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Olivia opened her eyes slowly. She looked around, but couldn't recognize where she was. Her head hurt and also her whole body was in a terrible pain. As her vision cleared completely, she remembered what happened. She was on a plane, and the plane crashed. Now the pieces of it were everywhere around and everything was in ruins. There was smoke, but luckily there was no fire. At least not anymore.

Even thought it hurt, Olivia sat up slowly. She looked around once again and realized the plane must've crashed somewhere in the middle of the jungle. The thing is she didn't where. Maybe it was on a deserted island. She scanned the whole region with her eyes again, just to found her band mates lying on the ground. She sighed in relief when she saw them waking up. Stella was the first one who sat up. She rubbed the back of her head and groaned.

"You guys... Is everyone okay?" she asked, looking around her.

"What happened?" Charlie was the second to be heard.

"The plane crashed," Scott said as he helped Mo up to her feet.

"Are we alive?" Wen asked. Olivia was thankful to hear his voice.

"I guess..." Stella said as she got up and brushed off the dirt from her clothes. "Great way how to start our tour."

Once the pain left Olivia's body and she was able to get up, she saw Wen standing above her, offering her his hand. She looked at him and smiled, she accepted the hand and he pulled her up to her feet.

"You okay?" he asked her.

"Yeah, thanks Wen," she said.

"Guys!" Charlie exclaimed. Everyone turned to him. "Where's Brady?"

"I'm right here, guys, don't worry," a voice said and then Brady walked out of some bushes.

"Brady, are you okay? Where were you?" Mo started asking.

"I woke up before you guys did, so I went to look around. It looks familiar here to me for some reason," he said.

"Where are we anyway?" Stella asked.

"I suppose we are on some island or something," Brady replied, scratching his head.

"But..." Stella trailed off. "How are we gonna get out of here?"

Everyone changed looks.

"My kings, I'm leaving for my guard patrol, so don't do anything stupid while I'll be gone," Mikayla said as she walked into the throne room to find Boomer and Boz sitting on the couch, doing practically nothing. She was about to leave, but Boz called after her.

"Wait, Mikayla!" Boz got up and ran over to the girl.


"Could you please peal this banana for me?" he asked, handing her the banana.

"Umm, sure..." she gave him a confused look before taking the banana from him. She wanted to peal it but in all sudden it gave her an electric shock, causing her to drop the banana on the ground. Boomer and Boz started laughing.

"What the heck?" she yelled angrily.

"Told you it was going to be funny," Boz said to Boomer. Mikayla glared at him.

"Boz!" she exclaimed. "That hurt."

"Oh, come on, don't be such a baby," she punched her shoulder slightly, still laughing. Mikayla shot him another glare before storming off the castle.

"This girl can't take a joke," Boz said, dropping himself on the sofa next to Boomer, who just nodded in agreement.

Stupid kings, Mikayla cursed, kicking into rocks while she walking through the jungle. Brady, I wish you were here.

Ever since King Brady left, Mikayla's been missing him so much. There wasn't a day when she wouldn't think of the raven headed boy. Mikayla's always wondered what was happening in his life, if he was still in Chicago, if he has moved on, anything. She's always wondered if he still liked her or if he already forgot about her, because after he left, Mikayla realized she actually liked Brady. But not that he was gone, she never got the chance to tell him. She was very upset, but also knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Mikayla's been walking around the jungle for a while now. It was a normal patrol and nothing interesting was happening, luckily. That until she saw something. She glanced up at the sky and saw smoke. She started walking toward the place where the smoke was. Once she was really close, she heard voices, but couldn't see who it was, since it was coming from a place behind some bushes. Mikayla gasped at what she saw when she uncovered the bush carefully.

Pieces of crashed plane were all around, also the smoke and then there were seven teenagers. Mikayla was still hiding behind the bushes, waiting for the right moment to come out. She scanned the each teenager with her eyes.

Wait a minute, she thought as she was looking at the boy in a pilot suit. It didn't take much time to realize who the person was. Her heart skipped a beat.


Unfortunately she didn't realize she said it out loud.