh slightly. I couldn't say no to hanako or Lilly to well heck maybe it be good. Sure lets you got a plan on what to do? It not that I mind I like hanako and all it is just I didn't think she come to me it strange maybe I'm over thinking it probably. Hanako look to be thinking. Hum maybe we could…


Where do you think they could go im not sure myself I'm not the best at writing I hope it get better as I go. I only really write for fun or test I get good score though so I thought I give it a try I got the idea from playing you guess it ks Lilly arc and going and getting Lilly neutral ending just cause and then this idea start forming while I was sleeping after going hiking and help watching little kids. Well anyway sorry and see you next time if there is one should the story be liked well sorry and bye! written 4 am 3/12/13